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Who would it be?

I would probably either recommend either Rizzle Kicks (Who are mostly known in Britain and are pretty good) Or Mumford and Sons.

What about you guys?

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Rectal Smegma.

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Rammstein. A lot of my friends don't enjoy their music but if you take the time to look at their lyrics they often take a lot of thought to create. Plus they put a great show on live so anyone can enjoy that.

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Tom Waits, although i never recommend anyone anything, let the bastards figure it out for themselves.

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The Sounds 

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The Clash

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Pearl Jam. Most people have heard em, but they are fuckin incredible. Tool would probably be better because fewer people are as familiar with them, and that's a bummer.

@TaliciaDragonsong: You are like the 3rd person I've ever noticed to bring Garbage up. Pretty sad, because Garbage is certainly worth listening to.

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@MordeaniisChaos: They're soddin' amazing, people are missing out big time!
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I guess Evanescence or Breaking Benjamin.

Both bands have great music and lyrics.

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Say Anything.

The answer is always Say Anything.

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I don't know... :o

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The Beta Band.

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Backyard Babies

It really depends on the person though. Some people I'll recommend Shawn Smith. But overlooked bands like Hanoi Rocks, Michael Monroe, and Backyard Babies deserve a listen for true rock fans.

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Everything involving Jack White.

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@ryanrulez said:

Everything involving Jack White.

Spot on.

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@TheDudeOfGaming said:

Tom Waits, although i never recommend anyone anything, let the bastards figure it out for themselves.

This, the only correct answer.

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Depends on their age group.

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White Wizzard.

Best Metal band formed this century.

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Rebecca Black of course! Her music knows no boundaries.

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I absolutely plead anybody who is into decent Power Metal/Ballads to check out a band by the name of 'Power Quest'. They're a British Power Metal band who have been around since the mid 00's and have NEVER obtained the exposure that they are well overdue.

Many of their fans refer them to as 'Dragonforce with brains and rhythm' and rightfully so...the founder (Steve Williams) of Power Quest was the original keyboardist and lyricist for Dragonforce (previously named Dragonheart) but due to obvious creative differences between them all - they split and went their seperate ways.

Now, everyone knows the story of Dragonforce...they became ridiculously popular through their speed alone but has anybody ever realised that they fail to do anything...well...different? It's like they knew they were onto a good thing and attempted to milk it for all it was worth. Which of course, was a bad move in the genre they were apart of...you'll never know who a critic truly is until you speak to a metal fan.

In my eyes, Dragonforce now remind me of how Justin Hawkin's band 'The Darkness' turned out, in terms of how quickly they rose to stardom and then quickly ran out of steam, became frustrated and eventually fizzled out (although I have heard that Dragonforce now have a new singer but I'd be very surprised if they were to change their 'winning' format....actually, now that you mention it, I think the Darkness are bringing out another album too...huh)

Anyway, I'm done having my little pity rant. Here are two of my favourite Power Quest songs taken from two seperate albums. Enjoy.

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Poets Of The Fall, good rock band from Finland.

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Sigur Ros

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My friend, Storm Large (real name) out of Portland. Look her up. Also, maybe Red Fang, from Portland, Clutch, etc. It'd also be a shame if anyone wasn't familiar with the ridiculous collective of musical genius of Them Crooked Vultures. Just depends on what the person is familiar with. A lot of people have a surprisingly shallow experience with music, so you have to introduce them to things they might be open to, accordingly. Oh, also, how could I forget Kleveland? Another of the great local Portland pure rock bands. Oh, and the fucking fantastic Sleigh Bells, which I only discovered through a fellow Giant Bomb person in the past year. They're all about big sound, keyed female vocals and - in one of my favorite tracks, this mind-blowing Phil Spector wall-of-sound production that hooked me immediately.
Yeah, this was way more than one. Tough titties.

  From the Storm Inc / Storm and her Dirty Mouth days.
  From her stage show Crazy Enough. Featuring Sam Adams (mayor of PDX) and Marc Acito (opera singer) screaming "vagina vagina vagin!"... so genius.
From the Storm and the Balls, days. Features stealing someone's cell and berating them for using it during the show, before that sort of shit was cool (looking at you, Tori Amos).
  Part of a great set at the infamous Metal Shop in SLC.
  Featuring Red Fang beards, D&D/LARPing, and beer. Kind of like every Red Fang everything. Actually, kind of like everything Portland. Frankly, this video captures about 75% of Portland on any given weekend. 
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Broken Bells. Their album has been my favourite album since it came out. Critics celebrated them but I feel many people don't know them.

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@MordeaniisChaos: They're soddin' amazing, people are missing out big time!
I'm not!
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Black Flag or the Gerrms would be my pick. As a wierd one off I would choose ANGST because more people need to know about them.

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I'd recommend 80s Iron Maiden to anyone who has interest in metal or good coordinated guitar work in a band. The Trooper and Run to the Hills.

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Older (The Lord Weird Slough Feg) or Newer (Slough Feg) it doesn't matter.
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Hard choice...

I'd go with Nightwish. Symphonic Metal is pretty fucking awesome.

Kamelot and Rhapsody of Fire / Luca Turilli's Dreamquest are great as well; similar realm of Nightwish ("epic"-sounding music).

And for more awesome: Sabaton.

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jesus, you people are depressing.

how about the fucking beatles or led zeppelin?

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@TheKramer89: I think most of us are going with bands that aren't really well known. You would probably just be getting into music or living under a rock to not have heard of The Beatles or Led Zeppelin.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:

Garbage, amazing singer, amazing lyrics and they got a song for every bloody emotion ever.

They get lost in the "90s band" list and people forget that they really had a great sound. Not to mention, Shirley Manson was just ridiculously attractive. 
@TheDudeOfGaming said: 

Tom Waits, although i never recommend anyone anything, let the bastards figure it out for themselves.

Tom Waits is something I think people have to discover for themselves, a lot like Nick Cave. I tend to only suggest both with the most caution. The kind of things you stumble onto yourself and peel layers off of as you listen for the rest of your life.  And both can lead to other fantastic discoveries. For instance, I stumbled into Bukowskie through Tom Waits who is a fan (an author I had barely heard of and never given consideration to, even though friends had referred to me as "a real life Bukowskie" . . which was a reference lost on me at the time).
As for Nick Cave, man, what a varied talent. From some of the most bad ass songs like Red Right Hand and Mercy Seat and to Into My Arms and one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, The Ship Song.  In fact, the first time I heard The Ship Song, I was literally speechless. 
Also, anyone who doesn't appreciate Meat Loaf and (especially) Jim Steinman can eat one.
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Well, probably Bruce Springsteen but in reality anything that's not metal as the rest of th GB community will have undoubtedly saturated this person with it.

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@xMP44x said:

Rammstein. A lot of my friends don't enjoy their music but if you take the time to look at their lyrics they often take a lot of thought to create. Plus they put a great show on live so anyone can enjoy that.


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Depends on what they already listen to.

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My favorite band ( I use that lightly as its one dude) is Pretty Lights. Great chill music.

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Childish Gambino

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I think everyone should be listening to Agalloch

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Porcupine Tree. Really amazing band, but still relatively accessible which is a good criteria for a recommendation.

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Led Zeppelin.

The ONLY correct answer.

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@AhmadMetallic: But you're just trying to impress me, and make me choke on the amount of Opeth you keep pming me! ^^
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@BabyChooChoo said:


This....too bad he passed away.

also ... Ayu and Koda Kumi, fuck you haters.