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After playing with a friend's iPad for a few minutes I decided I really want a tablet PC. I was thinking a budget model Android tablet, something under $200. This is something I would carry around and use for email and internet.

So I really have two requirements: 1) that it can browse the internet really fast and 2) it has an attachable keyboard.

So what about these Dragon Touch pads? Does anyone own one and thinks it's good for what I need? Any other Android tablets that are really good? And NO I don't want an iPad or Windows Tablet. I want to stick with Android for now.

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I used a 7" Dragon Touch for a few minutes and I thought it was pretty bad. Web browsing was painfully slow and there was noticeable lag when swiping through the app drawer or to different home screens. I guess it would be alright if I didn't know any better.

I have both a Nexus 7 and a Nexus 10 and they are both great devices. I think Nexus 7's are $199 or so, then just get yourself a bluetooth keyboard.

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Depends on what you mean by attachable keyboard, cause if you mean a true physical connection then your options are pretty limited. There are bluetooth keyboard/cases that are sold for some other tablets though. When it comes to the tablet itself I would say look into a nexus 7 if you are on a budget. A lot of the truly cheap android tablets have terrible specs and zero support after release, the nexus will keep getting software updates for a while. Google seems like they are gonna announce a nexus 8 soon too so maybe you want to wait and look at it too.

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Dragon Touch sounds sick! I just imagine big dragon standing next to you and trying his moves.

I use Nexus 7 and really enjoy it.

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I'd probably stay away from Dragon Touch, though I'm really saying that because prior to this thread I had no idea what the hell it was.

I'll agree with the others that the Nexus 7 is a safe choice, and pretty low priced.

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Any kind of keyboard is fine. I just didn't know if only certain tablets can use one.

The Nexus 7 looks good but 7" seems kind of small. Are Nexus 6's still illegal?

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So those Dragon Touch tablets look tempting but when you see the specs they really fall behind in the processing power and RAM department.

If you still care I went with the Dell Venue 8. It's got decent specs, comprable to the Nexus 7, but lower resolution. Most of the Nexus 7 features are for fancy stuff, like taking photos, watching video, playing android games, etc. which I don't really need. Later down the road I think I might upgrade to a Windows 8.1 phone. Windows 8.1 would looks very handy for a work tablet.

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I've got a Galaxy Note 8.0 4G/WiFi that I love...but it's not very budget. The Nexus 7 is solid...you can find them used from reputable Amazon resellers for under 200.

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Get the new iPad Mini. Don't bother with android.

Saying this from personal experience

Iv owned several tablets of both iOS and Android.

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I have a first gen Nexus 7 model and if you don't mind the lack of an SD card slot and no support for 4G, it's pretty damn impressive for it's price. If you are on a budget a second hand of those shouldn't cost must, but I think you're better off getting the second gen Nexus 7 cause it has double the ram, better screen and if I recall correctly an HDMI output.

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@hanskaosu: Why? The displays on most Android tablets are better for the amount of money spent and the processors are faster to boot. At this point, the only real difference between the two OS is that iOS has finally started to catch up in terms of features.

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I worked in electronic sales for the last four months, Nexus 7is a very nice piece of kit and very reasonably priced. If you did want to spend a bit more, I would go for the LG 8.3 inch tablet. Those things are gorgeous. IPad mini is always reliable, but for the same price the LG tab is WAY higher spec.

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@oginor: No.. Not faster then 64bit Apple cpu.

Always hated the screens on the android tablets. specially then once by Samsung.

Retina is King ;3

iOS is superior to Android in many ways. They may not have as many features but it works and i personally prefer a updated minimalistic OS over bloated rarly updated OS. (Since Android OS update is up to the maker of the device not google.)

Besides.. iOS has all the games :P

This is my opinion.

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@hanskaosu: The Snapdragon 800 outperforms the A7 and can be found cheaper than the sticker on an Apple device.

Retina is as good as Blast Processing.

IOS as a minimalist OS is the most laughable thing I've ever heard. Stock Android (which you would get on a Nexus device) is about as unobtrusive as an OS gets...and infinitely more customizable.

The game catalog is pretty much identical now and there are more 'free with ads' full versions of things like Angry Birds, etc.

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@vuud said:

Any kind of keyboard is fine. I just didn't know if only certain tablets can use one.

The Nexus 7 looks good but 7" seems kind of small. Are Nexus 6's still illegal?


I have a Nexus 7 and it's pretty great. The screen size is fine for web browsing and checking e-mail, it's fast and responsive, it's easy to use, etc. I don't know anything about keyboards for it, though.

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If you want to use a keyboard, the tablet must have Bluetooth and then pick up a Bluetooth keyboard. I think the MS surface pro tabs are the only ones you can plug a USB keyboard into, as they have the port and its a full version of windows. I have a surface 2, which has the port but I have not tried a USB keyboard as the surface tabs have a pretty slick proprietary one that clips on.