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(Okay this is kind of a humble brag, whatevs.)

So I'm finally in Tokyo. I went to bed around 10pm, think I'd sleep right through to the morning after getting a decent amount of sleep on the plane. However it is currently 1am and I as wide awake as I can be.

I'm sure others here have had experience with jet lag, what strategies do you use to combat it? I've tried nothing and I'm all out of ideas! (Actually I've tried alcohol, Sapporo is delicious and is 150 yen from the hotel's vending machine. Also Kirin Chu-Hai Strong.)

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At least you are in Tokyo. I'm in Norway and winter is coming :/

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Did you know in japan there is no law against just sleeping outside anywhere.

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Whenever this topic comes up, I say :'Soapland'! Get off, and you'll be sleeping like a baby. Like ask at the lobby for a sports relaxation massage or sumthing such.

Just read the Wikipedia entry on it, and get some stupid ideas. Or really really good ones. Depending on how you see it.

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As someone who used to have to switch my sleep schedule back and forth every two weeks, expecting your body to stay asleep as long as you want it to is the most common mistake. What you should have done is take some medicine that puts you to sleep, but don't do it now otherwise you'll just sleep too late into the next day. At this point you done goofed, so do your best to get through until tomorrow night and use some sleeping medicine then (try and be asleep at 9 at the earliest, any earlier and you risk waking up waking up in the deadest part of the morning). Also Soapland!

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Go outside and pretend you're in the cyberpunk future.

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Drink + Masturbate + Listen to Brad's soothing voice = sleep

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@erhard said:

Go outside and pretend you're in the cyberpunk future.

Where can I punch some hard deck around here cowboy?

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Ambien, it's the only way to travel.

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Depending on what time you arrived in Tokyo, if you just went to bed close to when you arrived you would probably find it hard to sleep since you just slept on the plane.
I tend to never be able to sleep on flights at all (really freaking boring) so when I've gone to Japan I've never had much problems with jet-lag since I am pretty much knackered by normal bedtime hours, regardless on when I arrived there. Then the next day I'm pretty much fully adjusted sleep wise. My problems is more with my stomach, it usually takes a couple of days to readjust to the new timezone.
I suppose you could try and just drag yourself through a full night then hope that by next day you will be able to go to bed at normal time. I mean, Tokyo has a ton of stuff to do even during night time (even though the subway doesn't start again until 5-6 or so). If your close to Akihabara then you obviously should go there, or if your with friends, just go around to the local karaoke place. They should all be pretty much 24/7 and you can get good deals on renting a room from 11 to 5 in the morning with as much booze as you can drink. Just make sure that if your Japanese isn't up to snuff that you ask if they got English friendly machines.
In any case, enjoy yourself!!
I'm just a week or so from being back from Tokyo myself, already miss it :(

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To all: Many thanks for your suggestions, I eventually dropped off at 2am and slept right through to 10am, which was great. I'll address some points raised:

Medication: I'd rather not but if it happens again I may consider it.

Soaplands: no. Nothing against them, just not for me.

Nightlife/Akihabara: Worth a try next time, I am within walking distance...

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How big is your lag?

The strategy that usually works for me is forcing myself to get to the new timezone through sleep deprivation during the first day. That means forcing myself to sleep at about 10 pm (local time), even when I would have been awake for more than a day by then. It sucks for the first day, but after one good night sleep my body gets aligned with the times quite fast.

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Just reconnect to the server if you have lag.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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sleep with a body pillow