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Poll: How's your mental health? (167 votes)

I have NOT been diagnosed with a mental health condition. 57%
I have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. I am regularly seeing a mental health professional; I am taking medication. 5%
I have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. I am NOT regularly seeing a mental health professional; I am taking medication. 6%
I have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. I am regularly seeing a mental health professional; I am NOT taking medication. 3%
I have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. I am NOT regularly seeing a mental health professional; I am NOT taking medication. 17%
*Just show me the results* 11%
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I can't imagine very good.

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@video_game_king said:

I can't imagine very good.

Same. Though I have to vote the "I have NOT" option as I ain't been diagnosed with shit.

Unless @video_game_king is referring to his imagination not working so well and I just misinterpreted his statement. I can imagine okay...

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Ever sense I've been trying to get my life back on track. My mental health has gotten alot better, and I've been getting in shape aswell. Though at times depression might hit me. I don't let it drag me down like before, and I just keep it pushing with a positive mindset.

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I have NOT been diagnosed with a mental health condition. So I am in perfect mental health.

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I've been diagnosed commonly recurring MDD (Unipolar) and OCD for going on five years now. I've done countless anxiety helping pills, anti-depressants etc. and in the end I called it quits for prescribed meds, I didn't want to be someone on "happy pills" for the rest of their life and would rather take it on myself (and obviously friends and family support) to deal with it. I found seeing a counselor weekly to be way, way more helpful than pills ever were - especially considering pills made my OCD anxiety even worse along with the depression, whereas just talking it through with someone enabled me to start sleeping in my own bed again and not freak the fuck out over creasing the duvet.

The depression is what it is; I'd much rather the OCD fuck off, life can be very annoying when you need everything to be exact to the millimeter and the like.

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When I was in first grade, some trouble in school led to my teacher telling my mom to take me to the doctor. The doctor said I probably had OCPD, but there was never any 'official' diagnosis. I match about 95% of the traits I've ever seen about OCPD (and my friends/parents have said the same thing when I've asked them about it), so I probably do have it, but, again, never any official diagnosis.

Reading about it, I'm sure it doesn't sound too bad, and they're more just a specific combination of personality traits than anything else.

#7 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

Haven't been diagnosed, though i have TONS of pretty severe issues i really should see someone for. But hey!

#8 Posted by Hunter5024 (6363 posts) -

Everyone in my family has been diagnosed with a mental illness except for me. This doesn't mean I don't have one, but if I do the symptoms are less noticeable.

#9 Posted by Village_Guy (2767 posts) -

I've been diagnosed, is currently taking three kinds of medication for mental issues and is meeting with a mental health professional once a week.

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So far so good

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I don't think they categorize this as a mental health condition, but rather neurological disorder, but I've been diagnosed with asperger syndrome. Not taking any medication or regularly seeing anybody about it, but I've got my job through a support program which pays my employer part of my wage due to my lessened abilities.

#12 Posted by OneKillWonder_ (2009 posts) -

Well, I haven't had any total breakdowns in a few months, so let's hope it stays that way!

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Great, thanks!

#14 Posted by believer258 (12808 posts) -

I think I'm all right. Could use some more social interactivity, something which isn't my strong point at all, but I don't think I have any mental issues.

#15 Posted by EvilNiGHTS (1169 posts) -

I might be a sociopath. I haven't been diagnosed with anything.

#16 Posted by Toxin066 (3382 posts) -

The more I go to the gym, the more I think I've got some form of body dysmorphia. Caught in a terrible positive feedback loop. I've packed on some pretty good gains, but they aren't enough. I don't think it's to an unhealthy level, but it's definitely a thing.

Fairly certain I've got a Napoleon complex, as well.

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Everyone with a mental illness who thinks being on medicine is bad, should take a look people who suffer from type 1 diabetes. They have to take medicine for their entire lives to function, and they don't bitch about it. An illness is an illness, mental or physical. I have absolutely no sympathy for that, it's ridiculous.

#18 Posted by Marmalade (201 posts) -

Pretty sure a psychiatrist I went to as a teen told me I had depression. Never really followed up on that, but it would certainly explain why I sometimes cry myself to sleep for no reason.

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Probably passable.

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I have been diagnosed with depression, It sucks but i'm working on it.

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I am depressed, have an anxiety disorder and a bunch of somatic symptoms! Yay me! I'm seeing a doctor and taking meds. So there's that.

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I have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. I am NOT regularly seeing a mental health professional; I am NOT taking medication. DING DING.

I'm too busy for therapists and drugs made me gain weight so I stopped. When I was seeing therapists, my CBT guy said he'd never met anyone like me that he couldn't help me. I don't think I needed his help so that worked out fine. I did enjoy the company of a 'befriender' lady for a while, but I became too busy to continue with her. This was all during a period of my life when I felt something was wrong with me because I wasn't like anyone else, and did seek advice for it. Now I just embrace it and don't see it as a problem. That said, I don't reject the possibility that it could one day become a more severe problem. Then it may take me all the way to the bank, to the blood bank.

The way I see it, just being born and getting to experience consciousness is enough of a victory for one to die happy. If you think about every single thing that had to happen the way it did just so that you could be born... Like the universe itself, it's beyond our comprehension--yet truly awesome. I appreciate it to such an extent that everything else pales in comparison. Maybe that's part of why I am the way I am.

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Where's the option for "I have not been diagnosed, but maybe I should be"

#25 Posted by Levio (1798 posts) -

As cliche as it sounds, I think I'm the sanest person I know.

I'm not happy, sure. You might even call me "depressed". But considering the world we live in, where billions go hungry every day, corrupt and power-hungry politicians/businessmen/military-leaders rule the world, people joke amiably about rape/feces/suicide, and countless physical atrocities I don't even want to mention are committed everyday, being in a "2.5 out of 10 happiness" state seems like the absolute most rational response.

So forgive me if I think that people who are happy in this world (without being significantly naive or mislead in some way) are the ones who are truly "mentally ill".

#26 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6288 posts) -

Like I mentioned in another recent thread, I have Ocd. I also have some anxiety problems.

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Where's the option for "I have not been diagnosed, but maybe I should be"

#28 Posted by chocolaterhinovampire (1444 posts) -

I have anxiety issues and clinical depression as a result of a head injury I received in a 1994 car accident. I take medication (have been since 05) and lead a perfectly normal life. The way I look at it is that you would not tell someone with diabetes not to take insulin...I have a brain that can not regulate chemicals properly so I take medicine for it. I really hate the stigma that medication for mental health issues somehow turns you in to a zombie or is a sign of weakness...I have a loving long term relationship with an amazing woman and am finishing up my graduate studies (in which I achieved an 85 average)...if you are sick seek help and know that help is not a synonym for weak

#29 Posted by Yummylee (23242 posts) -

I'm ever so fortunate enough to have 'inherited' a crippling anxiety disorder from my mum, though I'm not taking any medication nor seeing anyone about it. Have in the past; thought a lot about trying CBT or something in the future.

#30 Posted by chocolaterhinovampire (1444 posts) -

@hitchenson: it is all about finding what works for you. When I started taking my medication my libido was nil for 2 months and I was constantly lethargic but not I have adjusted and lead a perfectly "normal" life. I do not support the phrase "happy pills" though as it is derisive and dismisses the legitimacy of mental illness as a tangible illness that can be medically treated. "happy pills" continues the narrative (one I find very troubling) of the societal perception of weakness in relation to those seeking medical help for their issues. People seeking help should be given the same dignity and respect as those with visible, tangible illness.

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Where's the "I THINK I have a mental health condition(s)"

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I've kind of lost most of my adult life so far to depression and some other issues, I'm regularly seeing a psychologist (though not as regularly as I'd like, but I'm thankful for what I get through the public health system anyway) and on medication. It helps, but I'm still severely limited by it and some other health issues. Sucks.

I'm glad I can still enjoy the shit out of videogames, at least.