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I am terrible at naming stuff. For school, I have to craft a mock "Drama Company". Mainly to produce a crappy play or something. I don't know what the real goal is, it hasn't been fully explained. I NEED A NAME. So, give me some ideas. I'm not sure at how Theater or Drama companies are named. I'm too lazy to look up existing companies to make a spoof name or something.

Thanks, ya'll!

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Just take a quote from Shakespeare like "The Play's the Thing" or "Mortal Coil Players" or something.

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Bubba Gump Drama

"Stupid is as stupid does"

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Drama May Cry

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P.J. McGuffins Shoe Repair and Theater Productions

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The Honda Accord

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yOLo Yee old lore officianadoes

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@Thoseposers said:

Drama May Cry


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The Cleveland Steam-rollers.

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Dramadore 64

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I'm watching Futurama right now, so that should explain my choice:

The Lesbian Convent Across the Street.

If that doesn't work as a troupe name, it'll always work as the name of your first play.

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I have to craft a mock "Drama Company". Mainly to produce a crappy play or something. I don't know what the real goal is, it hasn't been fully explained.

The Producers seems like a pretty fitting name, then.

Some other ideas, all admitedly terrible for a school theater group

  • Baby Mama Drama Productions
  • The Daddy Issues Players
  • Hot, Young Thespians
  • It Was Either This Or Model U.N.
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Sasquatch Murder Squad Ultra Turbo II

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The Play Station

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Drama Bomb

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Drama's R us

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The Drama Llamas.

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Mock Drama Company

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Drama for Your Mama

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The Play Station

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Fame Douglas

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The Big Play.

Big Plays.

Big Players.

The Big Players.

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Gerbilburglar Garglesnatch!

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The Scharzenegger Company for Fine Drama Production

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school theater group

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The Wagner Drama Company.

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Dramatic pause

"please welcome to the stage dramatic pause" Make the guy double check his Teleprompter every time, make him work for his dabloons.

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  • A World Askew
  • The Universe Implied
  • No Feelings Allowed
  • Silence of the mind
  • Don't think, just read this

I don't know, I have no ideas.

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Big Billy's Old-Fashioned Outback BBQ Drama House.

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We're Not Players, We Just Fuck A Lot.

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Name it Stupid

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Fire For Effect

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@gorndonfredoman said:

The Play Station


I support this!

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On a serious note, if anyone can recommend a good documentary on theater let me know.

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@EpicSteve: Dre-Ama.

Dr. Ama.

Dramatize Me.

Drama Company.

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Giant Bomb Productions (for if your play is panned)

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Melodrama Inc.

Exit Stage Left Studios

Curtain Up Productions

The Big Finish Company

Musical Number & Co.

Stage Hands & Sons

How's TheaTricks?

Cultured Intermission

Oh God! Please come and watch our play, movies are a lower form of cultural entertainment Group

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@Thoseposers said:

Drama May Cry

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His Lordship's Troubadour of Extraordinary Thespians. Yeah...

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Well, it's not like the original WCW is using it.

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Theathrythm: My School Drama

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its all a bunch of drama.

wha wha wha inc.

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A list from my home town. I would highlight Gorilla Tango, Babes with Blades, Will Act For Food are cool dudes, and Quest Theatre Ensemble do good work.

I am not sure what to suggest, as most of the suggestions so far are legitimate. Stay away from Shakespeare. Modern Shakespeare, gay Shakespeare, just, fuck no. Stop it. Also, if you use the word 'fusion' in your company name I will call you a sailor.

As far as movies or shows about theater production, I do not have any help for you. You know any films that follow the sordid life of the key grip? The struggles of the gaffer? That is all disc 2, behind-the-scenes extra stuff at best. Production journals. Director's notes. That sort of thing. The people behind the scenes tend to stay behind the scenes.

Best of luck to you Steve.