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Keep at it. The difference between success and failure is whether you pick yourself up and keep going.

I have an internship at the moment, but I am struggling to find a full-time position. Keep an open mind and keep making connections. Best of luck to you.

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Yeah, i have had that, exactly that actually, and others to similar effect as well.

My current job is about as far removed from my actual degree as it is possible to be. Funny about that job is that my degree did actually help me get it, only in a very roundabout way. The job is on the campus of my alma mater. It got it mostly because I was "familiar with the layout of the campus".

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Hang in there man. Getting a career started is one of the hardest things to do. It's especially hard these days. I had a really hard time too and had almost lost hope. I had some real heartbreakers along the way that would have made fine careers. Some of those companies are out of business now so hey, who knows.

A lot of it is luck so just keep applying and working on your interviewing skills.

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Aye job hunting & interviews just suck having to go through them repeatedly. Been looking for a while for something more than just really short term but thinking the job market around here bites or too many ppl, either way bloody well tired of looking for a job.

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My career detonated several years ago. I'm currently making my 11th or so attempt at getting it put back to together. It's become something of a tradition to try to revive it once or twice a year. Nothing ever comes of it, but I'll keep at it. If for no other reason than it gives me something to do.

You should be alright. It'll sting for awhile, but you'll get another crack.

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The catch-22 of starting a career. Can't get a job due to lack of experience, can't get experience due to not having job.

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I currently work in procurement with no qualification because of my experience as a writer and my boss having that same experience.

He took a gamble on me in a junior temp role and I'm now senior and fulltime. More importantly, I love it, and it's even led to more opportunities as a writer as well.

It can be tough out there, but remain optimistic and open minded. Opportunities can come from the oddest places, and where you end up is rarely where you expected you'd be

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I've applied to way more jobs this year than I care to admit. Being in a highly competitive field sucks. I've had a few interviews, but nothing has worked out. Its probably due to "lack of experience," but how can I get experience without ever being hired? Luckily I have other things to fall back on in the mean time. I'm hopeful something will work out soon though. Until then I'll just keep applying to any and every job I feel I'm even remotely qualified for and hoping for the best.

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Just keep applying and keep trying to get through. I got the job I am currently in after two internships on top of 3 years of experience in the company beforehand and even then my final interview was really, really tight between me and another candidate. It's tough but hanging tough and keeping going will get you there eventually. It's a slog, a really unpleasant slog but it's worth it once you can get there. These days doing unpaid work for a period of time is generally the best way to get through, but even then this isn't a guarantee it all depends on you getting lucky with staff turnover, impressing the right people and generally just being lucky as hell.

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The thing i have learned from working in the 'graphics' industry is that there is no 'industry'.

No one knows how to do anything. And the people who think they know how to do anything are ether lying, wrong, or your boss. The people who have the skills are the ones who get paid less then the ones who have no skills.

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ive been fired from every job.

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@toxin066 said:

It's not going well for me. I'm still unemployed.

Yupp, this is where I am. Fresh out of school and it's iiiiiiiimpossible to find any kind of full-time job.

I'm unemployed too. Not only it is fucking impossible to find any kind of job but where I live most of the employers don't even give any kind of feedback of the process. Did they get someone else? Did they even look at my resumé? No clue.

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Ive been through rejection and success. The best advice is to keep trying, as others have said. Think of interviews as training. The more you do, the easier they become. Eventually you'll be a pro at it and when that happens, the chances of getting hired increase. Just keep applying places so you have more opportunities to train (get interviews) even if it's a job you may not want or may have no chance at getting.

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@dagbiker: Indeed. The problem is that people want you to explain the industry in the application process. It's so damn retarded.

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@tobbrobb said:

Yep, finding a job is insanely hard. I've been unemployed for about a year now. The start of independent life is not really going smoothly.

I can't even get a part-time job with a college degree. It's very disheartening that I went through all that time and trouble to actually consider a part-time job. Nowadays, there are more and more people who are either unemployed or underemployed, and I'm one of the many feeling that effect... makes me angry!

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The job I'm working now initially sent me a rejection letter after pretty much offering me the job. They decided to move someone internally instead. Luckily for me about a month later that person got fired and they offered me the job again. I've been there for five years now. I'm getting burnt out though, you can only do IT phone support for so long.