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 This is just theoretical and I don't recommend anyone actually try it, but think of it as a thought experiment.
Have one of your friends get drunk or act all crazy and walk into a story, such as GameStop or wherever. Then start shopping around for a bit. Okay, be sure to stay away from your friend and make it seem like you don't know each other. Then when you have whatever it is you want in your hand. Signal your friend covertly. Then he starts going crazy and irate in the store. Everyone freaks out, people run out of the store, then you run out of the store too pretending to be afraid for your life, with whatever was in your hands before. Get in your car and drive off. of course your friend may want to leave the store too at some point, before the police arrive and arrest him for public drunkenness. What do you think?
Note: REALLY, don't try this.

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Before this gets closed 
Security Cameras.  
That is all. 

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FFS, I haven't been able to flag anything for like 3 days now!

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Your friend is gonna take the fall. Bad plan
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Security tags. 
Plus they keep the discs separate from the display cases as far as I know.

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I think just taking the game and leaving is a more simpler version of this.

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You would never be able to go back to the store though, so after awhile you would never be able to shop again. Plus I don't think your friend would take too kindly to being tackled and thrown in jail.

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Welcome to the giantbomb forums. We have some rules. One of them is:  

  1.    NO discussion of illegal activities.
    1. Use of illegal drugs and substances.  
    2. Circumvention of copy protection or security systems.  
    3. Sources and use of illegally obtained material or intellectual property (theft or piracy).

So... game over for this thread. 
(PS. Your idea is dumb)
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