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Before I start working, I used to finish games 100% as in all side quest, item, and misc. completed before playing the next title.

Now that I have entered the said "Productive Member of Society" group. I find myself cramming and finishing the main story and not bothering with item hunt or side quest. There are times when I just drop a game and move on to the other.

The most revolting act that I have done is using.......TRAINERS..... just to speed run a title which in the old days I consider TABOO.

Any help or advice for this lost soul will be much appreciated.

BTW, I'm new and I hope I can get along with everybody.


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Welcome to the forums, I too game jump a lot and always screw myself over by having 10 games going at once and letting a bunch get pushed to the back and trying to go back to them and not remember shit and starting over and going through the whole cycle again.
But, and this mostly just applies to PC games I would suggest not having too many installed at once, it makes it kind of easy that way, with a list of games I'm hunting and pecking and going "should I play that one? or thaaaaat one?" with only a handful installed I just go "oh, I'll play the one I have installed and finish that" it's kind of a silly way of tricking yourself but it works.

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Your gaming habits will continue to change as your life does. I say embrace it :) If a game can't hold your attention then so be it...why force yourself to play something you aren't enjoying?

One thing I've done though is try games I normally wouldn't. A "weird" genre can produce some gems, or at least make you appreciate your favorite genres when you come back to them.

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I just enjoy games. If I was enjoying a game but I'm stuck at a part that I feel is obnoxious, I'll look up a guide for it, especially when a game doesn't communicate what you need to be doing well. These days, I only finish games once, so I have been making more of an effort to get as much out of them as possible instead of rushing to the end and missing fifty percent of the game, but I still don't think I'm the type to grind up more levels than I need in an RPG or do all the side missions in an open world game, at least not unless there's something at the end that will make me enjoy the game more.

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