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So my old Toshiba Satellite is on its last legs. The monitor is about ready to fall off, i watch a video for longer then 20 mins and it over heats and shuts off. so on and so on. I have been toying with the idea of just picking up an Ipad or android tablet, or maybe a Macbook Air?  mainly what i really want is something i can watch videos on, is easily portable and surf the basic web (sites like here) and thats really about it. if i need to do any heavy lifting i have a more then sufficient desktop i can use.  thoughts? 
my budget for this is around $1300 
P.S. the only thing really turning me off about the ipad is the lack of flash support. 

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I he an iPhone and there are several apps that allow you to view flash. Such as skyfire

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That is what I'm planning on getting, it's not out until June, but it will be the first tablet to truly meet the ipad's current quality and features and I believe we are at or very near the point at which annual upgrades will no longer be major upgrades and people will be happy to keep a tablet for a few years without feeling like a ludite.

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@Jackel2072: I read somewhere on cnet recently, that flash is no longer going to be supported (updated) on mobile platforms, indicating that HTML is the future of mobile media viewing. That being said, an iPad might be the ideal hardware for mobile media consumption...and the resolution is pretty cool too.

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You might actually have conclusively answered a thread with the first post in it! That thing is more powerful than my desktop (but I paid £250 for my desktop so yeah). Definitely a good laptop there. :D
i am considering it, but some of the reviews are a little bothersome, but then again all products have there flaws. no problem running Diablo III on that thing! 
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For your needs, a 13" Air seems like a great fit and it's comfortably at your budget but I'm not a fan of the Apple Ecosystem. You would be crazy to lug around that 9 pound beast that is being suggested above if you have a decent desktop.

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I think a Macbook Air/Pro would be a good idea. But if you want something with Windows that's portable and decently powerful, you may want to look at the Vaio SA. I have one, and it's okay (has a good number of flaws), but it's one of the few thin and light laptops that's powerful and has a good resolution.

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I agree with

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Thanks everyone I bought an iPad. And I love it!