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Can someone please link me videos here on the site or in the recorded twitch tv / justin tv archive of Gary's famous phrase? I'd love to start participating in this meme.

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I want to say that he said that stuff when he showed up in a TNT back when GB was in the Whiskey offices. I have no idea what game it was but "shooting that guy" requires a shooter...so that's a start.

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This came up a few month ago, I think it was the Medal of Honour TNT. Though some said it was a TF2 one.

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He might have said it on that Gotham city impostors or whatever it's called fps video that he was on. Or did I dream that he was on one?

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I think it was a TF2 TNT back in the old whiskey office where Will Smith was playing.

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It was a TF2 TNT a long time ago. I don't know the date.

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I remember him saying it on a TF2 tnt with Will Smith, and Will actually playing better after receiving such advise.

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I think he said it in Call of Duty Blops TNT as well? I can't remember for sure.

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First time I heard it was when he was on the Syndicate TNT.

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This just makes me miss seeing Will on TNT :(

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I remember hearing it in the Gotham quick look but I remember him saying it earlier.......  I forgot when

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I want to say it originated from the Medal of Honor TNT.

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As far as I am aware, it was on the first of the Team Fortress 2 Thursday Night Tested's, which was weird because I don't believe there were any GB guys involved and yet it was very entertaining. 'Twas my proof that Tested was pretty cool.

... but I can't find the video for it. Which is weird. I recommend trying to find it. Also, all that old Whiskey stuff is still pretty good, you guys.

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I think it was the very same TF2 TNT where we all discovered the orgins of Hardcore Dave. It was hosted by Will, and other than Dave chillin the rest Giant Bomb were not present.