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One or two of you might have heard snippets of my music from the various geysersofbrilliance across the mighty "Whiskey Media Intern / user Empire", but what you almost certainly haven't heard (unless you're my downstairs neighbour - sorry pal!) are these original, classic, pristine qualityUNCUT MIXES.

Basically, these are what I ended up with before I had to crunch 'em down to under 30 seconds (Trivia: 9 out of ten podcasts aren't interested in length... it's all about the musical... girth). (Yes I did just make that joke). Working out what to keep and what to chop actually does wonders to a piece of music, because it really makes you run a little quality-control algorithm in your head (I like this part, I could live without this bit) and makes the final product that much tighter and more congruous.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy enjoy them!

Robinson Revue Original Mix by Tebbit

Internal Affairs Original Mix by Tebbit

Internal Affairs Outro Original Mix by Tebbit

Pass the Whiskey Extended Mix by Tebbit

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Holy shit!

Internal Affairs Original Mix is awesome!

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@Dany: It's probably my favourite of the bunch. I still think having an intro theme that goes for a minute and a half would be pretty badass.

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Awesome stuff, dude. I'm glad I got to hear the full versions of these. You're like the resident podcast music producer. Great work.

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@JJWeatherman: Haha. I'll be employed in no time! *hint hint @whiskeymedia *

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Great stuff man. I loved listening to them!

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These are really awesome. My favorite is the Internal Affairs original too.

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@shodan2020: Thanks!!

@NickL: People seem oddly compelled by it! I'm glad you enjoyed them :)

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I get a real Bionic Commando feel from the Pass the Whiskey theme.

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@damswedon: Oh no... now I can't unhear it!!

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Man I wish we could use that whole intro.

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@GlenTennis: If there's one thing you guys need, it's an overly-long, anime style intro.

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You have some pretty progressive key/synth lines... Loving it.

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@Matfei90: As a man with the Majesty logo as your display picture, I bet you know a few things about progressive synth lines :D Thanks!

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The internal affairs intro always reminded me of airwolf.

By which I mean I like it more!

Keep up to good work!!!

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