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So I was looking through my spice cabinet recently and I came across an old container of dry-rub BBQ seasoning.  This wasn't simply any average container.  The relevance of this container is that it features an individual that bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Ryan Davis.  I did a double take because I honestly thought that someone planted it.  I looked and subliminally though; "hm, I should go watch an episode of TANG" before I stopped and just smiled.  Dude's picture looks exactly like him!  What's more is that RTD's spice line is fairly expansive.  He's got blends of salmon seasoning, shrimp seasoning and cinnamon 'n' sugar, just to name a few.  Whaddya think?  Am I off with my comparison?  It's possible that it's just the similar thick faces and beards but if you scrutinize the features you'll see that their noses aren't too far off.  I'm convinced that Taswell is pushing quiche on the side, to earn a couple extra bells.  



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That is weird!

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I want Ryan to be my chef so bad.

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No wonder I always think of BBQ when see or hear him.

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that's too good.

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Is that Dom DeLouise?

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haha thats pretty good.

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wow thats just great! 

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This explains what he is really doing when he is off 'sick'.

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Dammit, you found out his greatest secret! Now he'll have to choose which life he wants to lead!

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That picture is great, but there is no way that he could be a chef.  His food advice is terrible.

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Oh man, that is a pretty good resemblance!

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What this tells me is that you need to send him one of those cans, and a hat like the one in the picture.

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@Chubbaluphigous said:
" That picture is great, but there is no way that he could be a chef.  His food advice is terrible. "
It's all just a cover. To throw us off.
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So he thought he could throw us off the trail with the name Paul Prudhomme, very clever 
Going to buy a ton of this and make the most bitchin' toast EVER!!

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ha that is pretty funny. secret life. i think we should go find more things like that of the other crew members.

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My god, the man's like some sort of meat fairy!
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@GlenTennis said:
My god, the man's like some sort of meat fairy! "
Bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips. Tie one on homie.
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@Bennyishere said:

" I want Ryan to be my chef so bad. "

I don't know if I would eat food he gave me.
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@B0nd07 said:
Yup. "
I lol'd
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@Everyones_A_Critic said:
" Is that Dom DeLouise? "
No, clearly that is Ryan.
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@GlenTennis said:
My god, the man's like some sort of meat fairy! "
I'm sure he can open a portal to the meat dimension whenever he wants to.
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Fucking uncanny!!!

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lol he does have a chef like face.

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@Everyones_A_Critic said:
" Is that Dom DeLouise? "
Yes it is...Someone needs to photoshop a hat on that Ryan picture.
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My stepfather used to work for Paul Prudhomme. Little did I know that it was Ryan all along! Sneaky little bastard...

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@B0nd07 said:
Yup. "
Great work!!
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Somebody send him a hat like that WITH the bbq seasoning. What an awesome mailbox that will be.

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Fucking knew he was hiding something.

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*listens to latest NDX podcast*  
Oh, he's leading a double life, alright.

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Triple life as apparently he also got a gig playing drums for Social Distortion on the side (1:18).


Social Davistortion
Social Davistortion

...but seriously as a guy with a lifelong friend who looks a lot like Kevin Smith, er wait, we're talking about Ryan Davis I've come to the realization that black beards have a way of overpowering all other features.
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Don't be silly, the eyebrows are completely different.

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Looks like he's reincarnated. = - P Haha.

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Oh, and don't even get me started on moustaches.

Ron, Ryan & Mario
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@B0nd07 said:
Yup. "
YUUUUUUUP.  Fantastic stuff.
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@ProfessorEss:   So you're saying Ryan did porn in the 70's?  Hide your shame, Ryan!
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Ryan is obviously a shapeshifter.

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its only matter of time when Ryan makes a huge announcement

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I sure wish he'd toss my salad!