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In its latest attempt to blur the lines between smartphones and tablets, Huawei on Monday announced a new 7-inch Android device that can make phone calls. The MediaPad 7 Vogue is equipped with a 7-inch 1,024 x 600-pixel display, an in-house 1.2GHz quad-core processor and a 3-megapixel rear camera. The tablet also includes 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, a microSD slot, a 4,100 mAh battery and Huawei’s Emotion user interface atop Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The MediaPad 7 will be available in a Wi-Fi only model or an HSPA+ model that is capable of making phone calls, a feature that similarly puzzled us in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. The slate will arrive in China later this month with expanded availability scheduled for the coming months. Huawei’s press release follows below.

BGR: Huawei brings the phablet craze to absurd new heights with 7-inch phone

If I go to the fucking Starbucks, and one day some person starts talking to one of these things.. I'ma go outside, and find a plant to try and kick it.. Cuz well.. Its not a phone, its a "media-pad," that can do phone-calls.

How's this? That Samsung Note III, is supposed to be 6-inches.. The Note II was 5.5 inches, and there was a Galaxy-Mega version at 6.3 inches!.

Which of you fuckers are buying these?! The fuck? .. .. I bet. These stupid handy-sized phones, would be absurdly easy to poke on a SmartGlass app for an XONE. There. Bring it back to gaming, cuz fuhh..

Edit: Well now Sony is putting out a 6.4 inch thing. Wonderful..

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I had a coworker who wanted to buy a Note. He preferred the larger screen size. Can't say I blame em, I wouldn't mind getting one if it didn't seem like it would be uncomfortable to carry (thought it could probably replace my kindle as reading device of choice...)

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I know someone who bought a large ass "media pad" phone and it looks ridiculous. Justifying his purchase waving it in front of me the other day, he told me something to the tune of "Hey, the battery will last for the next 17 hours", to which I responded "I should fucking hope so".

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@dudeglove: What?? Like a huge 7-inch one, or like the 5.5 one they already have now?.

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Good god, that woman is tiny, holding that thing up to her face is one of the most ridiculous looking things I've ever seen. I'm looking forward to the next technological step that renders tablets completely archaic. Haptic HUD implants or something. Although then you'd have people walking around poking and gesturing at things in mid air. . . .

Screw this I'm moving back to the bush.

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Unfortunately it's just the reality of Samsung's business model that they feel they need to release something Galaxy branded every couple of months, which has left them really scraping the barrel when it comes to diversifying one model from the next. And they'll all have TouchWiz on them... lovely.

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I own the Note 2 I think the size is perfect anything bigger than 5.5in stops being a phone because the 5.5 pushes it but I can use it with one hand no problem and it is the best phone I have ever owned other phones feel tiny now but a 7in phone is just fuckin retarded.

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@evilnights: I don't understand the touchwiz woes, all of Samsungs devices are open android there are 100s of interfaces you can install many for free, TouchWiz isn't great from a customizing stand point but works just fine as a base starter interface.

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No one makes calls anymore. Everyone is just texting and screwing around on the web. And when you do this is totally competent.

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@evilsbane: It's difficult to see Touchwiz as anything other than some weird thing wedged between Android and iOS without being a good representation of either. The changes they make from AOSP either seem arrogant or derivative; the alterations made to the text entry removed the spellchecker (thus removing funcitonality), whereas making the settings menu white reeks of change merely for the sake of it. Even some of the banner features end of looking really superfluous.

Admittedly, the problems I have with my S3 are issues the majority of users probably don't care about. In any case, with the recent changes to iOS, it'll be interesting to see if Samsung decides to dial things back on their end accordingly or completely double down on it instead.

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The smaller Experia Z looks sleek as hell. Too bad it's one of those second-rate Android phones. I'm stuck with my iPhone for another 20 months, anyway.

Also, my brother has the 5.5 inch note- I was on your side at first... but I am slighly jealous. I wish Apple would stick to the conventional resolutions and put out a phone that's at least 720p.

...what was this thread about again?

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A big problem with TouchWiz is that Samsung doesn't build on the latest and greatest stuff in AOSP. Instead they build on their previous versions of TouchWiz, occasionally adapting features from the latest AOSP release. As a result many new features and UI improvements are absent from Samsung's apps. This affects more than just the launcher. It affects the entire experience, and not all of it can be replaced with other apps.

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@blu3v3nom07: pfft, speak for yourse...

...oh. Everything sounds bigger in metric.

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@dudeglove: What?? Like a huge 7-inch one, or like the 5.5 one they already have now?.

I can't remember the brand exactly, possibly samsung galaxy, but him using it as a phone just looks clunky and dumb.