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I use a pen and paper at least once a week when I'm at university but as I'm on a computing-based course I use computers a lot more than a pen and paper. When I'm at home I almost never use a pen and paper, I used to occasionally use them for taking down notes but now I usually have a laptop near me which I find it easier to make and store notes on.

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Whenever I take notes at school or I am doing math I use pen and paper. Otherwise? Not ever.

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almost everyday at school. i mostly do writing at school.

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No, not even when I was in school. My handwriting was so illegible, that I convinced basically every teacher past grade 3 to let me type everything. Personally, I like it better anyway, it's faster, cramps hands less, and looks more professional. 
I like how good handwriting can look, but I'll never do it myself. Even little notes I use a text editor or stickies on my computer.

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Everyday at school.

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Like has been said, pretty much every day of the week at school taking notes... outside of school, occasionally for jotting down little notes, lists, whatever... nothing big, though.

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Every day, there is always some reason to use a pen and paper in my daily life.

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Everyday for me. I am a courier and we use pen and paper for most things, not this electronic signature crap UPS have

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Not very often. Mainly because of my unreadable handwriting.
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only if i need to at school. If there are computers in the room i will go and use that, if there are notes on the board, I just read them to myself. If i am really lazy i take out my iphone and take a picture of the board.

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Quite often actually. At work, at home sometimes, however i have never written anyone a letter in years!

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my writing sucks, so evertyhing I do is online

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High school, so about 1/2 of my daily life.

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I always start my work reports with pen and paper, find it easier to sort it out then.

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I use a pencil and paper all the time

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Uhh... often. Almost every day, since I'm in college. Though, I generally write with pencil, but if I'm at home, I'll use pens to write stuff down on post-it notes.

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Everyday but much less so when I'm at home for the holidays, there's less reason to write then.

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How Often Do you Use your Pen? is 
On the more mature side of things, Yes i do use Pens and paper for my schoolwork.
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Every single day, except for weekends (sometimes).  High school requires it.  I much prefer typing on a keyboard because it's much more efficient, though.

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pretty much every single day.

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Only twice a week when I've doing tutoring with middle school students.  Unless you count my use of pencils in marking up my reading materials, which I guess I do fairly often.  But other than that, I haven't used pen and paper since my sophomore year of college.

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Unless I'm playing Mega Man or doing some mad collecting in a game I only use pen and paper 5 days a week. 

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On a daily basis. Last year I wrote a whole novel using pen and paper. I just find it easier to use, easier to look at, easier to edit manually because you can just scribble stuff all over the show and it don't matter.

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Everyday, but usually in small note type doses.
I also use it for Interviews and such.

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I still like to lay down or sit down in a quiet place and just right random thoughts. I'm also a huge fan of making lists and it's easier to do those (and more fun) with pen and paper. I always carry a small pad and pen to write notes of random things to check out or remember. I def. agree that sometimes the thoughts flow a bit better when writing them out then when sitting in front of the computer.