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#51 Posted by Flappy (2414 posts) -
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#52 Edited by SteveVacation (398 posts) -

Giant Bomb, YouTube, Nyaa for anime, Something Awful.... I think that's it? Aside from my college's website and any googling I do for scholarly purposes.

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#53 Posted by 49th (3389 posts) -

Got about 7 that I check almost daily, then I have a few others that release content on specific days.

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#54 Posted by CynicalBuzzard (254 posts) -

I use around 5-8 sites per day, I tend to not branch out as much as I used to.

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#55 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I don't know why, but this thread has me wondering what the total runtime of all the unique porn on the internet would be. It must be measurable in years.

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#56 Posted by WarosVenus (13 posts) -

Probably about a dozen that I frequent regularly, a bunch of webcomics I check sporadically, and then tons of one-off sites that I run across randomly.

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#57 Posted by jasbir (108 posts) -

GB, pornsites, and youtube, that's all I need. Every now and then I might visit gamespot or ign, but gamespot I'm not digging the new website design.

u like a bit of porn yar.

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#58 Posted by AlecOfTheWest (293 posts) -

Gotta love how many users here are leaving porn out of their listed websites. I call bullshit.

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I'd say there are like 4-5 sites I use on a daily basis, 10-12 sites I use on a weekly basis, and like 50 sites I use on a monthly basis. I am aware that the math doesn't add up but shut up, math doesn't apply to me, I failed prealgebra.