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So my girlfriend's internet has been acting up lately (going on and off) so she went to the store and they gave her a new router and upgraded her to 50mbps (through Cable One). However with the new router and plan I'm still getting 5mbps / .50mbps speeds on speedtest.

I get 10mbps through Century Link DSL in my dorm room and speedtest shows anywhere from 10-13mbps at my place, so a speedtest on hers should read around 50mbps, correct?

Does it take awhile for the speed to upgrade or something? Do they need to run new cable to the house or something?

So we're thinking of just canceling and getting CenturyLink at her place too. Is that probably the best option? They can do up to 40mbps out here..

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It could be that her modem is not pulling the new profile down. It doesnt take "time" to update, just a profile that controls the speed of the modem. U should call them and get them to investigate

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Just call her cable company and check that they've properly updated her account. I've actually encountered several situations where people at my local cable office screw something up and in contrast the people on phone support are surprisingly competent.

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If they upgrade your speed you should see results instantaneously.. If it's going on and off it could be a bunch of different things. Her IP could be throttling her internet or there could simply be a short in the wiring. My internet used to go off and on all the time, more so in the summer when the house would shift a lot from the heat. I think I called Comcast a dozen times before getting someone who recognized that there might be a short and they supposedly boosted my signal. Ever since then, it's been pretty stable.

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Give the ISP a call. I work for an ISP and provisioning can easily get messed up.

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Always online, bro.

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Honestly, her ISP could be throttling her account...even by "accident". When I lived in a different city about 3+ years ago U I was with Charter and they were God awful. They would constantly throttle my speed and they would magically find something that "shouldn't be like that". Now that I am with EPB fiber optics I get 100 Mbps for around $50 and its fiber right to my house so no need for a modem of any kind. I would say check with the ISP first as there can be an issue at a station or even something set on her account.