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So has anyone else had their store order arrive incorrectly? I ordered some stuff and only part my order arrived. Just wondering who or what I need to do to fix my order.

Couldn't find anything with "Email us" or "Contact for errors in shipping". No email addresses or nothing.

So, does anyone know who I should get in contact with?

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On a related note, whilst browsing the store, I happened upon the "Whiskey Media 2012" T-shirt. Then I realized it's now technically an antique, seeing as how that union doesn't exist anymore.

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@The_Patriarch: Thanks man.

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The other part of your order may arrive in a separate box or whatever. I ordered two t-shirts recently and the both arrived on separate days within 5 days' time of each other.

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Yeah I just got my shirts today. I got all three but one was a Large. They all should have been 3XLs.