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If you could go back to any period in time, when would it be? And why?

I wish I could go back and visit the 1920's. It seems like such an interesting period in time. The cars, the stock market was booming, prohibition, gangsters, jazz music, ect..

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Summer of 2011 =D

But I guess late 40s early to mid 50s USA, cuz over the years I've started liking the american culture from back then. The cars, the women that look like they came out of a pin-up magazine, the music, the movies.

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I would want to go back and see some dinosaurs.

Or back 2000 years or so, and ask that Jesus fella a few questions.

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In reality I'm fine when I am right now seeing as how medicine etc has never been so advanced. That being said Post WW2 America would be pretty cool as would pre revolutionary Cuba.

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So can I come back? If I could just pop back for a day or something I might go check out something historical, but if it's a one way trip I'm definitely staying put.

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2001, starting High School. There is sooo much stuff I wish I did differently during High School.

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Either the sixties or the seventies.

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I fucked up a personal matter of mine like 2 years ago, would be nice to have a second chance.

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Getting a restart on my childhood with my current knowledge would be useful.... Might've actually enjoyed high school that way.

There are a bunch of historical stuff I wouldn't mind checking out for a day, but I would never want to live in any other time then the current.

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I like now.

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Can I come back? If not, like a year ago.

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1850-1890 London. Most of my favorite books were written and set in this period, so it would be great to get an actual idea of what the city was like at that time.

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Lots of times I'd love to visit, but not stay. Living without todays entertainment and luxuries is not for me. If to stay I'd probably go back a year and a half and change something very personal if I could. But thats sadly not how life works.

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I'm just going to stay here.

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@No0b0rAmA said:

Can I come back?.

Definitely need to know that first.

If I can I'd see how legit Jesus really was.

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One way trip? 90s. That's as far back as I'd go now that I've been spoiled by modern technology, and I'd be able to satisfy/break my nostalgia.

Visit? Either late Victorian era England (after the sanitation reforms) or 1950s America.

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@Galiant said:

I like now.

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If it was just me as I am now in a different time, I would only want to go forward or a few months back to get all the lotto numbers and win billions. If I could go back and just be me during that time knowing what I know now I would like to go back to when I was like 8 and make so many different decisions in my life. Plus lotto numbers. Any far flung time in the past would be neat to see, but it sucked in the past and I would end up dead in no time. If I could stay invisible and just see it all then I think it could be neat to go back to see the Dinosaurs or to see Rome at its height. Would be neat to see some Gladiator games.

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Visit: Vikings, probably 
One-way: 80s. I've always wished that I was born 10-15-20 years earlier so I could live through the 80s. Seems like more of a cultural fit for me. Plus I could've lived through the 90s again and have been a little older and able to appreciate everything more.

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If I had to choose a time at which point I was alive, and had to relive all of he events knowing what I know now, I would go back to the beginning of sophomore year (fall 2010) and re-do all the dumb shit I did during he beginning of 2011 that I thoroughly regret, and where my life took quite the change as a result. I if we're to go back to some historical period for a finite amount of time, I would go back to either the late-40's to the mid-50's or I would travel back to the mid-80's because I am fascinated with either of those time periods.

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@Phatmac said:


Love was such an easy gaaameee to plaaayyy

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I would go back 3 years ago and change a very poor decision I made.

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If I could come back: I'd go to Ancient Rome and tell them about all the shit that's about to happen, keep them from crumbling.

One-way: I'd write down all the winning lotto numbers and who found them in the past year, then I'd show up and take them for myself. I'd also keep myself from making some very shit decisions.