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Going into this movie I had completely shut off the fact that it wasn't going to be anything like the book. Upon seeing it and with The Last of Us still on my mind, I just couldn't help but laugh at this movie. There were so many scenes that just made me angry in this because of the stupidity of what was going on by people and what the actors were saying. I guess you could say that the writer was just not that good, but the delivery that the actors used them in was beyond stupid.

World War Z is obviously a very Hollywood movie that uses cheap horror tricks to try and make it seem scary. It was hard watching this though because of how well The Last of Us and even to a certain point The Walking Dead, the TV series, game, and comic, depict a world destroyed by a global infection. What was different thought is that these series decided to take a step back on Zombie media by showing what the human condition would be like under an apocalypse. They had more to do with what George Romero was trying to show in his films by focusing on a group of people who are trying to survive in a very hostile world and where the zombies are more like obstacles.

I guess if you need a movie to go to turn your brain off and just enjoy what's happening on screen I could recommend this, but even then lovers of zombies and of the book will more than likely cringe during certain scenes in disgust.

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i am going to watch this mainly because a lot of it was shot in the city i live and in my country we don't get big hollywood films getting made, so thats cool plus i think it looks alright from what i have seen so far .

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From the looks of the movie. It just seems like another generic zombie tale. At this point I'm just bored of zombies in general.

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If they made a film about Max Brook's original zombie-themed book then I'd be interested, otherwise if it's not called "The Walking Dead" and made by Telltale I don't want no more of them zombies.

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If a movie is over a certain budget it pretty much has to come out in the summer or holiday season to guarantee the audience needed to make a profit. So I'd say it came out at the right time.

It just looks dumb, is all.

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I kinda liked it but it is clearly outmatched by Telltale's The Walking Dead. Never read the book either so yeah you're right maybe I just went in with low expectations and came out happy.

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I haven't seen the movie, but what I've read so far about it is that it's pretty run-of-the-mill stuff. Just another Hollywood summer action flick, but with zombies. Not terrible but nothing special.

That's not going to cut it right now when we're getting saturated with zombie products right and left, some of them very high quality.

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I really wish this movie had been an Avengers/Expendables-esque zombie movie with an ensemble cast and followed the story in the original book. But I was asking for too much, I guess.

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Just to toss it out there the book "World War Z" didn't impress me much.

The very concept of zombies in the books as unstoppable 'forever' animate creatures that don't need food, air turned me off. Also, it just seemed poorly written for a novel because the discrete pieces or narrative really never went anywhere. To be honest, it seems like people 'read symbolism" into the books to make up for the seemingly lack of meaning on the surface. With a vacuum of meaning, people have created meaning for it. Its about distrust of government, it about natural disasters, it about politics & war, it is about disproving American exceptionalism, or it is about...f

Hey, maybe it just what it appears to be - half of an interesting idea ham-fistedly executed by someone not used to writing a full novel. Not a terrible book, just not one worth noting...which is why the studio bought the "title" and ditched everything else in it.

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I have never read the book but i went into it expecting it to be bad, but i really enjoyed it.

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Yeah, if you're going into that movie expecting quality on the levels of that book then you already fucked up.