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Poll: If you ever saw (or have seen) a UFO, would you care (and would it change your life)? (54 votes)

No, I have never seen a UFO, no I don't care if I did, no it would not change my life. 7%
No, I have never seen a UFO, I would care if I did, it would not change my life though. 48%
No, I have never seen a UFO, I would care however, and it would make me change my life accordingly. 26%
Yes, I have seen a UFO (sober), I didn't care however, and it didn't make me change my life. 0%
Yes, I have seen a UFO (sober), I do care somewhat, but what are going to do? 6%
Yes, I have seen a UFO (sober), I do care greatly about the incident, and have changed my daily life according to the implications of this incident. 2%
Yes, I have seen a UFO (under the influence), so fucking what?! 4%
I am a UFO abductee! Of course I care, and my life has been fucked eversince. 2%
Extraterrestrials are in contact with me, and have shared life's great mysteries. I am their chosen one. Flock to me, and find salvation! 7%

Would (or did) a UFO sighting change your life? Would you even care?

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Two UFO sightings in my life. Both under the influence. Shrooms, weed, alcohol respectively. So fucking what.

One sighting was pretty close up though. A sizeable Star Destroyer-like craggy looking triangle-shape slowly hovered overhead (roughly 100feet up), and was illuminated by various lights of different colours, making no noise whatsoever in doing so. It looked unlike any aircraft known to man, and was certainly bigger. I was on my way home late at night (3 AM), and only slightly stoned. I think it was legit. Certainly a pretty sight. The other sighting was just far away dancing lights somewhere over the mediterranean (looking out from a little bay in the Côte d'Azur), could have been anything, and I was on shrooms. Holidays man!

Fond memory. Realistically however, what do I care. The implications for my daily life are nill, unless I make a fuss about it. No reason to do that really.

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You are a silly person

Still though, it'd be interesting but as I already assume life exists out there somewhere it wouldn't surprise me much.

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I'd disregard that shrooms sighting cause, you know, shrooms.

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I've had 3 UFO experiences in my life, yes I was sober, and I do care somewhat but not a whole lot. It didn't change my life or anything but it did give me some perspective.

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ive had one. 4 glowing lights slowly hovering around each other far up in the night sky. hovering around making formations, very intricately. almost as if they were programmed, not being flown. they hovered around and made a couple different shapes, and ended as a diagonal line in the sky. then each one faded out and disappeared one by one. they stayed in one point in the sky as well, so they werent floating downwards or upwards, they were in one spot, floating around each other.

this event at first frightened me. i was sober, my friend was high. i dont claim that it was aliens, or crafts, or anyhting like that. i have no idea what they were. unidentified is all i can say .

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I may sound crazy but i cant help but think that there is life elsewhere in the Universe. However they are probably just as helpless and worthless as we are.

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Back in my early 20s I saw LOTS of things while on shrooms. I don't regard many of them as real.

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Are we talking about the actual meaning of UFOs here? Or are we talking specifically aliens?
Because I have seen plenty of Unidentified Flying Objects, but I'm pretty sure none of them were aliens, although I can't be 100% sure of course.

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my mum saw the lochness monster, true story but when she tells any one they all think she crazy or was drunk at the time. btw i chose C fuck yea it would change your life.but just dont tell any one.

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Balls, yeah it'd change my life, if I knew what I was seeing! Fuck. I wish o.o

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Aliens? I would certainly care but how can i know if or how it would change my life?

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No, because if there was life out there capable of interstellar travel, we'd know about it already.

Life on other planets obviously exists, but there's no reason for them to be so much more advanced than we are.

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Rock-solid evidence!

That dopers are morons.