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Depends on who you're referring to when you're asking if I'd do it.

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I wouldn't be able to stand still

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No, I'm not a good representation of human anatomy. I'm way too skinny.

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Yup. This is a Hizang thread.

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I wouldn't even do it with clothes on. I'm the only one allowed to see me naked. NO ONE ELSE.

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No, my private parts are private for a reason.

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Depends on the money and do I get to choose my pose?

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Sure... Although I'm fidgety so I wouldn't make a very good model. Being naked ain't no thang. Especially if it's just some random group of strangers.

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Sure why not.

I might shave my asshole first or something. It's a Goddamn nightmare down there.

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No, don't see why i would. Not interested in art, not interested in people drawing me naked, and not interested in being naked in front of an audience.

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Sure, why not.

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They only take physically fit people to be models. You know, good examples that showcase the beauty of the human body.

I am not one of those people.


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Yes, but only if I get to choose my own pose because I know for a fact that if I'm just standing there, my mind is going to wander and sooner or later I'm just going to get an erection and I'd imagine that'd just be uncomfortable for everyone...

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Been there, done that.
The hardest part was not slipping into my routine of making jokes (thus distracting the people trying to make art).
I learned that being naked kind of puts extra pressure on the jokes.
It was that day I learned what artists/singers/etc mean with those dreams about being on stage naked.

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Wrong, and I have a funny story to illustrate (haha) my point. While taking fine arts at college we did nude sketches in my drawing class. The person doing the modelling was an elderly man, I would say early to mid 60's. Every class we would arrange chairs in a circle in the room with a naked man in the middle. He would do a variety of poses holding them from 30 seconds up to two minutes rotating as he did so so that everyone could get a different perspective. At one point he turned and faced me and then touched his toes. I looked across the room at the guy getting the full view of this elderly man's butt hole. He flinched, took a breathe and then proceeded to draw. Later on the bus I noticed the model standing a few feet away from me, it was an awkward ride home. So no, they don't always take physically fit people (though that may be preferable) they take people who are willing to pose naked in front of a bunch of people for a few hours making various and often embarrassing poses.

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@david3cm: I feel slightly traumatized just reading that. That poor guy across from you.

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@LikeaSsur Yeah, I study in arts as well, and they don't take "good looking" people. They take people who are comfortable with themselves, volunteers, which often leads to older people (not meaning elderly) who just don't care at that point. It's probably better that way, you don't want your students "perving" it up, so to speak, looking at hot young nude models.
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I've had that opportunity, and I didn't do it. My roommate decided to do it though.

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No, my penis is much too small.

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Nooooooo. I'm not comfortable enough with myself to ever do such a thing.

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I also study fine arts and have a keen interest in anatomy but I don't think I could be a model...I don't have the confidence. Not that it makes a difference, but I really feel for the models. The amount of sheer boredom that they have to endure can't be easy. I find it difficult having to stand and sketch them for 3hours.

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No, can't stand to be there naked for an pretty long time.

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as long as I got a little cash sure, or if there was some women I was interested in. I'm may not be in as great as shape as I once was but I'm still fine with my body.

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Uh not exactly shy but I doubt I would ever be asked.

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Maybe when I was 21 and in amazing shape but now at 34 I'm a hairy out of shape man and no one wants to draw that.

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I love being naked. Being paid to be naked would be just that much more awesome.

Probably not though, because standing idle and not moving is torture to me.

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@MariachiMacabre said:

Yup. This is a Hizang thread.

He's gonna get my vote for forum user of the year.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:

Been there, done that. The hardest part was not slipping into my routine of making jokes (thus distracting the people trying to make art). I learned that being naked kind of puts extra pressure on the jokes. It was that day I learned what artists/singers/etc mean with those dreams about being on stage naked.

Anyone else read this and immediately want to go to a nudist comedy club? I want to test this theory of jokes and nudity. Is it easier to or harder (errr... tougher) to get laughs when naked? I need to know.

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I'd need to be paid a decent amount. Like, three figures for an hour at least.

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yeah, i think i would.

i took a art class that had a nude model. i made sure to sit on the side of him so i didn't have to see his dick. they aren't attractive, the guy was chubby.

i also had a friend do modeling just wasn't naked. the art professor said that he had great legs. they drew his legs.

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I would do it if there was some type of pay or benefits involved.

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Sure. I have pretty much no modesty. I'm comfortable in my skin, even though I know I'm not the hottest dude. I don't wear a speedo to the beach, not because it would be embarrassing to me, but because I know other people don't want to see that. But hey, if they are specifically there to see and draw me naked, why the hell not?

I've also done some life drawing. I used to go on a weekly basis. I can confirm that almost no nude models for those classes are attractive. People doing life/figure drawing are primarily there to get better at drawing, not to perv out on naked people.

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Not naked. If I could wear undergarments then maybe.

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I would never wish to inflict such horrors upon someone.

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God no! I feel uncomfortable being naked in the gym locker for more than 2 seconds.

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No mostly because im out of shape and pretty self concious about my body. I also dont like to be the centre of attention.

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yeah I guess, why not

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I feel this is the only time I can post this video as a response and it will be relevant:

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Yeah, as long as it was for money. Obviously wouldn't bother for free.

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If I got something out of it, sure. I don't have any problem with getting naked in front of people, but art sessions can take a long time. I want to at least be guaranteed a nude portrait of myself if I give some of my time.

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Sure. I am comfortable enough to do it.

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Not because I'm uncomfor... ah, who am I kidding? Nope, not comfortable being naked in front of a bunch of other people. But also because no one wants to see me naked.

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No, my penis is too small.

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No, my penis is too big.

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No, not comfortable doing it either.

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Maybe if everyone else was naked too.  It'd be too awkward for me otherwise.

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The fuck?

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@Mackinder said:

No, my penis is too small.