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I always find it entertaining to read usernames and not too long ago I was thinking about what my username would look like in character form. Now I can't draw at all, but my friend, Omega, drew up something in Microsoft Paint. So now I'm curious. What would your username look like in character form (unless, of course, it's based off of a real character. Feel free to add personal touches though).

Here is the drawing that my friend made. Note that the 2099 is because of my gamertag, and the trench coat apparently means he's from the future.

Unfortunately I have to go to work, so I won't get to see any of these until later tonight/ early tomorrow.

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Probably just be me, but with a beak. Maybe some feathers.

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Like my avatar. :P

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Isn't that what avatars are meant to represent?

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<-------- except more naked

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I imagine him being a sleazy, greasy guy with a thick mustache and rings on all of his fingers. He directs trashy comedies and softcore porn just outside of LA. Also, he doesn't leave the house without his Derringer and straight razor.

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...Me ._.

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Like this

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I'm not sure.

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Probably something badass.

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No idea.

My username represents an idea. A concept. Not something that can be embodied in a simple image.

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Pretty much this....without the Optimus Prime helmet

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It would look like any other muffin.

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Take a wild guess, I bet you can't work it out...

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I would just like to say that that picture is not a good representation of my art skills. Though I have few skills at art I can draw a little better than that. That was just me, ms paint and a mouse. I really regret giving him the image file now.

I fucking hate you. Have a good night at work.

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Most likely something like this:

ShadowKnight...get it? (508 is just a random # that I slapped onto the end of my username) xD
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You can tell it's the future by the mini nukes creating mushroom clouds off in the distance.

I used to draw stuff, one of my "characters" I named Jack Sukeru because of reasons. It would look like him.

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Everyone would look like this:

I'm glad my username isn't a character and we can all still eat solid foods and agree video games can constitute as art.

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@Everyones_A_Critic said:

Everyone would look like this:

I'm glad my username isn't a character and we can all still eat solid foods and agree video games can constitute as art.

Your image is broken?

EDIT: Nevermind...just took like 10 minutes for it to properly show up instead of the "no image" icon

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Wolf Hazard is a bearded war hero who has no friends and gives no fucks.

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Me. If you want a more specific answer, how about "Organization XIII cloak wearing a crown"?

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My character would look like this:

Erole San Jeust
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It's my last name so...Me?

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Google image search "Spoonman".  All of those pictures apply.

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It's a nickname I was given in like 6th/7th grade
so a picture of me from 6th/7th grade.

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A warrior with a bandana. Because why the fuck not.

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A fat guy eating a hamburger. Basically me.

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mine already IS a character


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Oh Christ.

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@TooWalrus said:

The top picture is amazing.

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@Everyones_A_Critic: You're an asshole.

On topic: probably like a snail. Such as my avatar.

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It's an image I've always identified myself as. Even though of getting a Tattoo based on it.
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Bob Ross with a tie dye shirt?

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My avatar (which is me), only replace the Aussie hat with an Aussie pirate hat and insert an eye patch.

...you can pick where to insert it

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My username is the basis for a character of my own invention. A quite tall, very skinny redhead with a goofy haircut that I make using the create a player in all the sports games I played since World Series 2K3 (his height ranges from 6'7" to 6'11" depending on the sport and the restrictions of the games create a player).

Of course that's not the basis for my username it's just something I started doing for some reason. (ok I did it because the Red Sox needed a kick ass third baseman damn it!)

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Scrawnto was originally the name of one of my characters in WoW. He was an undead priest with a missing jaw, and shaggy gray hair. Picture that, and your just about there. I actually drew a picture of him a couple of years back. Maybe I'll post it when I get to my PC at home.

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A rice farmer who is wearing racer x's mask and looking into a sunset (all drawings of this are welcome, Alternate drawing idea: A rice farmer with racer x's mask doing a backflip over a were wolf with blades for hands who is saying "now I will show you my true form")

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A revolver holding a revolver

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A zebra.

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short, fat and virgin.