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a copy of a copy of a copy..

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Is your heart black and decayed?

Seriously, A girlfriend would only exacerbate the issue..

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Talk to strangers or something. Christ, whining on a video game forum is anathema to solving your problem.

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life is pretty boring and theres not much happiness. You are a normal person.

Just accept defeat. Throw in the towel. Fun is not real. We have no control over our sense of fulfillment.

Oh no wait that's angst.

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My, look how edgy you are.

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You need to do something that provides a creative/ambition fulfilment. Get a hobby that gives you something at the end (writing, painting, model building), get a girl, aim to get a better job, take a course, play a sport, something like that. You can't live life without having something to strive for

Pretty good advice.

Despite having a live-in girlfriend I've actually been feeling pretty similar (obviously not with her), so I'm started climbing again and going to the gym all the time.

Surprising how just a few activities a week and interacting with other people helps.

Make an effort to get in touch with people/meet new friends :)

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Start an emo band I guess.

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Losing my dad yesterday made me feel dead inside, and I think everyone here knows how mentally disturbed I am... which helps it none. Right now, I'm not even on the freaking planet. I'm exactly where you are at, but perhaps in a worse spot then you are.

People here suggest some good things for you to do like get out more, meet people, and perhaps get a friend or two. Listen to those who are serious.

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Get really, really drunk.

Then blog about it. That'll put some spunk in your step.

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This might sound strange, but see a medical professional. I am not talking about getting some mood drugs to make you feel better, buy you may be low in testosterone. What you say about feeling really neutral not happy or sad sounds like what a friend of mine went through when he found out that he was running on extremely low testosterone. You may be in a very different situation, but a doctor would know best how to help you.

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Get really, really drunk.

Then blog about it. That'll put some spunk in your step.

Trust me: it's not for everyone. tried it before, and...well...the results...weren't pretty.

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Change your icon. It's too yellow... Get it?! Cause it's black...