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Poll: How should I spend my Tax Refund? (68 votes)

Radeon 7970 (Comes with Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite) 37%
A Projector (Either a Optoma H20 or ViewSonic PRO8200) 4%
Be responsible and save it for something I actually need 59%
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Well I'm SERIOUSLY considering buying a replica Portal gun I've had my eye on. Don't do that. Be more responsible. I just...can't help it.

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Personally, I think you should spend it all on getting multiple caricatures of yourself done but EH, do as you will.

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Do the responsible thing and blow it all on hookers and cocaine.

You'll be broke afterward but man will you have a hell of a story to tell.

#4 Posted by Demoskinos (15157 posts) -

Save it. Having extra funds around when unexpected expenses pop up can be a life saver.

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Do you really need a new graphics card? If you feel your graphics card isn't quite up to par, I'd go with that. However, if you're buying it just because you have money, don't do it. Too many people buy things just because they have money and it's a terrible habit to have. Save it, put it towards a fund for a new computer if you want, but don't just blow it right away because you have it.

#7 Posted by hidys (1029 posts) -

Shouldn't there be new video cards coming out soonish? That might be worth looking into.

Or spend it all on heroin that would be the most effective use of your money.

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Save it so you can keep trying the mega beef bowl challenge for a while

#10 Posted by Winternet (8055 posts) -

Hos and guns.

#11 Posted by Pr1mus (3950 posts) -

Well if the graphics card is something you need its responsible and seems like a sweet deal to me.

#12 Posted by SexyToad (2722 posts) -

Do you have enough salary to be able to buy stuff like that? If not, then save it, you may need the money later for other stuff.

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Hookers and blow.

#14 Posted by snarekick (102 posts) -

100 cups of coffee

#15 Posted by believer258 (12203 posts) -

You should probably save it... but man, that card sure is a sweet deal.

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Save it like a paranoid squirrel.

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I plan to save mine for possibly preordering one of the next gen consoles.

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@oldirtybearon: Glad my thoughts were echoed. Also, disappointed that option wasn't on the poll.

I mean, build an amusement park with blackjack and hookers. You know what, forget about the park and the blackjack.

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I am going to use it to pay off my computer parts I bought with money I didn't have. So get the 7970

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@frankiespankie: I currently have two 460s. So ya my PC is seeing some age. Currently I know that I'll at least be buying one of the next gen consoles if not both of them at some point. I just need to decide if I want to continue using my PC for the majority of 3rd party stuff that I don't rent.

I've also just always wanted a projector when it came time to upgrade my TV. However due me continuing to jump around where I live because of school and space it still probably doesn't make sense. Also at this point maybe I should just wait to buy a 4k projector when I can actually settle into somewhere.