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I myself sleep for usually 7 hours

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Not enough...

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4-5 days.

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I sleep 20 hours a day. The four hours that I am awake, I am either eating or mating.

In other words, I am a lion.

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4 hours.

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I feel like this is the third time we've had this thread recently.

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Between 3 and 14 hours. Usually 4-5 hours during work because I have to get up at 5:30AM. During school I get 7+ unless I turn into an insomniac, which has happened every year but I'm actively trying to prevent it from happening this year by having all my classes start early and working early on weekends.

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Normally 7, sometimes 5, sometimes 10.

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usually around 7 or 8

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We already have one of these threads from yesterday. There might be some value in a poll instead of a thread, but not enough to justify leaving this open.

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