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Trying to go through the Endurance Runs from the site is pretty painful. That could be done better for sure.

Agreed, but that's why you go to Youtube. Honestly for most GB video content.

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I've never had any problems at all with the new video player and all I ever see when people are complaining about it is how awful they think it is but not actually citing why they think its awful.

Also going through old premium videos (and videos in general) is awful to find something when you're looking for a specific thing with how inconsistently some videos are linked with their game pages if there are several games in the video.

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Lost in Giant Bomb. Been saying it for years. So much information lost that might still be there.

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I <3 Dave

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Not sure if by "that guy" you were referring to Dave or the dude I quoted. If you were referring to Dave, I do not share the opinions of the quoter, and furthermore, hold nothing against our OG Duder, David Snider.

Now if you were, in fact, referring to the dude I quoted, I bid you a...

I was being sardonic, and referring to Dave.

I thought he was doing a bang up job, and wish he stayed on.

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@humanity: Yah, I guess other people pointed it out, but there is a sidebar search specifically for forum topics.

I don't think the site needs a rebuilding - it'll just be a repeat of all of this drama. I think they need to make a faq or guide video that shows all of the features that are hidden in plain sight.

But those dead links and really bad video player should be fixed in some way. They are working on it from what I heard. The crew was always cracking jokes about Dave's search bar not working, and I guess this is just an non-issue nowadays. Dave has the sad job of having to balance the serious game-database with the funny content. GB is ostensibly a game database to the outside - if I was trying to look up a game and all I was getting was silly videos from guys I had no idea about, I would be mad. But for people who know about the website and the crew, they want that content over the game database stuff. I think the current search system works fine, but for users that only want content from staff, then I understand the frustration.

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I agree that more categories for video content would be wonderful and I'm glad that someone brought it up. The search function has been hit or miss for me, I have no idea how they tag the videos with multiple games in them... Don't really trust the search.

But could someone explain what's so problematic about the video player? Never had any problems with it... I'm curious.

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The fact that video reviews and TANG (something they haven't done in YEARS) have their own video categories, while the 3 or 4 subscriber shows they do a week all get thrown into one category, is pretty poor. Besides the fact that I still don't know what constitutes a "feature" video. The "main boards" filter of the forums is pretty bad as well, mostly filled with filters that most people will never use.

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Here I sit all broken hearted. Tried to take a shit, but only farted. =-P

Seriously, I like the old GB layout better and I do miss it.

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I agree with these criticisms.

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We're looking into some ways that we can reorganize content to make it easier to find stuff. It's a complicated undertaking, though, and it's not something that will happen overnight.

Search is also going to be getting a pretty major overhaul pretty soon, as we've contracted with a third-party search provider to make that tool a bit more usable. That should happen relatively soon.

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I'll also say that if you guys have criticisms like this, you should really make sure that I see it by PMing me or tweeting me a link to a thread like this. I hate to give the excuse of being busy, but my position entails what GameSpot has like four different people to do (not even considering that I also have to do a lot of the same stuff for Comic Vine), so I'm not always in the forums like I wish I could be. It's fine (and encouraged) to make threads like this, but if you don't point them out to staff, don't assume that we're going to see it while it's active.

Better yet, sending specific bugs and feature suggestions to support@giantbomb.com is an excellent way to ensure that I'll see something and can pass it along quickly.

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@rorie: Isn't the GameSpot video player also getting integrated into GiantBomb as well? I swear I heard that from someone.

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@rorie: Isn't the GameSpot video player also getting integrated into GiantBomb as well? I swear I heard that from someone.

Yep, we're working on rolling it back now. I'm unsure of the exact timing, but hopefully by the end of November.

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I don't know about all this arguing, but I'm ALL FOR more categories under every tab, not even just articles. Every series should have its own sub-heading, or you don't want to do that, lump Load Our Last Souls and Bradley May Cry under Endurance Runs instead of the Subscriber Catch All.

Hell, am I crazy, or did Sea Serpent have a bunch of new video categories that just aren't available on the site now?