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Someone emailed the Bombcast this week with a story about trying a shot of a friend's breast milk. Would you have a drink of someone's breast milk just to see what it tastes like?

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Yes. Why? Because I'm curious.

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Yes. Why not?

That's basically my thought process.

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Not that I could pick this option, but why isn't "I already have" a choice?

But I would. I'm a human. I drink cows milk. Is milk that comes from a human really weirder than that, if you think about it?

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Totally. The source of the breastmilk is an issue, but if it's from a friend or somethin', I'd do it.

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@pyromagnestir said:

Not that I could pick this option, but why isn't "I already have" a choice?

Oh I really dropped that ball on that. That absolutely should have been an option.

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Suuuure? I guess it depends on how I get it I guess. Just getting a bottle of breast milk I might try, but if I know who the "provider" is or can make an image in my head of her, it might just be gross.

It's hard to predict a compulsive brain! Might just have to put this to the test at some point.

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I guess I'll be the first in this thread to say nooooo. Hell no. At least with cows, you can totally control their intake, humans are... gross. I wouldn't be able to get that picture out of my head.

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Can I go straight to the source? Cause I'm all in at that point.

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If/when I have a wife and if she's okay with it, then...maybe?

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@TooWalrus: Well she isn't necessarily selling her breast milk, but that would for sure make it even worse. The scenario from the podcast is basically this: you are out to dinner with your wife and some friends. One of those friends just had a baby. The subject of breast milk comes up and before you know it you have a little glass of it to try.

My wife and I have some friends who recently had a baby. We know them very well, and they are close friends. I officiated their wedding. But the thought of drinking any of her breast milk HORRIFIES me.

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No. I don't even like normal milk that much. I don't care who it came from, why, or how, I wouldn't touch it.

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I wouldn't drink it, no....but I would give it a taste.

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@Kerned: I'm still gonna say no. I barely like cow's milk.

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I don't even like normal milk, why would I try human milk (best case scenario is it tastes like normal milk - but I still won't like it).

@Zeik said:

No. I don't even like normal milk that much. I don't care who it came from, why, or how, I wouldn't touch it.

Hah beat me to it! - must have loaded the page just before you published.

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I would have to be horrendously drunk.

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Depends on who its from I guess? The thought both horrifies and intrigues me.

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No. I'm sure there are all sorts of health benefits and all that shit. But there's a lot of shit out there that is good for my health that I don't take advantage of. And many of those alternatives are less gross. You know I'm a fan of breasts. I just don't want to think about their function because for some reason that makes me grossed out.

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fuck no.

I find milk by itself gross enough as it is.

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This is shocking that a majority of you would say yes 63%yes 37%no.

the correct answer is no

Why would you want to experience this?!

where do you people draw the line?

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No, I had breast milk when I was a new born, that was good enough for me, don't need to go back.

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@Aegon said:

If/when I have a wife and if she's okay with it, then...maybe?

yeah, that's literally the only situation i can imagine this. in which case i would say the same

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No thanks. That is what cow milk is for.

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@Indiana_Jenkins said:

Yes. Why not?

That's basically my thought process.

*insert horrendously overused Cave Johnson quote here*

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I once put it in my coffee by mistake. Made it taste sweet. Then tried it by itself. 
@FancySoapsMan said:

fuck no.

I find milk by itself gross enough as it is.

Bovine milk and human milk are different. Believe it or not but breast milk is very healthy. 
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If I didn't know the person, but I knew that it was a good source then I would try it. How is it any more weird than milk from a cow?

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If a really hot chick offered to breastfeed me, fuck yeah I'd do it.

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Yeah as long as it isn't full of DISEASE

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@Grilledcheez said:

Yeah as long as it isn't full of DISEASE

Very much in agreement.

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No. Fuck no.

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Could you make it into... i dunno lady yoghurt, maybe even chick cheese or do you have to drink it as is? Because I'm not really a milk fan.

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Nope, sounds fucking gross. Not even from my wife.

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the problem is not that it sounds gross, but what happens if you really like it for whatever reason? I mean, you get nothing from it.

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Only if I can get it straight from the "tap" myself though. I'm kind of into that sort of thing.

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My wife is breastfeeding at the moment, and sure, I've tasted a drop (tastes kinda sweet). But from any other person than my wife? Even a close friend? Fuuuuuck no.

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@mordukai said:

I once put it in my coffee by mistake. Made it taste sweet. Then tried it by itself.

That's awesome, I'm laughing out loud here. How did that happen?

With regards to the question at hand: I don't see why breast milk would be gross. That's between your ears.

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Sure, why not. I've already had it once in my life, and if it didn't kill me when I was one month old, I doubt it will decades later.

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it might be full of AIDS

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Yeah, I'd have no problem with it, the idea doesn't really disgust me in any way.

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Put vodka in it and I'll drink just about anything.

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No because I heard it tastes gross.  And it would be awkward if it were my friends cause I sure as hell would give her a wink everytime I would see her........  

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I think I had enough as an infant

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Well I had it when I was a baby. Why not now? I'd probably only drink it from a partner or someone I didn't know. It would be weird to drink a friend's breast milk because then whenever I saw them I would just think "I've tasted a part of you....O_O!". It would be weird. Also the woman has to be healthy. I don't want to get sick.

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I was horrified when this was actually being discussed (or disgust) on the bombcast. Maybe it's social conditioning, but the thought of drinking human breast milk as anything other than a baby just weeeeirds me out. Maybe it's because pretty much only infants have a legitimate claim to consuming it and anyone else is usually some weirdo/fetishist creep. Ok, I'm done with this conversation. I feel so weird for even thinking about this.

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I don't know. I have seen a friend drink what he claimed to be his wife's breast milk once, and he puked all over the floor afterwards (granted, we'd drank quite a bit of alcohol prior). I am kinda curious about the taste.

Come to think of it, my cousin just had her baby last month. Maybe I should ask her for some...




Just kidding.

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I'm pretty sure everybody who was ever a baby at one point already has.