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I grew up with video games, you grew up with video games and so did a bunch of todays musicians apparently. This may just be a thing within the sphere of music that I choose to be my primary haunt but its impressive how much of an influence games seemed to have had on todays music producers.

So obviously this could be a massive piece but that's not the point of this right now, I will therefore not expand greatly on what I think it means. What I will say is that I believe that this is simply a manifestation of games becoming a part of everyones lives to the same extent that TV was and is part of peoples lives. The result of this is that just as TV shows and movies have been sampled to all hell, video games have been such an important part of many peoples lives that they make up a significant part of their inspiration. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that this is a new trend, but following the takeover of electronically produced music the appreciation of that approach to making music is getting less and less niche.

Having said all that here are a couple of examples of artists I follow that embody this.


Jonwayne is a producer/rapper from a label called Stonethrown, all the beats are his and that's also him rapping. His style is light on actual direct sampling and concentrates on trying to recreate the feel of retro game soundtracks.

Jonwayne - Reflection

Jonwayne - Royalty

The first time I heard of Jonwayne was when I stumbled across his album "Bowser", this was produced much earlier in his career compared to the stuff above, so from that what you will. You can find the whole album in the youtube mix below.

Jonwayne - Bowser (Album)

Ryan Hemsworth

Ryan is a canadian hip hop DJ/Producer who has been getting a lot of looks for being very different to the rest. A larger part of what drew me to him at the start was his experiments with game soundtracks. He uses them as a tool to create stylistic breaks in his sets which really give everything an interesting feel. His style is very sample heavy and extremely unorthodox.

For those that are generally into hip hop, below you can find a 24:00 min set he did for Scion which will give you a good idea of what I was trying to express above.

Ryan Hemsworth - SLOWED SUMMER

For those that aren't really that into hip hop, here is a couple of examples of how he works with game soundtracks.

Donkey Kong Country OST - Aquatic Ambience (Ryan Hemsworth Bootleg)

Main Attrakionz - Perfect Skies (Seiken Densetsu Mix)


Joker is UK-based producer primarily know for Grime and Dubstep (the UK kind). I went to a bunch of his shows when I lived in London for a few years and thought I knew what he was about. So it came as surprise when he released a set on Soundcloud entitled "


". It is basically his lover letter to that era of original game soundtracks.

Joker - (STAGE 6) Desert Labyrinth

Joker - (STAGE 8 ) Tokya District

Thunder Cat

Brainfeeder's Thundercat is not only an awesome musician and surely one of the best bassists to have ever lived but he also has a massive thing for Nintendo. The track (and it's title) speaks for itself:

Thundercat - Bowzer's Ballad (Dedicated to Legendary Nintendo Boss Hiroshi Yamauchi (R.I.P)

There you go, my first proper post. I could go on and on but that's it for now. There is going to be mistakes and all that good stuff but you know, i'm german and it ain't my first language... so deal with it.

Either-way I hope someone gets something out of it and i hope to see some happy sharing of further examples of this sort of thing.