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As I'm currently posted in Hong Kong it was spent in a restaurant. However it was nice. Had a group of 12 people, loads of food and chat.

You guys/gals?

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fantastic, ended it with some pumpkin pie cheesecake and cookies and creme ice cream

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Not bad. Had better. For the past five years, had Thanksgiving cold dude to work, so a hot Thanksgiving meal was pretty cool.

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We don't celebrate thanksgiving in Quebec, Canada. This is for the English folks.

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This Thanksgiving's revelation: spiral hickory smoked ham is rediculously good in place of the traditional turkey and a tart cherry pie slice w/melted brown sugar and cinnamon is the same as long as thanks are actually really given.... minus the guilt. :S

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Eh... The stuffing had large chunks of onions in it, which I don't like. And there weren't any sweet potatoes, instead there was mashed squash, which... I've liked squash the other times I've had it, but this wasn't good.

Ours also ended with a pumpkin cheesecake of some fashion and that was pretty great.

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It was okay. I do not come from a family of especially good cooks so I kinda feel jealous of the crazy things people make on Thanksgiving.

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I cooked it for the first time, but it was only for eight people ( girlfriend, housemate + his girlfriend, and a couple of friends) so it wasn't too difficult. Turkey was a little dry, the potatoes were fine, and the stuffing was a bit dry as well, but I got this crumb cake from a lady I know and it was fucking KILLER - it had little chunks of apple and was pretty much a big ball of cinnamon.

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Pretty crappy, the turkey was fine, but my step-dad can't cook for shit. His stuffing was full of raisins and canned mushrooms and raw walnuts, and he managed to somehow fuck up mashed potatoes. I should have cooked thanksgiving dinner myself.

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It was everything I could have ever hoped for. :) Happy Franksgiving ya'll.

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It's 11 pm and I just woke up, I took my post dinner nap at 7pm.

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You mean the microwave pizza I cooked up?....OK, I guess?

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It was pretty good. There was so much food that I could not move after eating it all.

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Freaking awesome. My aunt did something different with the turkey this year and it was moist and amazing.

I realized halfway through loading my plate that I had way too much food, and then just kept loading up the plate with everything else that looked good.

Then I ate it all in about 15 minutes...

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Pizza in between bouts of...

My birthday is over the weekend, so my parents decide to combine the two events together. I suppose I'd have an actual answer come then. BUT YOU ASKED NOW SO...

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It was nice. We went to my wife's family's place where I ate a bunch of turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy. I skipped almost everything else because I really wanted to focus on the sweet, sweet basics, and I didn't want to overeat. Looking forward to leftovers tomorrow and to making turkey stock this weekend.

I hope everyone had a great day.

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Haven't had mine yet. Too busy getting ready to move on Saturday. Will probably do it next weekend instead. Can't wait!

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Gluttony at it's finest.

Giant turkey and like 10 different sides.

Wine and beer.

About 20 family members.

Giant table of desserts and coffee afterwards along with the Patriots kickin some Jet ass.

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It was awesome. Turkey oven roasted in a bag is the way to go!

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Its tough to remember because Thanksgiving took place a month and a half ago in Canada. =P

Actually it was pretty awesome. I cooked up a 24-Pound turkey using the brining method and served it with:

  • Mashed Potatoes -Lots of Garlic and Butter then I pushed the potatoes through a China Cap (a type of strainer that is related to the Chinois)
  • Yams - Baked with top grade Canadian Maple Syrup, some brown sugar, and a vanilla pod
  • Brussell Sprouts - Steamed, and served tossed lightly in butter and crushed pecans
  • Carrotts - Steamed then tossed in a Honey - Tarragon mix.
  • Stuffing - Cooked outside the turkey because, well, the whole Salmonella issue kind of ruins inside the turkey stuffing for me. Another benefit is that you can make enough stuffing that will go bad before it runs out.
  • Waldorf Salad - Apples, Walnuts, Yogurt (traditional salad calls for mayo but yogurt is a healthier alternative), Celery, Raisins, Lemon Zest, Honey, Salt and Pepper
  • Fresh Baked Sourdough Loafs
  • Cheese Plate
  • Assorted Pickle and Olive Plate
  • Pumpkin Pie with fresh whipped Whip Cream (the secret to great whip cream is icing sugar, a bit of vanilla, and some brandy in it)

Edit: How could I forget this one. Enough gravy to last me weeks =)

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I just realized that I forgot to eat today. My dad, sister and I don't feel hunger, so we can go without eating and not notice. Dad's the worst though as he can go three or four days without noticing that he hasn't eaten.

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Food, family, friends and mixed emotions. It was all good with a belly full and an abundance of first world flatulence.

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Pizza... It was decent, nothing special.

Oh right, thanksgiving, we don't have that here.

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It was alright but the stuffing, which is usually my favorite part of the meal, had sausage in it which I am not into AT ALL. 

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Spent the beginning of the day playing a little video games, then did homework, and finally ate around 9PM (when the turkey was finished since we prepped it later than usual). Probably going to hit the hay soon.

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Deep-fried turkey, Honey Baked ham, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, Hawaiian bread rolls, deviled eggs and broccoli & cheese casserole.

Never got around to my slice of red velvet cheesecake, so it's in the fridge for tomorrow.

Surprisingly, even with all that, I stayed under 1300 calories. Meaning with the sodas and other things I ate throughout the day, I didn't exceed my 2200 calorie limit. So, no getting fatter happened and I still got to enjoy Thanksgiving. WOO!

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There is no Thanksgiving in Shanghai.


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Really good. But, like every Thanksgiving, I wasn't particularly hungry when it came time to eat and by the time all the food had been passed around the big ass table the food was kind of cold.

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going to a restaurant in HK must be fucking expensive.

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Leftovers from da family. Turkey leg, corn bread, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies microwaved to perfection. Have some cakes and pumpkin bread in the fridge and will probably eat it later. Thankful and grateful.

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Had a meatball sub at Subway - we don't celebrate thanksgiving here though. I wish we did honestly, it sounds like a nice holiday.

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Mine was awesome, I do all the cooking, so I don't get stuck with any of the cleanup. I'm also a pretty fantastic cook.

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I made some pasta and went to bed early because I was running on a couple hours' sleep for the last 5 days.

Pasta was alright. It was rigatoni.

I'm in Canada so we already did thanksgiving. But my mom went down to Kentucky to visit the fam and now I'm really jealous because I imagine they are eating probably most of what's been listed here.

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Pretty good. Had the usual, and then for dessert we had a chocolate turtle cream pie. Lots of leftovers from the dinner, so Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches for the next few days :D

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That double-topped 20 inch Noah's Ark pizza (Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce, Prosciutto Cotto Ham, Fat Toni's Meatballs, Pepperoni, Spiced Chicken Bocconcini, Chorizo and Caramelized Onions) on an Isola D'Ischia base, went down real fucking smooth.


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it was an amazing combination of:

juicy turkey


mac and cheese


green beans

potato salad

and some stuffing

and of course desert was a choice of pumpkin pie, home made pumpkin cake, and this special thing my mom makes called chocolate delight its layers of gram cracker crumbs, cool whip, and chocolate pudding.