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I'm a 24-year old youth director for my church in central IL and I recently went to a campus ministry conference in Atlanta, GA. There, I connected with a faculty member from Boston University. Maybe because we were the only people not drinking the kool-aid (the key note speakers were insane and hyper-conservative) or maybe the Rev. Dr. just found me witty and brilliant--because by the end of the week she was giving me contact info for her and other faculty, giving me scholarship and stipend info, and detailed academic advisement for getting into my dream program (ThD in theology and ethics) and how to network for my dream job (teaching at a seminary or university). In a year or so, I could be strolling the halls of BU.

I haven't thought about much else in the week that followed--It's all incredibly sudden and I'm not one for impulse. But if someone was offering you bags of cash to pull up your stakes and move across to country to a place where you don't know anyone, hundreds of miles from everything you've known...would you?

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Yeah. I would. Unless I had enough money to tell them no. But I don't.

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At my age I'd have to give it some serious thought, as I've put roots down in my community (aren't idioms great) . If I were 24 again I'd go for it without hesitation.

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The only thing I want in life right now is to move out of my parent's house.

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It it'll further your career and you feel that you're capable of doing what it takes, then go for it. It may suck having to relocate and get used to your surroundings again, but it sounds like it'll be well worth it in the long run.

You're still young; do what'chu gotta do.

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Considering countless people pull up stakes and move across the country all the time, I'd say yes.

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I wouldn't like losing the ability to see my friends in person occasionally. So depending on sheer distance I might change my mind. But generally, yes. I would move for a stable job/bags of money. Internet makes it easy to stay in touch if you want to. And it really wouldn't change my day to day habits much.

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Might be a tough question for a lot of people, but for the right opportunity - like the one you have there - you have to make it in order to get to where you want to be in life.

It's not too much of an issue for me, personally. Family and friends from ages ago have all scattered to the winds, and I don't have a household which would need to uproot based upon my decision. It really depends on what stage you're at in life. The more rooted you are, the more incentive you'd need to move.

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Yes, because you can always return, but it's better knowing and trying then to regret not doing it years in the future.

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Yes, I love money bags.

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In a heartbeat. I'm not particularly attached to anything in this town.

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I have moved to a place to where I know no one several times. If I was offered money to move again, I just might consider it if it's worth it to me. Hell, I'd take any money right now to stop my unsold house from going into foreclosure. Since mom and I don't have the money, those greedy bastards can have the house, since they won't work out a short sale. Sure mom's credit will be screwed, but she actually isn't worried.

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Sounds like a yes to me. you're still young enough that if you move and decide it's not for you then you could always move back.

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I've gone from NYC to Ireland to Florida, then Maryland, and back again to Florida so I wouldn't exactly mind moving again for money.

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Your questions has nothing to do with bags of cash or people giving you bags of cash, so 'no' to everything you ask.

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No hesitation, dude. Our 20s are the perfect time to take risks and be adventurous. You'll regret it if you don't.

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I think i would, its not hard to stay in touch with family what with high speed internet and all. Unless you're in a relationship. Then i don't know. But congrats either way!

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Yes, I would move for free if I had somewhere to go. That sounds like a great opportunity for you, I would go for it personally, but obviously only you know your situation.

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Unless you're already settling in and starting a family of your own, I would certainly suggest taking the chance.

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And give up my integrity? Hell no.

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Yeah dude if there's nothing shady about it. Especially if its something like move to chase your dreams, then definitely yes.

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In a heartbeat

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Sounds like it's a good deal for you, go for it!

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Bags of cash is pretty relative. For a million dollars I'd move anywhere. Just getting $100,000 I wouldn't.

Though I'm not opposed to moving, but if someone is trying to talk me into moving today, or soon, to a place I don't really want to go to it would cost them.

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You referred to the degree as your "dream" and you seem to have an amazing deal as far as the money is concerned. You are 24. Unless you are married and with children in school already then don't hesitate. I'll also speak a little to moving from IL to Boston. If you lived in rural IL in a relatively conservative community then Boston will be a huge shift for you in quite a few social ways. For one, Boston is much colder from a weather standpoint, and also on the coast, meaning you risk things like Hurricanes. The upside of living on the coast is that Boston seafood is arguably the best in the world and definitely the best in the country. The city itself is a really awesome mix of old and new. Boston is probably the oldest still major city in the US. There are businesses there that have been around since before the formation of the country. And these very old buildings stand at odds with a very modern and liberal way of thinking. The politics in Boston and the entire North East are very different than what you are used to in the midwest. While Chicago can be quite liberal it is nothing compared to New York City or Boston. The main religion in Boston is Catholicism. But from my experiences there even the most religious members of that community pale in comparison to the nut jobs you get in in the South and much of the Midwest. The republican party in the North East is basically the democratic party just with stronger beliefs in small government and big business.

As far as BU itself is concerned, my parents both went there as well as my sister-in-law and they all had incredibly nice things to say about the school. Boston has a great public transportation system. It's subways from my experience are not as nice as, say, those in Toronto, but are equivalent to the ones in New York City with Chicago coming up in the rear. I'll admit, though, that I've had less experience with the Boston public transport system than the other 3.

To sum it up Boston has terrible weather, going from scorching hot in the summer to freezing cold in the winter. It has the best fish and seafood in the country, and is only 4 or 5 hours from New York City if you want to travel to an even bigger city. The actual city itself is one-of-a-kind, with many of the buildings and businesses dating back several hundred years. The Union Oyster House, just to use one of my favorite examples, is the oldest business in the country. It's been around for something like 250 years and remains in the same building it was in back when it started. But right down the street you get one of those modern organic burger joints and that is a block away from a street market with actual individual vendors selling things along the street. And then surrounding that area you have a strip mall. It's this weird mix of modern and old that you usually don't find in this country. Finally, BU is from my understanding a great school and I think it would be interesting to study theology in a traditionally Irish Catholic city that has an interesting influence from having Harvard and BU located within the city.

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And give up my integrity? Hell no.

That's a bit too late late for that.

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Yeah, especially considering I'm excellent at first impressions, don't have a job and have student loans. I guess I've done a few things and built up some relationships over the past year that would make me semi-hesitant though; but a year or two ago I'd do it instantly. People you just meet are far less judgemental of you until they know you for a while, makes everything more fluid and relaxing; everyone likes new people that aren't imbeciles. Also if you went to a ministry conference you have to anticipate a sizable portion of the participants will be conservative.

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Without a doubt! It's better to go for it then always wonder what could have been :(

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In terms of giving advice, it sounds like you are more hung up on the suddenness than anything else. Life is full of these situations, where things just seem to fall in your lap. Life doesn't have to be hard. If it's a great opportunity, grab it, and don't let it slip by because you think things should take longer. They don't have to.

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Give me the bags and you'll find out.

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I mean I don't think I'd move to Antartica on a one year contract for a big lump sum, but if it was somewhere interesting doing something I was interested and the compensation just happened to be reasonable then sure. I've got no real solid connections keeping me where I am, I mean I love my family but I don't need to see them every day. A chance to move somewhere else a fair way away? I've done it when there was no guarantee of a job on the end of it.

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I need an actual amount & it better be worth my while.

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A billion bags.

Each with one Great British Pound inside.

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Gladly. I've lived in Utah my whole life and I feel like it's sucking me dry. I would love to have a change of scenery (I really want to move to Seattle or Portland) but forces beyond my control keep me imprisoned here.

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I also live in central Illinois, so I can say with some degree of authority here: ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY I'D MOVE.

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Sure, there's nothing really worthwhile here. We've been meaning to move for over a year now anyway, so if we were paid to do so, absolutely.

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@pox22: I would and I did. And it worked out pretty well. Went from Pacific NW to east coast for a bit. Eventually got me into a pretty good career.

More on the science side of things though. I'd like to think the ethics are in there too but some days doesn't feel like it.

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How big are these bags? Like comically big with dollar signs on them? Absolutely.

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I can assure you that only Satan would do something like this. Then you'd have to like, eat a baby, or kill someone or something.

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How big are the bags? If it's Ziplocs then no way. How big are the bills? Do I get to count the cash before accepting?

Where am I being propositioned to move? Or am I just being handed money and told to get out of my current location?

Does my compensation include housing? Or do I need to look into that once I arrive?

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i would move out of this shitty town in a flash, Im trying to move right now so if anyone has cash i will gratefully leave town today. Please. God bless.

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And give up my integrity? Hell no.

Your fawning subjects probably wouldn't want to be ruled by a absentee helicopter King.

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@pox22: Hey there. First up: congratulations. I'm a recent master's graduate [medieval studies, in case you're wondering] and I know what it feels like when an academic superior takes a personal interest in you and your future career. Nice one!

I understand that significant change can be intimidating and that you would likely be committing to a long period of time away from home. Leaving family and friends behind might be tough, but I think in this day and age you will be able to keep in touch with the people who really matter to you, not to mention you will be surrounded by like-minded people if you do get onto that programme and should have no problem making new connections. I live in the UK and have recently applied to PhD programmes at a few US colleges, a much bigger move than the one you are considering. To my eyes your situation is not a dilemma: it is literally my goal. I would encourage you to grab the opportunity with both hands. You write with such reverence for the very idea of studying at BU that I can't help but suspect you already know it's what you want to do.

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Nah, there's no work outside my city for the career I want. I can basically live in like 3 cities globally. Options are pretty limited.

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Not if it's coins, that'd be heavy as shit. Are you sure you aren't being groomed?

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I've seen what the Kingdom's like when I'm not there to rule it. It isn't good.

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Do it. You'll always land on your feet no matter what happens, well except if you get hit by a car, coz then you'd be scarred.

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I'm 20, so definitely.