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I don't want to sound like an asshole but I would really appreciate it if the live stream's chat would be available to only paying members. It's not fun when the chat is blowing up just because someone wants to type "Yay!" "LOL" etc.

Most of the time I can't see my own comments during the live chat because of the lag and constant spamming and YES I do know there's a throttle for the constant spam but it's really dumb to increase it to almost 4 minutes.

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Why do you assume that it's just the non-members who say yay?

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Just go to the Tested chat. I had a great time the whole show :)

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Dude you sound like a real asshole.
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@Kinsella said:

Dude you sound like a real asshole.

Ah damn you! Beat me to it
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@Kinsella said:
Dude you sound like a real asshole.
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@RE_Player92: I'm not just talking about the BLLSL chat. I'm talking about the live show chats in general.

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Hey everyone, check out Jim Crow over here with his segregation talk.

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Actually, I saw a lot of subscribers who posted insignificant crap, so I'm not sure how this would solve anything. Perhaps you should have gone to the Anime Vice comment feed instead or something.

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The Giant Bomb chat is pretty much shit. You're better off using another WM site's chat.

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@Mmmslash said:
@Kinsella said:
Dude you sound like a real asshole.
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You know what's dumb?


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that's right they should drink from their own water fountains

I really hope you're just trolling

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That doesn't solve anything and sort of goes against the point of the chat. To be honest I found it to be pretty terrible but it doesn't bother me a lot.

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Guys! Look at that asshole over here!

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Just turn the chat off. I do.

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Thats why they added the following tab. Just follow only people you want to see and those will be the only ones that appear. Consider it a pro tip =P

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@DjCmeP: Most of the people I saw posting throughout the whole thing were members.

Also, membership entitlement-to-stuff is a bad thing, yo.

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Whats going on here? It's pretty unavoidable dude even if it was members only, an event like this is a big draw and if you have ever been on the internet you will know people love the sound of their own keyboard. They tried to help out by adding the Following chat but for me that was not too great as I like the overall picture.

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assholes have money too, odds are at least some of them are paying members.

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Tested has the best chatroom for liveshows. It is a fact!

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They call them stream monsters for a reason, bro.

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I didn't see any quality difference between messages from those with membership medals and those without. The bar was set pretty low by everyone, a real community effort. 

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@RE_Player92 said:

Just go to the Tested chat. I had a great time the whole show :)

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@mnzy said:

Guys! Look at that asshole over here!

Who? The OP!? I completely agree.

...though I guess I'm a subscriber, so it wouldn't bother me either way.

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@clumsyninja1 said:


It was either the beer or the caps (maybe both) but I laughed at this.

Different topic but I always feel 3 exclamation marks to be the optimum, just saying

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@CaLe: Paul Barnett Started it during E3 2010 I believe. He wanted to make it a thing as PR for Sims 3... and it worked I guess haha

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The quality of the chat has nothing to do with paid members, or non paid members.

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Let's not try to split the community with huge restrictions like that. If you think the chat gets rushed too much then I think a more reasonable solution would be to ask for the throttle to be upped. Personally I thought the chat throttles weren't perfect, but it was pretty well-managed.

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What I mostly saw was members constantly talking about what was going on in other streams you have to pay to have access to.

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fuck you I'm a terrible poster and suddenly it's ok for me to post dumb stuff because I paid them 50 dollars?

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Segregating people based on their disposable income definitely an arse hole move.

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@Kinsella said:

Dude you sound like a real asshole.
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The few times I tried to follow the chat during shows it was so chaotic I gave up.

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Should have joined the Screened chat, it was super awesome!

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I made it a point to post only crap.

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@DjCmeP: Go to Screened Chat/ Tested Chat/ Anime Vice Chat.

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@RE_Player92 said:

Just go to the Tested chat. I had a great time the whole show :)

I did too. It was awesome with Gary Whitta's quips. Boss.

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As plenty people has stated by now: you totally sounded like one - so I guess you fail.

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Dude... way to sound like an asshole!

Most of the people I see talking in the chat are premium members.

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Most people here seem to think that, as a direct consequence of the OP stating that he is trying "not to sound like a asshole", that calling him an "asshole" is hilarious.

My, how we laughed.

Despite the valiant efforts of those few who attempted to answer with maturity and patience, this thread is clearly doomed. Game over!