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A little while ago I realized I don't listen to too many rappers. Lupe is my favorite but I'd like to listen to a wider variety. So I was hoping Giantbomb could recommend me some people they enjoy listening to.

Rappers I frequently listen to:

Lupe - As a poet myself, the way Lupe can create amazing wordplay, double entendres, and metaphors in such a clever way always amazes me.

Kid Cudi - Appeals to the emotions. I enjoy his music.

OutKast - Love Outkast.

That's actually a shorter list than I thought it'd be. At the moment I'm trying to get into Aesop Rock and Immortal Technique but I'm not enjoying Immortal Technique too much and Aesop Rock's voice is a little much for me. I'm slowly getting used to it though and I must say his lyrics are amazing.

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It sounds like you would enjoy Kanye's first two albums.

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Public Enemy


The Pharcyde

Black Moon

The Weeknd


Kanye West

The Roots

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Wow. I've heard of none of those people, except Outkast. I'm fucking old.

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@Unknown_Pleasures said:

Public Enemy


The Pharcyde

Black Moon

The Weeknd


Kanye West

The Roots

Yes. Yes. These. All of these (even if I'm not a huge Kanye or Nas fan myself). May I suggest Big Boi's solo album? It's fantastic. You'll love it if you're an Outkast fan. I'm also a fan of Curren$y, Tyler the Creator (but I know why people hate him) and Childish Gambino (most of his stuff is out there for free on his website).

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Andre from Outkast





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@VinceNotVance: Oh yeah I forgot about Curren$y....Jet Life.

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Few must listens:

  • Nas - Illmatic
  • Mobb Deep - The Infamous
  • GZA - Liquid Swords
  • Big L - Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous

There are obviously tons more but I was just about to go to bed before seeing your thread. I'll try and remember to come back here and give you some more suggestions, promise.

Ironically even with Jeff's love of Hip Hop I rarely see much love for the genre here, which is a shame because personally I love talking about it.

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You should try Mos Def's album Black On Both Sides, it's real great.

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All artists I enjoy. The mf doom song is in saints row 3 if it sounded familiar to you.

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Needs more MF Doom.

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@VinceNotVance: I forgot to add Childish Gambino. I like him too.

@chrismafuchris: I can not get into Mos Def no matter how hard I try. I know he's a wonderful rapper but I just can't get into his music. However, I do really enjoy his song Respiration with Talib Kweli and Common.

@IkariNoTekken: I'll give those a listen thanks.

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@dolanduk: heh.

MF doom. my favorite doom persona is Viktor Vaughn.

Wu tang. Ghostface's solo stuff is probably the most accessible of that.

Deltron 3030. it's Del the funkee homosapien and dan the automater.

Black Star, which is a duo of Mos Def and Talib Kweli.


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@Three0neFive said:

Needs more MF Doom.

One of my favorite songs of his (all caps)

Those beats are damn amazing. That enough mf doom songs?

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Cannibal Ox. Be brave. Think of it as rapping over the Terminator soundtrack. 

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@Vegetable_Side_Dish: cannibal ox is the shit, but no one i've ever talked to other than my brother knew who they are :/

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childish gambino is really good, chiddy bang isn't bad... OFWGKTA is a niche taste, dont know if you would like that

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Check out Childish Gambino's (aka the actor/comedian Donald Glover) latest album. It is NOT a comedy album, but his wordplay, double entendres, and metaphors are some of the best I've heard. Sounds right up your alley.

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@blackbird415: Yeh I'm not surprised, they're pretty intimidating, don't really have much of an audience. Releasing one album doesn't help either..I just wish more popular acts had followed their example, imagine the possibilities..ah well. 
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@Frenchie108 said:

childish gambino is really good, chiddy bang isn't bad... OFWGKTA is a niche taste, dont know if you would like that

Whoa, simultaneous post about Gambino.

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I would recommend Mos Def, the Roots, Childish Gambino, and Ivan Ives.

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@BRich: I actually have it on my phone and have listened to it. I enjoy him alot but his metaphors and wordplay can be a bit weak for my tastes.

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@Sincillian: really, you have probably missed some because a lot of his lines are pure gold. have a look at rapgenius.com and look at "freaks and geeks". great lines

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These are some dudes I'd recommend. Some are based on what MCs you've mentioned others are just guys that are coming up now that are doing something fresh. Aesop Rock is great, but isn't for everyone. My opinion is None Shall Pass is probably his best work. Immortal Technique, I think is hard to identify with if you aren't into battle raps and very politically charged views. Revolutionary Vol. 2 remains my favorite of his albums.

Action Bronson - Has a Ghostface sounding voice, but is lyrically unique especially using cuisine metaphors. His latest album Well Done is amazing and Dr. Lecter is fun to listen to.

Kidz in the Hall - Great Rapper/Producer combo. The In Crowd has a wide variety of styles to it (aka should have something for everyone.)

P.SO the Earthtone King - Probably the closest you'll get to Lupe without it being a clone. Different style lyrically than Lupe though, leaning on even more obscure references such as specific super hero traits and the such. Get Suicide By Jellyfish (yes, it's a 7 Pounds reference and best of all it's free.)

John Robinson - Probably some of the smoothest rapping with a one of kind voice. A lot of great material to choose from, I'd recommend both Who Is This Man? and The Leak Edition Vol. 2.

Also, I'd recommend that you go through the rappers that you've liked that are featured on songs with the guys you listen to. Finally, it goes without saying that (MF) DOOM is most likely your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. Madvillainy is pretty much a gateway drug to all things DOOM.

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Drake's new album is the best mainstream album of this year.

All Kanye, especially My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy

Tyler, The Creator

Pusha T

The Roots

Wu Tang Clan

The Fugees

Childish Gambino

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@Frenchie108: Okay I must admit those lines are pretty nice. I gotta pay attention to his other songs then because quite a few of them are very straightforward.

@MannyMAR: I really appreciate the response. I'll give them a listen.

@Suedehead: Definitely been meaning to listen to Drake's new album

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I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Tech N9ne or Yelawolf. They're the best rappers around as far as flow goes, and Tech N9ne is the best rapper in every single way. Lyrics, flow, speed, etc. I'm shocked at the lack of recommendations. Here's a good song with a ton of rappers on it. in the info section on the actual Youtube video, you'll see each rapper in the order they appeared in the song.

  Here are a few Tech N9ne and Yelawolf songs for you to check out, as well. 
  This is a song with Yelawolf and Bun B, another very good rapper in his own right. I feel like this song is a solid way to show their styles.
  The above song is about how people think he isn't gangsta, but supposedly needs to be. So, don't take the "Come gangsta" and whatnot as him telling you to, it's what the other rappers and radio people say. Lol
  One of my favorites of his. One of the best things about him is that he mixes up his flow multiple times throughout his songs, which really helps keep them all fresh.
  Another one of my favorites that most people don't really seem to think about with him.
  The following two show another side of his music. He has party songs, pump-up songs, and then he has these ones. The emotional ones, about his failed marriage, having to spend his time away from his family, etc.
  Also, listen to Dysfunctional. Anyway, I'm sorry to everyone for having to scroll past my long-ass comment, but hey...I'm a big Tech N9ne fan. If you're reading this, I do hope you looked through some of them and at least gave them a try.
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Royce Da 5'9"

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Rap... taste.... you lost me there.

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Came in here to also herald Childish Gambino. Camp is way, way, way better than I ever expected. It's maybe my favorite album of the year.

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@Geo7877 said:

Royce Da 5'9"

He's another good underrated one.  This is an example of one of his older songs he did with Eminem forever ago. Long before they became Bad Meets Evil.
Another good song with Tech N9ne (whom I had previously written about) and two other rappers who haven't really been mainstream below.
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The roots is a must, if you want something more underground try Johnny Polygon. He had kid cudi help him with a remix of one of his songs.

But most importantly, a tribe called quest is something I really recommend and if you like them, check out the documentary they just made about them.

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@Mmmslash said:

Came in here to also herald Childish Gambino. Camp is way, way, way better than I ever expected. It's maybe my favorite album of the year.

Since everyone has been talking about Donald Glover on here (Childish Gambino), here are two songs to save the OP some time looking for one:
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I've always liked a few of what Atmosphere puts out, basically Sunshine and Yesterday, but not much else.

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Everyone I already listen to Childish Gambino lol. From listening to Freaks and Geeks though I just found out how good he actually is.

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If you like emotional hip hops, I suggest Atmosphere.

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Check out Amiri Baraka dropping a sick rhyme right here.

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You need some Ice Cube in your life, son.

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Aesop Rock all day. Astronautilus as well.

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@Frenchie108 said:

@Sincillian: really, you have probably missed some because a lot of his lines are pure gold. have a look at rapgenius.com and look at "freaks and geeks". great lines

Thanks for posting rapgenius, I think I missed at least 90% of "Freaks and Geeks"

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Jay-Z Reasonable doubt.

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Kool Keith.

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Seriously. This is where it's at.

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@Sincillian: I'd suggest Drake, almost all of his stuff. He sometimes lets lil wayne feature or something and those aren't so great. Drake is the only rapper I've ever really really liked.

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@Milkman said:

I lol'd heartily when I saw this.

I remember when I found about Surburban All-Stars and played this songs with the girls riding in my car. Priceless.