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#1 Posted by Grimjim8000 (94 posts) -

as the title suggests.... whose with me? i prefer my caffiene soft and fizzy. not bitter and made of poison!

#2 Posted by Yummylee (22498 posts) -

I love coffee, therefore I am forced to hate you.

#3 Posted by Astras (971 posts) -

How can anyone hate coffee.. it just doesn't make sense. I dont trust people who dont like a time out with a coffee.

#4 Posted by GunstarRed (5448 posts) -

I don't like it either.  
Tea is fucking awesome though!
#5 Posted by SlasherMan (1725 posts) -

What? How can anyone possibly not like coffee?!  :O 

I probably can't even function without at least one dose of java a day.

#6 Posted by EthanML (459 posts) -

Maybe you'll grow into it.

#7 Posted by cap123 (2477 posts) -

i don't like it either, but to be honest i tried it a few times when i younger, didn't like it and have just opted for tea ever since.

#8 Posted by nanikore (2740 posts) -

I don't love it but I can drink it once in a while. If I couldn't drink any more coffee for my entire life, I wouldn't miss it.

#9 Posted by Conker (792 posts) -

Coffee is the only way you can survive your university years. Take it from me, I know.


#10 Posted by Hitchenson (4682 posts) -

Then you're wrong. Myself being awesome as am, live on coffee.

#11 Posted by ninjakiller (3405 posts) -

Anyone who hates coffee is a dirty commie, there, I said it.

#12 Posted by Zao (128 posts) -

try adding milk and sugar then its not bitter. Problem solved
#13 Posted by RJPelonia (863 posts) -

Fuck you.

#14 Posted by Marz (5671 posts) -

I prefer sugar free coffee more than sugar free soda, so i kinda made it my drink of choice so i'd lose my sugar drinking habits.

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 I love coffee
#16 Edited by tineyoghurt (358 posts) -

I have been trying to get into coffee drinking the last week, and have found it to wake me up pretty good. I have yet to try some more fancy coffee, and I think the "regular" coffee is a bit to much acidly (is that even a word?). 
I do still prefer tea for the taste; a good cup of Earl Gray with some sugar and milk in it is almost Nirvana to me when it comes to hot brews.

#17 Posted by Astras (971 posts) -
Get the idea from TNG, the  Earl grey advertising platform?
Alla Captain Picard.. "Earl grey.. hot"
#18 Posted by Grimjim8000 (94 posts) -

most of you are heathens i see.

#19 Edited by Astras (971 posts) -

@Grimjim8000 said:

" most of you are heathens i see. "


Heathen is from Old English hæðen "not Christian or Jewish", (c.f. Old Norse heiðinn). Historically, the term was probably influenced by Gothic haiþi "dwelling on the heath", appearing as haiþno in Ulfilas' bible as "gentile woman," (translating the "Hellene" in Mark 7:26). This translation was probably influenced by Latin paganus, "country dweller", or it was chosen because of its similarity to the Greek ethne, " gentile". It has even been suggested that Gothic haiþi is not related to "heath" at all, but rather a loan from Armenian hethanos, itself loaned from Greek ethnos.
#20 Posted by Grimjim8000 (94 posts) -

 philistines , heritics... etc etc

#21 Posted by Brunchies (2484 posts) -

I love coffee, it allows me to see the future and its pretty good.

#22 Posted by RandomInternetPerson (779 posts) -
@Abyssfull said:
" I love coffee, therefore I am forced to hate you. "
I agree,without all the hate :)
#23 Posted by Allprox (565 posts) -

FK you...

#24 Posted by ThaiMeUp (1 posts) -

Hmm I'm not a huge fan of coffee either but I've only ever tasted instant coffee, but I'd imagaine grounded bean coffee is just more intense and on my palet it comes acorss as bitter. I say...good old British tea ftw >:D or Chinese leaf tea :P

#25 Posted by RipAndTear (125 posts) -

I love coffee but respect that other dudes don't.
#26 Posted by Tireyo (6451 posts) -

I don't hate coffee, I just don't like to drink coffee. I love the smell of coffee though.

#27 Posted by Thrillhouse87 (246 posts) -

I used to hate the taste of coffee too, but just like beer it grew on me as I got older. 

#28 Posted by luce (4045 posts) -

Coffee is iight

#29 Posted by RetroIce4 (4392 posts) -

I like those Frap things. I think that is those frozen slushie coffees.
#30 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6402 posts) -

Ive never tried coffee, too much caffeine but I have had coffee candy and it is awesome.

#31 Posted by Thekeenan (74 posts) -

I love ice caps and other associated cold coffee beverages.
However, I don't like warm drinks so regular coffee is out.

#32 Posted by tineyoghurt (358 posts) -
@Thrillhouse87: WHAT? Someone posting M on GiantBomb? You, sir, have won my eternal respect.
#33 Posted by Somadude (549 posts) -

I don't like the taste of coffee, but I understand the appeal.
#34 Posted by loldetaerleo (159 posts) -

Coffee is ass.

#35 Posted by OroJackson (680 posts) -

Cuban coffe is amazing, just saying

#36 Posted by Pseudonym (12 posts) -


#37 Posted by DirrtyNinja (715 posts) -
How very dare you.
#38 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

Coffee hates you too.

#39 Posted by labam89 (313 posts) -

Coffee fucking rocks.

#40 Posted by CaptainTryHard (207 posts) -

   In case you're wondering... this doesn't get old
#41 Posted by MysteriousBob (6272 posts) -

I can't stand the stuff. Horrible.

#42 Posted by nail1080 (1975 posts) -
@EthanML said:
" Maybe you'll grow into it. "
#43 Posted by Symphony (1912 posts) -

I don't like the taste of coffee by itself, but flavored lattes or mochas are awesome ^^

#44 Posted by Computerplayer1 (991 posts) -

I've made it through 3 years of university without a sip of coffee. Just doesn't taste that great, and caffeine doesn't much effect me.

#45 Edited by Civraz (392 posts) -
@SlasherMan said:

" What? How can anyone possibly not like coffee?!  :O  I probably can't even function without at least one dose of java a day. "

I agree entirely. Coffee is a necessity of life and comes right before sleep.   sleep->Coffee->shelter->food->water->air.
#46 Posted by ch3burashka (5238 posts) -

I more of a tea-drinker, but I am capable of drinking coffee, strong-black or Starbucks-weak.

#47 Posted by AndrewB (7689 posts) -

I'm drinking iced coffee right now. I'm also a tea drinker, but only if the stuff is high enough quality.

#48 Posted by rjayb89 (7728 posts) -

Looks like somebody didn't have F...K in his coffee.  Know what I'm sayin'?

#49 Posted by RubberBabyBuggyBumpers (726 posts) -

the only kind of coffee i drink is french vanilla. it's dense enough not to fuck up my stomach. if i have the regular stuff, i'll be sitting on the toilet within a few short hours. my drinks of choice are mountain dew, mountain dew: livewire, mountain dew voltage, cherry pepsi, and regular pepsi.

#50 Posted by Thrillhouse87 (246 posts) -
@tineyoghurt said:

" @Thrillhouse87: WHAT? Someone posting M on GiantBomb? You, sir, have won my eternal respect. "

Someone recognizing m on GiantBomb? You have my respect, fine sir or madam, even though You managed to misspell a one-letter name. Its m, not M...