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and it ain't bad neither. link

it's all there after the third paragraph. i really enjoy how he's fully embraced the crusty old man voice but he's still got the super fast flow on songs like banished to hold it down

in case you didn't know the record is a collaboration with producer Jneiro Jarel akin to past collaborations with Danger Mouse and Madlib

it's called Key to the Kuffs and it drops on august 20

does anyone have an opinion they would like to divulge on this matter?

also, did you guys hear about the album he produced for Masta Ace? That totally came out like a full month ago. it's comprised of mostly already-released beats, but masta ace always delivers with that realness so its all good. check it out

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wtf that came out of nowhere!

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I heard 'ello guv'nor a few weeks ago and I loved its regular show samples. I am down for anything done by DOOM.

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the album is quite interesting. it's a more focused sound then im used to from doom. i really like it.

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Awesome stuff, always glad to hear some MF Doom.

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Son of Yvonne was great! Master Ace might be a bit monotone, but he has amazing story telling capabilities. Looking forward to given this one a listen, Doom always produce some dope ass beats.

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It sounds pretty cool but I have no respect for the dude after he sent random people in his masks to preform for him...

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Nice, new material! Haven't listened to any Doom for long time. Listening now, let's see if I still like the man.

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I have never been able to get into MF Doom. Might as well try again now.

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Listening now, pretty good so far. Really like Banished.

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Yay! Two new DOOM albums is a good way to start the day.

@sissylion: Might I recommend Vaudeville Villain. Have you given that a shot? For whatever reason I find his Viktor Vaughn persona is the most accessible.

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@SamStrife said:

It sounds pretty cool but I have no respect for the dude after he sent random people in his masks to preform for him...

that actually makes him sound cooler to me lol.. ohwell

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@pyromagnestir: I think I've only tried Danger Doom because everyone said to listen to that first. But I will try Vaudeville Villain. Eventually.

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muppet is my new favorite slang

good album

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I never liked MF Doom. His delivery is incredibly muddy, his beats are stuck in the '90's (same problem I have with DJ Premier, dude hasn't evolved in a decade plus and the industry stays on his dick), and his "deep lyrics" are cliched rhymes we've heard a million rappers do a million times before like "Rhymes like dimes" and "Thugs and drugs". He may as well throw in a "Hennessy and enemies" line while he's at it. It also pisses me off when a rapper is called "socially conscious" when they're just preaching overly-simplified, watered-down messages that get by solely on the fact that they're positive.

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Thanks for posting this! I'm always up for some MF Doom.

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