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I'm going to buy my girlfriend a double printed Nicolas Cage movie poster for Valentine's day. I'm half trolling/half buying her something she wouldn't expect or buy herself. Does anybody have any sensible suggestions for this ridiculous gift?

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Have it delivered on horseback, of course. And wear a fake mustache when you give it to her, for obvious reasons.

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Did you spell it Nicholace in the title because you're aware of some picture of him in lingerie?

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Does she like homestuck?

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I chuckled at the title.

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@Veektarius: I just noticed that, which is unfotunate. Not as unfortunate as the image you implanted in my brain.

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A perfectly romantic gift! Well done good sir!

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@ShaggE: I thought that was implicit.

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@Emperor_Jimmu: Had to make sure, of course. Millions of people every year, maybe even somebody you know, deliver Nick Cage posters the wrong way. It has destroyed relationships, started wars, and even caused food to spoil days earlier than it normally should.

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@Rudyftw said:

Fuck you...just...fuck you...no more sleep for me ever.

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Damn. I came into this thread curious but I never expected this...

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How did the community get this way?

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@SSully: I blame the video games.

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I would just like to mention that this idea is grossly low on people in bear suits. Hence, it is not Nic Cage approved.

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@Rudyftw: I think this thread has reached its full potential now.

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Buy her something girls like. Midol. Or those little pillows they carry around in their purse. You know, the ones with the little flaps on the side. Or some nice heavy duty rubber gloves.

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You're creepy.

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@Heltom92 said:

Damn. I came into this thread curious but I never expected this...

Not like dis...not like dis..

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Why not do one better, have Nicolas Cage sleep with your girlfriend. Get a body pillow and have Nicolas Cage printed on it. Maybe a t shirt silk screening place could do it? I dunno you'll have to figure that part out yourself
It would be totally unique because no one is crazy enough to make a Nick Cage body pillow. 
oh wait...  http://www.mypillowpartner.com/body-pillows/nic-cage

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was not expecting to see that picture. pretty creepy man.

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@Veektarius said:

@Rudyftw: I think this thread has reached its full potential now.

I'm not sorry.

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If you can work out a way to make your hair a bird as you give it to her, I'm pretty sure she'd consent to just about any perverted act your heart desires.

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You are the best, around.

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@Rudyftw said:


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Uhhhhhh... So pretty...

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@Vexxan said:

You're creepy.

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Thread took a darker turn than I could have ever expected, even after seeing the title.

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Oh god, a part of me has died.

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Where is Nicolas Cage expert, Alex Navarro?

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@Mesoian said:

Does she like homestuck?

On Giant Bomb I doubt anyone besides me will get your reference.

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I came into this thread expecting a Nicolas Cage themed wall mounted clock. I leave in disappointment and resentment.

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@Rudyftw said:

NOO!!!! I won't be able to sleep now...