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@iam3green said:

video game forum girlfriend breakup doesn't compute never had a girlfriend...

Must stay in dark cave playing WoW..

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or if you're a softie

Tracy Chapman

Get pissed and be with friends,

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I never subscribed to the theory that wallowing in a depression with depressing or angry music ever worked.

Hang out with friends, family, go out, play some games, take some time to generally do the things you want to do, watch/listen to some good comedy - this kind of thing works for me.

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@samface6 said:

6 months can seem like a very long time.

But yes, I realise it's far from the end of the world.

Skyrim is definitely on the menu. That's basically like a drug right?

hah, After 6 months you were probably right on the verge of exiting the honeymoon phase, and entering the dark times. You may have dodged a bullet.

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Get off the internet. get lost in Skyrim. That would be my answer.

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I usually play basketball, which is weird considering I rarely play basketball and am not very good at it.

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Take advantage of the situation and buy all the things girls scoff at. This way when you meet the next girl you already have the items and won't need to convince her of why you need them! Take it from a married man lol :P

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@OllyOxenFree said:

Play some goddamn video games.

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@Still_I_Cry said:

@iam3green said:

video game forum girlfriend breakup doesn't compute never had a girlfriend...

Must stay in dark cave playing WoW..

You mean Skyrim. I sit in my dark cave playing Skyrim not World of Warcraft!

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Try to get laid. Whoever gets laid first after the break up wins.

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Go on any social/dating site, send a wink to the first fat girl you see, and wait. In the end you will feel like a king.

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Drink and/or masturbate until you go blind.

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This is the most blunt, honest advice I can give you.

UNLESS you lived with the person, just brush it off. Seriously, it's that simple. Getting used to another person day-to-day in a way akin to marriage is a different story, because that actually affects your way of living, and there are certain "comforts" you'll develop that will feel weird when they're gone. However, if you were just seeing someone -- and you're relatively young -- it's no big deal. I've been few my share of breakups, and most of the time, if it happened and the girl and I didn't get back together after a few weeks, then it had to happen. Just surround yourself with supporting friends (girls rather than boys, but that's just how I usually do it) and have fun. You shouldn't stress things like commitment, love, and all that stuff until you're older.

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Get really fat. It's nearly winter. Eventually they'll come back for warmth.

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drink, masturbate, cry, move on

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Try to do everything you can to take your mind off of her. I usually run or play something horribly violent. I also eat a lot of ice cream, and look for someone better. The only problem I have is going back to things that remind me of her. This is usually the deal with music I was listening to at or around the time of the break-up, and as a bad solution, I tend to stop listening to it all together. I haven't listened to Tokyo Police Club in the longest time.

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@samface6: My advice. Keep active. Go the gym work out and build your confidence again.

The hardest thing I found after my last big breakup was that I felt rather worthless and seeing the results of working out made me feel better. Also women I knew started to notice and flirt with me.

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Skyrim will solve it.

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Feel sad for a week, feel like shit.
Then wake up a week later and move on with your life. Go do some shit you've been meaning to do, play games, have fun with friends, enjoy some free time to do what you wanna do.

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Just don't let her pull you back in.

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Try to tattoo a piece of poop on her back with flies, that seems to work.