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But what if I don't want to bring anybody back? The last poll gave me that option.

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Still amy Winehouse

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@Video_Game_King said:

But what if I don't want to bring anybody back?


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Actually the right answe is MCA

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Actually the right answe is MCA
This. There's no other answer.
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Jeff Buckley.

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I maintain my Peter Steele stance.

#9 Posted by SmilingPig (1370 posts) -

Johnny cash is dead?! Damn!

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Freddie Mercury, but...when the heck did Johnny Cash die? I thought he was alive and well!

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I mostly listen to Rap and R&B growing up so I got no idea who these people are. Except for Elvis and MJ.

Forgive My Falseways.

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I would want 70's, 80's, early 90's Michael Jackson back. I think it would be great to have some good, old-fashioned R&B-Pop.

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I still don't know who this Micheal Jackson is. Is he french? The first name sounds french to me.

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Eyyyyyyyyyy yo....

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Ciff Burton and Biggie.

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I voted Elvis just for the fact that I think it would be hilarious to see him come back and lose an Elvis impersonation contest.

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John Legend.

#18 Posted by nintendoeats (6150 posts) -

Yeah, why is Ian Curtis not on that list? Not that I would, but he should be an option.

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TuPac. That way everyone can shut-up about him being dead.

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I am delighted that Freddie is winning so I'll repost the majestic pic I posted in your other threads

One of the greatest front men EVER! The man had PRESCENCE!

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@Jaytow said:

John Legend.

He's dead?

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I said John mother fucking Legend.

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Johnny Cash of course.

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I've never heard of any of these people but I'm glad they're all dead.

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Picking anyone older than ~40 would be retaded, meaning Cobain is the only good answer from the poll, and there are many better answers.

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@Jaytow said:

John Legend.

Ha-ha, third times a charm, I guess.

I demand a fourth version of this thread with Jimi Hendrix.

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@CaLe said:

I've never heard of any of these people but I'm glad they're all dead.

Bull-shit. None of these people? So how do you furnish your home under your rock?

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@TheUnsavedHero: Seconded.

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Frank Zappa

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@SJSchmidt93 said:

Picking anyone older than ~40 would be retaded, meaning Cobain is the only good answer from the poll, and there are many better answers.

Yeah, cause the likes of Brian Johnson (64) from AC/DC, Bruce Dickinson (54) from Iron Maiden, hell frickin Tina Turner (72!) aren't better live acts to this day than most chart topping bands.

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John Bonham

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Jimi Hendrix could have been awesome in old age.

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I still stand by Freddie Mercury, but mentioning AC/DC in my above post made me think of Bon Scott. I mean Brian Johnson's good, but he's deffo no Bon Scott. Also imagine what trajectory Metallica would've taken if Cliff Burton didn't die.

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Why would I bring back anyone from the dead? They'd be walkers!

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@CaLe said:

I've never heard of any of these people but I'm glad they're all dead.

What are you 10 years old or something?

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syd barrett

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kinda also want Keith moon.

im to young to find elvis worth reviving. i really love Johnny Cash but that more the person rather then the music.

and out of the list Freddie by far stands out since i grew up with him and still find his voice so freaking awesome

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Torn between Mercury and Cash. Cash more because he was just flat-out reliable. Always seemed like he'd be there pumping out albums and there would always be at least a few tracks that you liked a lot.

Had to go with Mercury of course. Who knows how his voice would have held up with age? But we still could have had more Queen stuff for at least a while, which makes it the right pick.

Cobain - would have been interesting to see where he went since Nirvana was pretty much done when he shot himse...I mean, was murdered, but I can't pick him over those other two.

@TheUnsavedHero said:

I maintain my Peter Steele stance.

Absolutely. I just stuck with the choices provided, but (as the pic next to my name probably indicates) I'd give up half my music collection to get Pete back.

Being at the final Type O Negative show in Detroit on Halloween a few years ago, standing in the front right in front of Peter the whole time is guaranteed always going to be my most treasured concert memory.

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@SmilingPig said:

Johnny cash is dead?! Damn!

yep September 12th 2003

it sux

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I'm saying Kurt Cobain because, unlike the other people on the list, his career was too short to have the sorts of ups and downs that the others did. I'd be the most curious to see a washed up, or God forbid, even sober and happy version of him

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Considering John Lennon is the main influence in my musical career, even though he was gone for five years before I was born, that's my choice.

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I really don't know, so I chose Elvis Presley because I really liked his fair when I was in 3rd grade.

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Easily Michael Jackson.

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Freddie fucking Mercury. No one, no one, could replace him.

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@EuanDewar said:

Still amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is overrated. Thats right, I said it.

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None of them, Necromancy is foul.

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John Coltrane or Frank Zappa.

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The King!!!! Elvys

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Picking between Freddie Mercury, John Bonham, and Rick Wright is pretty fucking tough. Sorry, MJ, you probably MATTER more than Bonham or Wright, but I'd rather see Zeppelin/Floyd reunion tours than an MJ show. I'd throw out Keith Moon as well, but The Who haven't held up as well as Queen, Floyd, and Zeppelin have in terms of longevity. I'm not sure I want to know where Lennon would've gone after 1980. I really couldn't give a shit about Cobain or Presley as live performers or as people, and Harrison and Cash went out the right way at the right time.

Fuck it, it's gotta be Freddie. I can get a close approximation of the Floyd experience out of Roger Waters' The Wall tour, and I'm not really sure Zeppelin would be willing to tour together even if Bonham were still alive. But Queen is still devoted to Queen, and Freddie Mercury was the centerpiece of one of the greatest bands of all time.

Also, this is not the "correct version", as there's plenty of artists not on this list worth bringing back. Otis Redding was certainly in my head the entire time I typed this.