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#1 Posted by mrmanga (222 posts) -

And boy let me tell you, i cried like the emotional wreck that i am.
At least 7 times. Just makes me wonder why i never took the time to see it before now.
Really, just a gosh darn beautiful movie.
Anyone else have a movie they cried a lot while seeing?

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Not a movie, but this always gets me.

#3 Edited by mrmanga (222 posts) -

@breadfan: That's powerful stuff. Moving even.

#4 Posted by DeathByWaffle (657 posts) -

Forrest Gump is so good. Great movie, think I might have cried at a scene or two the first time I saw it.

#5 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6091 posts) -

It's been a long time since I watched Forest Gump. Love the movie dearly. I really need to watch it again, and for that matter Band of Brothers too.

#6 Posted by YOU_DIED (703 posts) -

Really great film. Probably one of the most emotionally moving ones I've ever seen.

@breadfan said:

Not a movie, but this always gets me.

Dude, I cried like a little girl at the end of Band of Brothers. You know the part where they're on the baseball diamond and Winters is telling what happened to the all the surviving members after they went back to the states? I fucking broke down

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I remember watching Forrest Gump when it hit video. I was pretty young at the time, and there was a lot of it I didn't really comprehend. I mean, I got the gist, but I imagine if I watched it now, I'd get a lot more out of it.

Good movie from what I remember, though.

#8 Posted by Butano (1805 posts) -

It's definitely in my top 10 favorite movies. Probably in the top 5. I've seen it dozens of times, and majority of the time I always pick something up I hadn't before. Didn't realize 'til high school that the hotel scene was Watergate.

#9 Posted by TruthTellah (9532 posts) -

You should watch Saving Private Ryan.

#10 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3110 posts) -

I like the historical references, but that's about it. I've never been especially fond of it.

#11 Posted by mrmanga (222 posts) -

@butano: may be one of the things i never got. But i don't know anything about the Watergate thing.
Have heard bits and pieces but not more then that.

#12 Posted by BisonHero (7297 posts) -

Multiple moments in Up, because you pretty much have to tear up a little bit in that movie. Semi-spoilers ahoy!

The opening like 5 minutes or so. Super sad tears of sadness. And then once Carl is finally old, there are still a bunch of moments where you realize how much it really matters to him that he accomplish this crazy goal he has set for himself. Made me sad. Then when he finds his wife's secret note she left him! :( So sad and beautiful! And then he's finally able to let go of the house and (metaphorically) his wife! Uplifting tears of sadness. And then at the very end, the house happened to land where Carl was going to take it anyways, fulfilling her wish! All of the tears.

Seriously, if the scene is not focused on the hilarious talking dog or the evil bad man, every Carl-centric scene is heart-wrenchingly sad. Why do old people and their regret/loss gotta be so sadness-inducing?

#13 Posted by mrmanga (222 posts) -

@truthtellah: Its in my top 10 list.
Think i have it on blue ray. I just hope i don't get in some kind of weird Saw like situation where i have to choose between Ryan or Forrest :P

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@mrmanga said:


Its in my top 10 list.

Think i have it on blue ray. I just hope i don't get in some kind of weird Saw like situation where i have to choose between Ryan or Forrest :P

Yeah, or Castaway.

Darn you, Tom Hanks!

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@mrmanga: That seen when he talks to Jennys grave my heart, it just breaks. Every time.

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I kind of despise Forrest Gump, but yeah, I have some hell-of cryathon movies.

Umberto D. is the first that came to mind:

This neorealist masterpiece by Vittorio De Sica follows an elderly pensioner as he strives to make ends meet during Italy’s postwar economic recovery. Alone except for his dog, Flike, Umberto struggles to maintain his dignity in a city where human kindness seems to have been swallowed up by the forces of modernization. His simple quest to satisfy his basic needs—food, shelter, companionship—makes for one of the most heartbreaking stories ever filmed, and an essential classic of world cinema.

(via Criterion page)

It's fucking brutal and realistic (most of the actors were not professionals) and amazing.

I have a bunch, but I'm hardly in a state to actually put any thought into anything I do.

#17 Posted by tsutohiro (368 posts) -

I don't know if we each have a destiny, or if we're all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze, but I, I think maybe it's both.

#18 Posted by Coafi (1494 posts) -

Is your life now like a box of chocolates?

#19 Edited by ShaggE (6817 posts) -

Eternal Sunshine always leaves me a mess. Something about it just completely crushes me every time. Even just thinking about it makes me wistful, haha.

Forrest Gump never really did much for me. It's a fun movie with some heavy scenes, but it never felt sincere enough. Everything about it screamed "Give us an Oscar!".

#20 Edited by isomeri (1500 posts) -

I'm a bit of a crybaby when it comes to films and I tear up really easily. Taking a glance at my shelf here the first odd example that came to mind is the end of Senna. I also get emotional sometimes when watching really good science documentaries like Cosmos or even something like Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

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Some dude stumbles from one big event in American history to another... eventually a woman who decided to have sex with him out of pity, despite him being mentally handicapped, gives birth to his baby. I mean I don't hate the movie at all ... but it's so fucking sentimental. It's like an overblown made-for-TV movie that your grandma would watch...

#22 Posted by johnbakosh (114 posts) -

@pandabear: Projecting. Sounds like a good grandma though.

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how is this possible

#24 Posted by mordukai (7198 posts) -

Good movie. However, I enjoyed the book a lot more.

#25 Posted by RonGalaxy (3293 posts) -

Forrest Gump is a fun watch (besides the depressing stuff), but I'll always hold some bitterness towards it because it got best picture over both Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption. One of the worst Oscar snubs ever

#26 Posted by tsutohiro (368 posts) -

Forrest Gump is a fun watch (besides the depressing stuff), but I'll always hold some bitterness towards it because it got best picture over both Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption. One of the worst Oscar snubs ever

I never knew that, (because fuck the oscars), but wow. Pulp Fiction and Shawshank are both in my top 5 favorite movies, and Forrest Gump isn't even in my top 10.

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Plague Dogs messed me up as a child. Also while Synecdoche, New York is clunky as a film, it hits really hard. Had me really messed up the rest of the day.

EDIT: More recently, I had to hold back tears twice during Wreck-it-Ralph, the scene where he smashed the cart. Soul crushing.

#29 Posted by mrmanga (222 posts) -

@bisonhero: I Really enjoyed Up. But i saw it with a friend. So at the sad parts i had to bite my lip to now show any manly tears.

#30 Posted by mrmanga (222 posts) -

@truthtellah: The Wilson scene is literally the sades scene i know of in any movie.

#31 Posted by TruthTellah (9532 posts) -

@mrmanga: You should watch Lorenzo's Oil.

(Super Off topic: Do you play Animal Crossing? ha.)

#32 Edited by mrmanga (222 posts) -

@truthtellah: Noted. And no i dont. Haven't played any of those.

@coafi:If you mean empty cause i ate all the chocolate. I guess so.

Some of the movies mentioned are other movies i havent seen, guess i have more to watch now :P

#33 Posted by TobbRobb (4881 posts) -

Forrest Gump might just be my favorite movie, so weeeeeeeeeeeee.

#34 Edited by TruthTellah (9532 posts) -

@mrmanga: heh. Alright. It just came to mind because I made a shirt in Animal Crossing that looks like the FOX symbol of your userpic. Some MGS fans that play AC have enjoyed it. :)

#35 Posted by Splodge (2043 posts) -

My first name is Forrest.

Every single person I meet, regardless of who they are or what the situation says "Like Gump?" or "GUMP" or "HAHHAHAHA GUMP".

Even those who are polite enough not to say it have this glimmer in their eyes, and I can almost hear them saying it in their head.

I'm used to it now, and I will allow a single outburst when meeting someone for the first time. It's understandable after all, if I met someone called "Santa" or "Neo" I would have to say something immediately.

#36 Posted by RazielCuts (2997 posts) -

Grave of the Fireflies.

#37 Posted by Darji (5293 posts) -

I never was really fond of this movie. It is way to long in my opinion. A lot of stuff is just in there to be there. I like some stuff but sad or crying nt really. Maybe also because I watch a lot of really sad Jdrama which really can make you cry and depressive...

for example this one.

#38 Posted by RonGalaxy (3293 posts) -

Oh, to answer your last question.

Boyz N the Hood got me to tear up.

Tree of Life. Not tears of sadness. It was more like tears of awe at how strikingly beautiful it is. Each image warrants emotion

Never Let Me Go. I know its a divisive movie, but its message got to me on an emotional level.

The Deer Hunter. One of those movies where if you can devote 3 hours of your time to watch it, by yourself, its an extremely emotional experience. Trying to watch it a second time would be pointless though, because it falls apart when you know what's coming; the unexpectedness is what makes it great. Try to go in without knowing very much and it will be enjoyable.

There are probably others, but I can't think of them at the moment.

#39 Posted by hermes (1641 posts) -

I liked that movie, but it never made me cry. I do have a list of tearjerkers, though:

  • Toy Story 3
  • Up
  • The Lion King
  • Grave of the Fireflies
#40 Posted by mrmanga (222 posts) -

@hermes: I get the others, but Lion King? Could i ask why?


:I have seen parts of Tree of Life in music videos. Sure is pretty.


: Il check it out!

@splodge:If you are short as well i can see them calling you " Little Forrest as well :P.

#41 Posted by leftie68 (215 posts) -

Saddest movie I have ever seen. Bar None. The fact that it is a documentary about real events makes it even sadder.

#42 Posted by hermes (1641 posts) -

@mrmanga: It was a while since the last time I saw it but, do you need to ask?

#43 Posted by RonGalaxy (3293 posts) -

@leftie68 said:

Saddest movie I have ever seen. Bar None. The fact that it is a documentary about real events makes it even sadder.

Oh shit, oh fuck, I forgot about that movie. God fucking damn it, jesus. WHY DID YOU REMIND ME? I am sad now

#44 Posted by mrmanga (222 posts) -

@hermes: oh right...I forgot about that. I didn't see it.

#45 Posted by mrmanga (222 posts) -

@leftie68: Hm never seen this. Guess il put it on my to watch list.

#46 Edited by thevisitor451 (13 posts) -

Forest Gump is a great movie. It wasn't really the type to make me tear up though.

As for movies that did make me tear up, the first one that came to mind was a movie I saw on TV years ago. It was called The Interrogation of Michael Crowe. I'm not one to get very emotional during a film, but that one was very moving to me at the time.

#47 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1863 posts) -

The Green Mile makes me cry every single time I see it, and I've seen it a number of times. The last few I've managed to make up to right towards the end, and then...

"Don't put that thing over my face... don't put me in the dark. I's afraid of the dark."

I can't do this...

#48 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5826 posts) -

The Wrestler got me to tear up. Not enough to full-out cry, but it's a sad movie regardless.

the Bruce Springsteen song that plays at the end only makes it more depressing.

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@leftie68 said:

Saddest movie I have ever seen. Bar None. The fact that it is a documentary about real events makes it even sadder.

This movie was so hard to get through, I had to pause it so many times so I wouldn't have a complete break down.

#50 Edited by Disaya (290 posts) -

God I love Forest Gump, it's one of those movies that I have to watch whenever I pass by it while flipping through the channels. No matter how many times I watch it, I always cry.