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For example PS2 Action Replay Max is real good.

I was once playing King's Field The Ancient City for PS2. My goal was to reach level 99 character upgrade & the game had thousands of stuff to upgrade, swords, magic, items, leg armor, chest armor, helmet, plus all items were scattered all over the areas & the enemies were very tough and had tons of abilities like there was this one enemy were he would hit you and you would freeze and can't move so you would need a special herb to eat then you can move. So I enabled all the codes and it was right there in front of my own eyes, all weapons, magic, level, every item in inventory unlocked and once I made it to the end of the level I saved the game completed it added it to Game Faqs so people can download the save, they can roam around with a character that has brute strength :D. It took me 1 month to make it to character level 36 when I could have bought PS2 Action Replay Max then used the cheats more easily in one day oh well mistake learned.

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i completely miss cheat devices too. there are mods on pc but its not the same...

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up,down,triangle,r1 hold left up circle,press select.

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When I was little I just cheated my way through every game I could. Like, even if it was my first time through it. No regrets.

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I love how there isn't a preface to this. I was expecting some long narrative explaining how not all cheaters are bad. But, nope, we don't need that shit. You guys know what this is about and don't need to be told twice. Now either get specific on great uses of cheats or stay out - this is a sacred land of gameplay-breaking-knights; either stand with us or be cut down.

That was the image I got in my mind of this. It was awesome!

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@dixavd: Cheating in video games is only bad if you're doing it in multiplayer against people who are not cheating. Cheating in your single player game? Go nuts. I liked it when Max Payne just put all cheaters in together so they could still play. I kinda wish the Olypmics would do the same with athletes who use illegal performance enhancers.

I had some sort of game shark for the PS1. Came preloaded with a bunch of codes that would do stuff the game couldn't normally do and it was bitching. You could add more in too.

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They need a UPF segment where they use an Action Replay or Game Genie on a NES entering random codes, something like that.

Here are the basics of the more simpler and direct Game Genie and how it works http://tuxnes.sourceforge.net/gamegenie.html

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@jesus_phish: Don't get me wrong. I have no feelings for or against cheating and think in single player it is always fine (other than the murky water we are in now, started by achievements, where the online is meeting the single-player and cheating with the single player warps perception of you in the online - that's interesting to me). I just wanted to point out how pleasantly surprised I was at how this thread didn't aim towards any of that. From which my imagination created the fake little story in my mind. It was a magical moment for me that I wanted to express.

It was awesome!

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I never meant it towards cheating online.

I meant for it people who wanna play God Mode and keep failing at it for hours when they can enable infinite health and complete God mode un beaten.

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Man, and cheating devices aside, what even really happened to straight up cheats put into the game by the developer? Some games kind of do here and there, the Saints Rows and the Grand Theft Autos but it's pretty much gone away now, so your only real hope is that a game gets put on PC and the modding community jumps into high gear or it has some sort of developer console you can bring down.
Cheats/cheat devices were such a fun part of gaming back in the day and it's mostly gone away, that's kind of a bummer.
R.I.P. Big head mode.

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I dunno whatever you wanna do in an offline setting is you're own thing but I feel cheating ruins the fun for me in games.

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With Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection going offline soon, I can use my Action Replay to cheat without remorse. Or at least use it to unlock content that can no longer be obtained through normal gameplay.

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Than you'll looooooooooove microtransactions!

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Cheaters never prosper.

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Cheating in SP games can be a lot of fun. I don't really do it anymore and there aren't as many games with built in cheats as there used to be (because you can sell that shit) but I have fond memories of GTA destruction runs with all weapons and unlimited ammo enabled. Or playing through Max Payne 2 with a fully unlocked and modded weapon arsenal. Sometimes I still use cheatengine to unlock all upgrades once I have completed a game when there is no new game plus.

I dunno whatever you wanna do in an offline setting is you're own thing but I feel cheating ruins the fun for me in games.

Depends on what you're looking for. Destruction runs in GTA was all I did in that game for a while and I had a blast with it. Now it does nothing for me anymore but I know a dude who doesn't really play a lot of games and ha bumped up his character level in Dragon Age: Origins to the point that he just mauled everything he came across. Apart from wanting to see the story he enjoyed being overpowered during the combat segments. At this point I personally agree with you though.

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As a kid, I had a giant 3-ring binder with cheat codes I printed from various late 90's/early 2000's websites. I loved all that stuff, and it was the only way I finished some of my games back then. While I still find cheats and glitches super interesting, I now just prefer experiencing a game the way it was designed and appreciating it for what it is.

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@altairre: Personally I play games for challenge I get that some people don't but I just don't stay engaged with games If I don't have an objective. Probably why the appeal of Minecraft is way over my head.

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I still do when I can specifically with replays of games. Cheat engine has become important on my computer like when a few weeks ago I played through saints row 3 (having already played) by making myself invincible, with unlimited ammo and 10 million. Then I played SR4 right after and I just gave myself a bunch of money and after I collected around 800 of the orbs, I just gave myself a bunch more so I could upgrade all my powers. No regrets.

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I did it for so many games when I was younger then realized I was literally killing my own enjoyment of the game. Only cheats that matter are Low Grav, BIG HEAD Mode, and Shock Rifles.

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god damn, I fucking love cheating in anything single player that's not online involved. Although I'm super tempted to cheat through something like DS2 though, that is, if I ever decide to play it.

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I miss really creative cheats. We've seen big head mode too damned often.

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I still play some games on easy if I just want to get through them. For a lot of modern games this is all you need to breeze through them.

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I tried using cheatengine on Dark Souls 2 on PC, since I'm playing it on xbox anyway, maxed out all the stats and still didn't feel overpowered since it was very early game. Just made me feel bad really.

Used to love the game genie on the Snes though, giving mario infinite jumps and flying through the level.

It's probably for the best that cheats are hard to come by now, makes me enjoy playing the games more

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I still subscribe the by the notion that as long as you aren't affecting someone else's game,(Anything with multiplayer) then do whatever you want. I loved looking for cheat codes a a kid. Even if they were fake it was so fun to try.

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When I was a kid I cheated to get my characters to level 100 in Final Fantasy 8. Unfortunately I didn't understand the junction system at all, so I kept dying anyways. I thought the game was literally impossible to beat.

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When I was a kid I cheated to get my characters to level 100 in Final Fantasy 8. Unfortunately I didn't understand the junction system at all, so I kept dying anyways. I thought the game was literally impossible to beat.

Ooh, yeah. Depending on character levels specifically to get through that game is the wrong way to go about it. Fighting Ultimecia with Squall as a level 90-somthing is asking for a difficult time.

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I got nothing against cheating in single player games, sometimes games are just bullshit. I wish more devs put actual cheat codes in games so I don't have to use sketchy trainers when I get stuck.