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Well obviously there are many programs, and sites that cater to helping out people in creating website. But unfortunately for me I do not know what are good ways to get started.  
I wanted to obviously learn to code a site, but I haven't the faintest idea on what book to buy from chapters. If you guys have any ideas, as I assume there are many coding literate people here, let me know.   
After I can learn basic code I want to learn how to design a nice looking site, much like this one. And what programs to use.  
 BTW, I use PC, if that makes a difference.  
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A website that looks like this takes a ton of work, but I'd suggest starting with Notepad and learn some basic HTML.

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@krystians: You need to start with basic html. Once you're comfortable with that, learn the basics of CSS. The best online tutorial I've found is here: 
Notepad++ is a great text-editing tool with some handy features like color-coding and tag-matching if you save your doc as .html. You can download it for free here: 
Good luck, and have fun. 
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Dreamweaver is really easy.  That's what I learned how to use in college.  I don't know if that constitutes as coding, though...  It's basic HTML at least.

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You're not going to be able to make a site like this right away. If that is your only goal you'll give up before you even started. Start by making a simple site with a background, logo and text. Then explore the possibilities simple html provides and like mentioned before try CSS when you're comfortable with that. I think you have to like trial and error and enjoy experimenting to be a web designer. Maybe I'm wrong, but atleast that's how I learned it.

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The place to start is learning basic HTML and CSS. There's a wide variety of books you can get on the subject, plus a countless amount of online tutorials. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, I'd suggest looking into Adobe Dreamweaver. It's the definitive program when dealing with website design, and while some people argue that you can just use Notepad to create a site, I find that having a relatively user-friendly interface makes learning web design basics a much smoother process.
From there, learning how to use a photo editing program like Photoshop or Fireworks is a must. Even if you're the best programmer in the world, your websites will only look as good as the graphics you design. I find that Fireworks is more user-friendly than Photoshop, but just use whatever you're most comfortable with. Having an artistic mind helps here. Thinking creatively is the key to designing nice, eye-catching sites.
From there, just take your time and familiarize yourself with the web design process. Create a few basic sites - get a feel for what works, and what doesn't. To be honest, it's not an easy field to get started in, and you aren't going to be able to design anything with the complexity of Giant Bomb anytime in the near future. But it's an extremely rewarding and useful field if you have the patience to learn it. If you're really serious about getting into web design as an occupation, I'd recommend taking a course, if it's a possibility.

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There's this really awesome site called Angelfire that allowed me to make my own website.  It's totally awesome, and better yet, it's totally FREE!!! 
...................................please, someone shoot me for even MAKING that kind of a joke.  I must be sleepy.
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I disagree, dont start with learning HTML. Play around with some software and learn HTML as you go. If you sit down with notepad and a pdf of html you are going to get bored as fuck and give up.

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If you're smart enough like me, you'll start on something like WordPress and choose a basic template and simply make the images for it and mess around with coding. I didn't know one little bit of code until I just played with and looked at something that was already there. 
Here's my site.
If want to be super then I suggest you hit the coding books and just learn. If you want to make sites for others then this is key.

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You would need to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, PHP and perhaps some Javascript frameworks to add some flair to the site.  There are also other languages that can replace PHP, but PHP is open and tutorials are available everywhere for that.  This will take some time, so hit on www.w3schools.com and/or www.tizag.com for the basics on these languages.  Making a site with some polish takes a lot of work when doing it raw.

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Misleading title

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Last week I made a webpage for the first time, I used dreamweaver, but coded the majority of the stuff using web-search to find forum threads on the topic. The webpage features two images (like icon style buttons) automatically centred in the middle of the page, side by side. I used no tables, and I had a logo in the top left hand corner of the page and a tiled background image. The images/buttons in the centre have shadows. It all looks surprisingly professional. Dreamweaver doesn't have an automatic feature for placing images in such a formation, I coded that, and there are multiple ways of doing it but I chose the best. Pure HTML. Good luck dude, if I can make a decent webpage out of html without any prior knowledge, then you can too.

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Dreamweaver is usually the easiest way to make a site but it's expensive.. Unless you an find some other way to get it which I will not mention. In my computer class we use a program called CON Text for code. Really usefull and you can switch between stuff like HTML and Java or other languages and it will highlight mistakes and stuff.
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If you really want to, you can just use TextEdit or Notepad (yeah, the shit that comes with Windows OS). That's what I used for my first couple of things. 
Word is also useful for editing HTML documents. Not good, but probably better than TextEdit. I used it to make a blank HTML document for an emulator I appropriated so I could play a Pokemon Red ROM anywhere I wanted to. 
My copy/paste skills are top-rate.

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If you are a student, Microsoft has the Expression suite for free, plus a couple of other programs that are good to have if you're planning on going into the programming field. 
I've been using Expression Web for a while, and while it's not Dreamweaver, it's a nice (and free) alternative to it.

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i suggest you download photoshop and dreamweaver from adobe and try those out. adobe gives a 30 day trial once you install it. 
in photoshop you design your website and the slice it up. dreamweaver puts the website together with code. it takes a while to make a website like this since it is a lot of coding and figuring things out.