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#1 Posted by Vivek (517 posts) -

It may just be me but I think that this is one of the best launches ever. Hats off to the GB team.

I also what to say a thankyou to them for finally giving me a place to share my opinions and call my gaming home.

#2 Posted by MasterChief4134 (7 posts) -

ah, its so much better than GS. i love it. :)

#3 Posted by Ehden (214 posts) -

It's what old school GS use to feel like, somewhere where you felt you belonged instead of somewhere you just using for the forus.

#4 Posted by blizzvalve (128 posts) -

I'm addicted to this place. I don't know why, but i'm tempted to be in the top 20 spot

#5 Posted by Tridgen (117 posts) -

yep i also feel like at home here =)
i just plain love this site x)

#6 Posted by FragStains (75 posts) -

It has been quite smooth.  I'm glad for once, something was launched when it was stable.  

#7 Posted by stAtic (1638 posts) -

Yes, I've already fallen in love with GB. The layout is uber-tastic!

#8 Posted by Termite (2398 posts) -

Yeah, the layout really is spectacular. I'm really loving the website

#9 Posted by WhySoSerious (646 posts) -

This site feels more natural than GS did, it felt like work when posting on GS, here it's just fun.

#10 Posted by nezze00 (144 posts) -

Nice experience so far. All of the user activities I can participate in create a great environment (especially for people who like editing). Fun site, and great to look at too.

#11 Posted by xplodedd (1316 posts) -

the website takes a few minutes to get used to, but once you do the site is excellent.

#12 Posted by Toseph (370 posts) -

I'm loving it already and I can't wait to see what else the GB staff come up with

#13 Posted by blizzvalve (128 posts) -

There's barely any limitations here. Plus we don't have as many glitches than we do at Gamespot

#14 Posted by Jax (461 posts) -

I seriously feel at home here.

It's laid back, and everyone is friendly. I love it. Add me as a friend if you want!

#15 Posted by MattyFTM (14442 posts) -

It is really great. Its a brand new site, in beta, and there are less glitches than gamespot, a full site that has been around for years and is owned by a company that has practically limitless cash.

#16 Posted by samcotts (2259 posts) -

I LOVE it here.

#17 Posted by Atlas (2462 posts) -

Yeah, I've really enjoyed my short amount of time here. Some aspects still need improvement, but with time this will be an awesome website. It's already well on its way.

#18 Posted by Tiago (91 posts) -
MasterChief4134 said:
"ah, its so much better than GS. i love it. :)
Seems to be buzzing at the moment.
#19 Posted by RVonE (4712 posts) -

Yeah, it's really fun to hang around. There is so much to do. Also, I kind of like the users.

#20 Posted by nat (217 posts) -

I feel like this is the only real place I need to go for gaming. It's great so far.  I wonder if they will have extensive videos on upcoming titles with interviews as well as just clips.
Maybe they could do a “on the spot” type of show.. ooo that would be so good.

#21 Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -

yeah booyeee (I've started so many responses with those two words today that I'm actually starting to feel a little like Flavor Flav)

Bomb is a new frontier for us. We're like cowboys. Only John Wayne isn't here eating all our burgers. The burgers are ours this time, dammit. They're ours...

Feel free to add me to your friends (which you do by clicking Add to Network - frankly this confused me, as I don't know which network I'm claiming to be a part of - it feels like a way for the government to keep tabs. Just don't drink the water.)

#22 Edited by FamiBox (1 posts) -

Good so far.
Bit slow.
And not used to it  yet.

#23 Posted by WizzyKid (259 posts) -

It's a very smooth and easy to navigate site so far. I really like it.

#24 Posted by WizzyKid (259 posts) -

It's a very smooth and easy to navigate site so far. I really like it.

#25 Posted by CARL (55 posts) -

Its nice :) I'd like to see some sigs though

#26 Posted by GleasonRyan (244 posts) -

every time i see some one post GB i think of gamebattles

#27 Posted by RowdyRob (206 posts) -

It's great for being in it's early stages!

#28 Posted by TheSnakeOfWar (71 posts) -

I love this site its already on my home page. It makes you feel happy that your part of an awesome website with a kick ass community. I can feel this is the beginning of something magical and giantbomb will be something special within the industry Add me if you like

#29 Posted by Arsenal86 (123 posts) -

This my Home from now on. At gamespot I did not feel welcomed as much and evryone here are more friendly then there even tho a lot of people came from gamespot.

Anyone can add me

#30 Posted by Win (541 posts) -

#31 Posted by RabbitKarrot (362 posts) -

Being able to edit pages makes it feel more like im a part of this site, which is maybe what i like the most.

#32 Posted by tokyochicken (849 posts) -

I like the fact that the community really can get involved in the sites progression its pretty awesome.

#33 Posted by treefity350 (41 posts) -

This site has way more community stuff than Gamespot.

#34 Posted by Nude_Dude (1076 posts) -

Yeh...I hope this is only the beginning of things yet to come.

#35 Posted by scfan3 (27 posts) -

I've liked what I've seen so far, more impressed with it than gamespot by a mile honestly.

#36 Posted by Sanj (2577 posts) -

This place rules!

Feel free for anyone to add me.

#37 Posted by Funkyhamster (92 posts) -

Same here... it's a great atmosphere, I love it. Once I get used to the site layout it will be even more awesome.

#38 Posted by Oriental_Jams (3063 posts) -
I probably will just stay here instead of using GS.
#39 Posted by Bipedpower (72 posts) -

#40 Posted by Bipedpower (72 posts) -

words can not explain how happy i am to be in the new gaming site that did not make me feel bad when i posted.

#41 Posted by Sharvie (93 posts) -

I love the design, hopefully there will be new boards soon enough.

#42 Posted by Meliv (77 posts) -

I've set it as my new homepage. Long live giantbomb!

#43 Posted by Resonate (172 posts) -

Awesome site guys

#44 Posted by SaintLeonidas (173 posts) -

YEAH!?!?!?!? Meh....

#45 Posted by mercury_may2112 (29 posts) -
CARL said:
"Its nice :) I'd like to see some sigs though
Sigs would be nice.
#46 Posted by MURS (108 posts) -

Only thing is the forums are kind of slow...everything seems to take a long time to load...but its new so it'll probably be fixed eventually...unlike gamespot



#47 Posted by Brainkiller (165 posts) -

I'm loving it, though the slowness is killing me.

#48 Posted by ToRo (209 posts) -

This site is awesome. Albeit it is a tad slow but it's still awesome.

#49 Posted by CitizenKane (10508 posts) -

I am very happy that you feel at home with Giant Bomb.  We have a great staff working on the site and a great community.  I hope you continue to enjoy this awesome website.

#50 Posted by Brainkiller (165 posts) -

<3 Giant Bomb