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Lots of people will say they like a bit a everything but i'm wondering how varied your taste in music are when you stick only to your favorites.

I ask because looking at my music library and what i listen to the most and it's very diverse. If i was to select say 10 albums or artists that i more or less listen to as much as one another i would come up with stuff like Metallica, Guns & Roses, Queen, The Prodigy, Kavinsky, Adele, Juno Reactor, Muse, a bunch of Hans Zimmer soundtracks, South Central, Justin Timberlake, System of a Down. There's totally 12 artists on that list, not 10.

I also listen to tons of video games music or remixes which are themselves too diverse to list.

Here are a couple favorites:

The Bounty of a Brain - Metroid Remix

I Have Begun My Ascent - Dear Esther

End Game - Saints Row the Third

Wings of Liberty - StarCraft 2

Jungle Groove - Donkey Kong Country

I listen to that kind of stuff in almost equal quantity. For years growing up it was all about metal and as time went by i started to diversify what i listen too but still like the older stuff just as much. When someone ask the question "what's your favorite band or artist?" it gets increasingly difficult to answer. Even more vague questions like favorite genre is problematic. Metal i guess? Or maybe electronic music, but then the difference between say, Kavinsky and Juno Reactor is pretty huge too.

So what about you duders?

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Really varied. In high school I was only about metal but since then I have ventured out into other music and I will at least like an artist or two of a certain genre if not appreciate the genre as a whole. Country is about my least favorite but I do like some artists.

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I only have one kind of music that I like: good music.

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I only have one kind of music that I like: good music.

One of my favorite too.

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That said, I do like many different genres/styles of music.

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I listen to everything from Slayer to Stratovarius to Sublime. So yeah... not really varied at all.

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Outside video games? Not very.

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@winternet said:

I only have one kind of music that I like: good music.

Seriously. Everything, as long as it's good.

My last playlist I used while studying and Dota'ing was a mix of Rotten Sound, Girl's Generation, and 65daysofstatic.

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I only have one kind of music that I like: good music.

I'm the opposite way. I only enjoy objectively bad music:

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I can listen to Pantera's "War Nerve" and then follow it up with Dave Matthews Bands' "Two Step" or Justin Timberlake's "What Comes Around," then move back to Cerebral Bore or Cannibal Corpse and fill in with a little Mussorgsky with the greatest of ease.

My parents raised me to be a child of music, someone who can appreciate everything and anything so long as it is done well and has passion behind it. My grandparents gave me a healthy dose of country music as a child, I grew up during grunge/gangsta rap/alternative, my parents were hippies during 'Nam, my friends were a mixed variety of musical interests, and I always liked venturing into new genres with an open mind and ear.

Basically, I listen to virtually everything and anything...so long as I think it's good.

...except indie. I fucking hate indie music...and tejano. They are fucking wretched.

Also, U2 sucks balls.

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Very. A lot of the music that I listen to doesn't fit into a genre very well. Even if they do my sense on what a genre is and isn't isn't very good anymore. But if I were to name the genres in my music collection I would say blues, jazz, classic rock, rock, pop, pop-rock, country, folk, metal, R&B, hip-hop, classical, techno, dance, ambient/experimental, progressive rock, alternative (anything else that I can't think of a genre for).

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everything. i don't think there's a single major genre that doesn't have its moments of brilliance. and note that i said major genre- there's plenty of scenester garbage out there. in fact, one could almost make the argument that the more specific or adherent your sound is, the more likely it's trash. but there's sure to be major exceptions to that- i just find (and this may be self-evident) that a lot of the most exciting stuff is the stuff that crosses-over.

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@ravenlight: If by "objectively bad" you mean "great" then yeah :)

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@ravenlight: If by "objectively bad" you mean "great" then yeah :)

Those two phrases are synonyms in my mind.

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@milkman said:

Your musical compatibility with Milkman519 is SUPER

Apparently, you have some nice taste in music. As for me, 95% of the stuff I listen to is rap, I really like almost every genre of music except metal, but hip/hop is the only culture I really dig as well, so that's why it's my primary genre. I wish I could delve as much into other genres, especially jazz/soul/blues, as I have with rap, but I barely have the time to follow the rap game, so the whenever I listen to pop, rock or whatever, it's more casually background music, whereas I like to get super analytical and shit with my hip/hop. Anyway, my last.fm ( http://www.last.fm/user/JacDG ) is here if anyone is interested in that sorta thing, it doesn't contain everything I listen to, but it's mostly there.

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I generally like rock more but i listen to everything from the strokes to metallica to david bowie to justin timberalke to dr dre to calvin harris to shania twain and beyond.

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I have 51,1 days of music so i like all kinds of stuff, except Rihannas etc.


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Flashygoodness, System of A Down, Jeremy Soule (Elder Scrolls Soundtracks), Sublime, Lindsey Stirling and a ton more.

I listen to a little amount of rap, a lot of rock, punk, metal, dubstep/electronic and orchestrated music.Pretty strange variety.

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I can think of an example of most things that I like.

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I'd say its pretty varied. I'm still your typical rocker/metalhead most of the time, but I do like a little bit of everything.

Classic Rock, 80's hair metal, pop-punk, 3rd wave ska, gangsta rap (old school), 80's pop, classical, blues, guitar instrumentals, jazz/fusion, thrash metal, prog rock/prog metal..

Some of my favorite bands are The Offspring, Megadeth, Dance Hall Crashers, Dokken, Steel Panther, Wham!, NWA, Anthrax, Paul Gilbert, Ethan Brosh, Jimi Hendrix, Public Enemy, Iron Maiden, Devin Townsend/Strapping Young Lad, Hammerfall, Edguy, The Expoxies, The Soviettes, Poison, Queensryche, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Pantera, Reel Big Fish....

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I listen to everything. There is something to like in pretty much every genre, I've found.

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I can listen to everything but Im only a fan of rap. Im also a "minor" fan of old soul music and jazz but thats about it. Im pretty open about my opinion of rap. I just cant listen to the heavily "underground" type shit that sounds like it came out of the gutter of 2005. Other than that, I can listen to rap from the early 90s and switch over to trash such as Meek Mill without a problem. I guess as Ive matured, I started putting a bigger influence on flow rather than how I used to solely listen to the lyrics. Dont get me wrong, lyrics are important but those words dont mean shit when your inflections dont match the beat.

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I can listen to pretty much anything, but if it's rap, hip-hop or made with a computer (exclusively) i'm thoroughly not interested.

Oh, and pop music.

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uh, I like both Sunn o))) and lady gaga does this count?

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The only genres of music I do not care much for is Country and Modern Rap. However, my top artists are in the Progressive Metal genre. Bands like Dream Theater, Opeth, Symphony X.

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I used to be "that guy" who always said "I like everything!" but had only one or two genres in his library.

I've expanded exponentially in recent years, though. Thinking about my current favorites, most of them have nothing in common with each other.

Speaking of musical discovery, why didn't anybody tell me how great trip-hop was? Or how misleading the name of the genre is? I feel like a crucial part of the 90s passed me by while I was knee-deep in radio pop (don't judge me!).

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@shagge: Yeah Trip Hop is awesome. Massive Attack and Portishead are brilliant.

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Lots of music threads lately.

My tastes are pretty diverse I'd say. Classical, Classic Rock, and video game soundtracks are my top three genres.

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@pr1mus said:

@shagge: Yeah Trip Hop is awesome. Massive Attack and Portishead are brilliant.

tricky (who is black and no relation to our own Klepek) is also pretty good, he was a contemporary of Portishead

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My music collection is a clusterfuck of all kinds of shit. EDM and hip-hop are my favorites right now but earlier today I was listening to Rammstein and Marilyn Manson. 90's alternative is huge for me too. Fuck country music though. Except Johnny Cash. That Folsom Prison live album was phenomenal.

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I like pretty much everything. There are only a couple exceptions, and those are quite specific:

Do not like: deliberately bad sounding "art music."

Do not like: improvised jazz solos. Jazz musicians, even the very talented ones, all improvise in the same way. And it all sounds bad in comparison to composed solos. That said I absolutely love good composed jazz.

Do not like: any country music recorded in the last, say, thirty years.

I like everything else. Even the weird stuff. I can't list favorite bands because I haven't kept track of specific ones since I was a teenager. I usually just look up youtube mixes that are an hour or more in length and have that play.

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@animasta said:

@pr1mus said:

@shagge: Yeah Trip Hop is awesome. Massive Attack and Portishead are brilliant.

tricky (who is black and no relation to our own Klepek) is also pretty good, he was a contemporary of Portishead

I'll have to give him a shot. My knowledge of trip-hop begins with Portishead and ends with Massive Attack. I could listen to Portishead on loop for years, but I'm curious as to how deep this rabbit hole goes (Dammit, Brad, now you have me saying it!).

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@milkman: Damn, dude, you really like Midnight Brown, don't you?

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i enjoy good music, that can come from any type or genre.

like i don't particularly like rap as a whole, but there are plenty of rap songs i rather enjoy.

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i enjoy good music, that can come from any type or genre.

like i don't particularly like rap as a whole, but there are plenty of rap songs i rather enjoy.

That's actually a really good way of putting it. I feel the same way about country.

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@pr1mus said:

@shagge: Yeah Trip Hop is awesome. Massive Attack and Portishead are brilliant.

indeed. everyone should be listening to that collaboration burial did with massive attack. it's like a mini-album, and it's GENIUS.

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My favorite music includes King Crimson, everything by Kevin Moore, Wishbone Ash, Chick Corea, The Mercury Program, Pizzicato Five, Bela Fleck, Shugo Tokumaru, Doseone, also including Kpop groups like Kara, Brown Eyed Girls, Sunny Hill, and IU.

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I only listen to industrial folk punk, because i am deeper and better then you all. I am joking of course, I like everything from ABBA to Beefheart, and like many here have said, there is good music within more or less every genre.

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I've gotten a lot better over the years. I used to completely ignore hip-hop, but have since come to my senses and embraced it, as well as pretty much anything that tickles my fancy or people I trust recommend.

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Not at all lol

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I listen to all different types of music. punk, pop-punk, hardcore, post-hardcore, melodic hardcore, skate-punk, metalcore, sludgecore, pantscore, you name it.

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On my way to school I listened to Electric Wizard and on the way back I listened to Gucci Mane so not at all.

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Everything from "Acid Rock" to "Unknown Genre."