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Between $60 and $70. I fill my tank twice per month which is about $30 each time. I think gas is $3.47 around town now.

@leebmx said:

Americans complaining about petrol prices should come to the UK. Prices are 3 times higher. So pleased I live in London where there's no point in driving.

Do you really want all us yanks in the UK?

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None right now. I imagine I'll be spending at least $100 a month on gas when I get a truck.

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I spend $40-45 a week, so roughly $160-180. $45 is usually what it takes to fill up my 12 gallon Civic.

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@Bane said:

$240/month, 2006 Jeep Wrangler. The 4.0L I6 averages 17 mpg city, which is all I drive.

I owned an 03 Wrangler, 4-banger automatic. It didn't help that over time I put on mud-terrain tires, lifted the thing, and ran out of money for the gear conversion but still - that thing got HORRIBLE gas mileage. Like 7 or 8 in the city.

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About $140-160

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Around $100, I estimate. I don't keep track of my expenses.

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Around $70 - $80 a month. I live in the 'burbs and work downtown and have about a 30 min commute one way. Made sure when I bought my car to get one with 30+ MPG.

Not to be that guy, but I am always confused when people with massive cars get mad at gas prices. I don't mean that in a douchey, holier than thou, way, but more of a... didn't you know what you were getting into? Why are you shocked when your massively inefficient house on wheels with a pool for a gas tank cost loads and loads of money when the price goes up?

I don't know, I just have a hard time feeling any sympathy.

(edit: I like that I am surrounded by people holding on to their Christmas avatars. We are the neighbourhood of people too lazy to take down their lights way after the holidays. Soldier on!)

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Public Transit is awesome.

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Next to nothing when schools out, my my trips out to the college run me like $100/month.

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$0... Nothing at all.

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$40 bucks. I walk a lot.

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I use a little less than 10 gallons of gas a week and gas here is about 3.75 a gallon. So $37.50 a week, which is $150 dollars a month.

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Mebbe $250 for three family cars. Midwest USA, $3.50 gal.

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@iam3green said:

roughly $120 a month. i have a small car, a scion tc. i get about 26 miles per gallon.

This but a Ford Escape and 23 MPG

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$60 a month or so. I live about 5 min from everywhere in town.

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Too much, am I right?

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$250-$300 a month. I have a 50 mile commute to and from school 5 days a week.

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I picked where I live because it's two blocks from a train that pretty much everything I do and like is built near. There are two large grocery stores that I can walk to in less than 5 minutes. A big movie theater, lots of restaurants, bars, etc. are all easily accessible on foot. I use cabs and a car sharing service for local trips. I rent a car on the weekend when I want to go somewhere farther away and that's the only time I ever actually pay for gas, which isn't often.

I average less per month on transportation than I'd pay just for car insurance, not to mention gas, maintenance, parking costs, etc.

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I use public transport, so zero :P

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My work pays around $400 a month to keep my 1500 Silvarado on the road.

My wifes '11 Kia costs me about $60 a month.

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I have the best kind of Subaru Liberty ..... the free kind ...... part of my salary package. So, all my petrol is free and that is about $180 a week, although 80% of that is for work itself.

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< $100/mo

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Too much.

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@dagas: "City" meaning everything that's not highway: actual city stop-and-go driving, side roads, back roads. During a Michigan winter a 4x4 is nice to have. Besides, there's more to choosing a vehicle than simply what you need.

@kmdrkul: Ugh. It sounds like the perfect storm of crap MPG's. It was fun though, I bet.

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$240/month due to daily commute and high Chicago gas prices.