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I'm sitting here. its nearly 2am. I have some degree of insomnia probably. I'm trying to be quiet as to not wake my girlfriend. I want to play GTA Online. But god damn, does my slim PS3 make a fuck ton of noise loading this game. its the loudest thing happening right now, next to me typing this. I wish I had gotten the download version of the game to avoid the loud ass disc drive zerp zerping back and forth loading things so loudly.

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Priorities, dude.

Kick that girl OUT!

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You could buy her some ear plugs.

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the ps3 slim is fricking loud i rented one from wal mart a couple weeks ago to play journey and i couldnt stand it

also only 12 gbs come on

the other one the 250 is awsome

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Are you talking about the new slim? That thing has a loud as fuck disc-drive.

Should have gotten an older slim, son. Picked up the last new one in my city and I regret nothing.

Also: You can upgrade the hdd of the 12 GB superslim like any other PS3. You do however need to buy a hdd caddie for some odd reason.

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I feel your pain. When i used to play my Xbox 360 Elite it would make so much noise. I almost could never play it at night due to how noise that thing made.

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I have a 250gb slim the first revision after the fat ps3s. I bought it when my 60 gig died.

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You guys don't have an original Xbox 360, do you? You don't know what "obnoxious noise" is. It's not just the disc drive, either, the fan and hard drive is really loud too, so installing the game only removes some of the noise.

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You got something against discs in video games?

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I must have cotton in ears or something, because I don't usually hear game systems load.

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What's wrong with powerdiscs?