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I use to have hundreds of bookmarks, but in past years I came to realize I only ever look at maybe 10 sites if that. It's basically whatever is in the toolbar. If your not in the toolbar I don't frankly don't care. Anyone else notice stuff like that? I'm going to go to these couple websites and if there is nothing new on them, I am done with the internet until there is.

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Some of it? Like I go to 10-ish sites and search a ton. So that's around 50% right?

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Seriously now, I browse little internet nowadays. That is what RSS are for.

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Around 20 sites. Some newspapers, some about games, some about sports and then some misc.

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I have my constants. But I'll be on the lookout for something neat every once in a while, and I get linked stuff from new sites sometimes. I doubt the number of unique sites I visit every month is high, but there are always a few.

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I visit every site daily.

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You know, they say we can only use 10% of our internet.

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If we measure my usage in bandwidth, quite a lot. In diversity of IP addresses visited, probably not so much.

You know, they say we can only use 10% of our internet.

You are my favorite person.

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Just the naked parts.

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I don't use many of the internet websites which are available. It's too many to keep track of. I come on Giant Bomb every day and for me it's enough internetting.

If you have more questions about this topic I will be happy to provide answers to you about it.

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I frequent Youtube, TVTropes, Giantbomb, and my e-mail account. I also watch stuff on Netflix sometimes.

That's mostly it. Of course I find myself Google-ing things often enough but that is all I visit regularly.

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@andthentrumpets said:

You know, they say we can only use 10% of our internet.

That's not true, we subconsciously use the rest for all our bodily functions.

I would say I'm getting better and better at using more sites. I used to visit about 5-10 sites regularly and it kind of bothered me so I try to change it up. If I'm interested in a particular subject there's a big chance that there's a whole community somewhere specialized in that subject.

Hey, are you interested in jackets from TV and movies. www.filmjackets.com It's a site. About jackets. In films.

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I frequent TV Tropes, Youtube, Giant Bomb, Gamefaqs, Reddit, and Wikipedia. That's really it.

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I use Amazon, various game news/entertainment sites, youtube, Email, multiple streaming services, Itunes and whatever miscellaneous nonsense I need to find out about.

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No idea.
I have no clue how many sites there are on the internet in totalt so I'm not sure how much of it I'm using by visiting Giant Bomb, Gamespot and whatever else site I decide to look at.

Now let me tell you, If we were talking data caps then oooh boy.... This is gonna get... hahahahaha, no, I couldn't even get that written down with a straight face. I refuse to give money to any company that decides to cap how much data I could download, fucking nonsense.

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I use at least 220% of the internet. All my internet, 100% of yours that I siphoned and 20% of that guys.

That's how it works. Yep.

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67% or however much the NSA collects.

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@cyrus_saren: TVTropes is a great way to suddenly look up and see that oh god why is it 4 hours later?!

As for me, maybe 10~ sites regularly. I have a ton of bookmarks for stuff though that I'll check once in a while, or for game mods (Skyrim / Fallout, etc).

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Lets see... Two webcomics -Penny Arcade and Goblins- four gaming sites -bluesnews.com, pcgamer.com, rockpapershotgun.com, giantbomb.com- two local news sites -the section for news in my province and the technology section of cbc.ca- and gmail. Those are the sites that I open up and check several times a day. So 9.

Other then that, I will check my subs on youtube for stuff to watch when I get really bored, my banking sites to pay bills, roll20.net to DM my weekly game of Dungeons and Dragons, and a about 30-40 different porn sites divided in my bookmarks by fetish depending on what I'm in the mood for at that time. I will also load twitch from time to time to watch Rollplay or the official Dungeons and Dragons kind of weekly show that they do, but I'm never sure when they stream so I never get to watch them live and usually just watch them on youtube when they archive them there later.

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I have 15 bookmarks. Let's say I check 5 of them regularly, and the rest whenever I need to.

Then again I surf more so that's like 2/3 of my Internet usage.

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Less than 1% of 1% of 1% of 1% of the Internet.

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Around 20 sites. Some newspapers, some about games, some about sports and then some misc.

Misc is code for porn - right?

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About 200GB per months of it.

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4.3% of it.

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If we're talking about the World Wide Web, only a couple dozen sites with any sort of regularity, I'd guess. Mostly webcomics, youtube, and Giant Bomb, but occasionally Newegg or Amazon for shopping and the occasional article linked from elsewhere.

Outside of the web, there's playing games online, streaming stuff from Netflix, downloading games through steam or console services.

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@seppli said:

@morningstar said:

Around 20 sites. Some newspapers, some about games, some about sports and then some misc.

Misc is code for porn - right?


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Not enough to admit it might be a problem, but more than what I am willing to tell friends.

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There's less than 5 that I visit on a regular basis.

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I have never used the internet.

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Probably between 5-10 on a daily basis. I feel like it was more exciting to "surf" a decade ago than it is now. I've tried things like StumbleUpon to try and discover cool new stuff, but it's not the same as the glory days of dial-up and Geocities websites about 80's hair metal bands.

That's what the internet was in 2002, right?

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To those who are using all of the internet, can you please stop using it all and share some with the rest of us? Thanks.

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This Site





Amazon UK

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A few, mostly game/game news sites, plus a bunch of webcomics. Then Reddit, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, yada yada yada.

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I've never had a lot book marked. 10 at the most... and even then most of them are work sites. Stuff I need to fix bad files and stuff like that... Now that I think of it... I want a computer with nothing but porn sites book marked and for it to be always torrenting... stealing and what not... (I work on computer and have to fix people dumb downloads all the time. Now I just want to see the world burn.)

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GB, pornsites, and youtube, that's all I need. Every now and then I might visit gamespot or ign, but gamespot I'm not digging the new website design.

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@falserelic said:

GB, pornsites, and youtube, that's all I need. Every now and then I might visit gamespot or ign, but gamespot I'm not digging the new website design.

Add some newspapers, magazines and GAF, and you have my list right there :)

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Kotatsu, Giant Bomb, Pornography, Pornography, and Pornography.

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I go to about 20 websites on the regular. Also I use Stumbleupon and that takes me to others that I don't usually go to.

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Lot of googling and random searching ;earning and exploring which lead to more of googling and random searching learning.. etc etc

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i just use face book i dont even know what this gaitn bomb thing is

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Yeah i go on like the same 5/6 sites everyday and then probably one odd one each day.. check where somewhere is.. or a tutorial on this 3d modelling or code.. part from that not very much.. 000000000000000.0000001%

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862. That many internet. Or 4, maybe.

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I visit two websites daily, then the rest on random websites. Porn is not taking in consideration.

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Just the naked parts.

+ Giantbomb and google for random thoughts that need investigating or questions that need answering. Questions like "Can I find pictures of video_game_king's naked parts?"

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I use the internet about everyday, and I have about 15 bookmarks that I use regularly or every so often (at least once a month or every two months).

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i'm like the native americans, i use every part of the internet, nothing is wasted.