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Hey duders.

I'm really desperate to find gift Arma II Combined Operations. I want to get this game badly. I have some games on exchange:

-Titan Quest

-Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

-Anomaly Warzone Earth

-Front Mission Evolved

-Call of juarez The cartel

-Might & Magic: Clash of heroes

-Kane & Lynch 2

-Blades of Time

-Sniper Ghost Warrior(gold edition)

-Just Cause 2

-Indie Gala 9

-The ship

I want to say that I collected these games for a while to give it to "The Giant Bomb Giveaway Group".

But in this case I have no money, and I need to trade.

Of course, if I did not trade all games - will create a giveaway for Duders :)

Await for reply.


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I would just buy Arma 3. Or if you want it for DayZ.. just wait for the standalone in a month or so.

Good luck anyway

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Yes, I need to dayz, but also just like arma. And i cant wait for standalone :)

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