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Christopher Nolan's Interstellar trailer finally has some real footage and story details. And Matthew Mcconaughey delivers and amazing performance.

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That's one hell of a trailer. I hope they don't shit the bed on this one.

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That goddamn trailer and that goddamn music. I am so excited.

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Why does the space mission to save the entire human race happen on a farm in the middle of Kansas or something? That's not even near the equator! You'd get no advantages from the Earth's rotational velocity! This is highly illogical!

...Who am I kidding. It looks great. Chris Nolan trailers are always the best.

Also, I like that it includes the "at this rate Earth is totally fucked" angle, which I feel is a good thing to remind people of at every available opportunity.

You know, feel-good moviemaking!

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Dunno how I feel about the trailer, but it's fuckin' Matthew Mcconaughey and Christopher Nolan. It'll probably be pretty good.

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I like more of Nolan's movies than I don't care for, and it's a good trailer. I find it hard getting really, really excited about it though.

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I imagine that not a single scene from the last 4/5ths of the movie was shown here.

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The general premise has been done before, go to space and save Earth, but the fact that it is interstellar travel makes it infinitely more interesting to me. Not to mention that it is Christopher Nolan who I think is a great director and Hans Zimmer doing the score!

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This isn't Daft Punk at all! Seriously though, it looks cool. I just hope 4/5ths of the movie isn't on Earth.

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Nolan rarely disappoints

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Looks great. I like the idea of science fiction meaning something again instead of just another empty summer blockbuster.

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I'm a massive fan of all involved, I can't wait.

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Nolan is one of my favourite directors. Hasn't made a bad movie in my opinion. Can't wait to see this.

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I love that Michael Caine has been appearing in every Nolan movie since the 1st Batman now, I love that guy.

But anyways, I adore movies that approach Space with a degree of love and mystery to them so this movie is tugging at everything I love in a movie, can't wait!

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Kinda don't know what it's about. Is it gonna be 2 hours of Earth-stuff, and then some brief foray into space 2001-style and roll credits, or is it half and half?

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Looks like it will end up being boring.

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Looks like some great science fiction! Music's good too, but sounds familiar. I'm not sure, but I think it might be from V for Vendetta.

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Visual Effects by DNeg. Should be solid!

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The general premise has been done before, go to space and save Earth, but the fact that it is interstellar travel makes it infinitely more interesting to me. Not to mention that it is Christopher Nolan who I think is a great director and Hans Zimmer doing the score!

Oh yes the great Hans Zimmer from The Amazing Spiderman 2 score.

We all should not forget that Electro themesong abomination so quickly.

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meh..... could be okay, getting that whole misunderstood Spielberg vibe a lot of films have in their trailers now a days. McConaughey could be good after his oscar win, but this could be a lot like Contact.

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I hope they don't spend too much time before getting to the space part. Definitely seems like my kinda movie.

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That...that tagline is beautiful.

I'm looking forward to this.

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It has my attention, but I'm not sure what to think of it yet. There wasn't that much there, by intent obviously. The premise seems cool but I'm not sure what the movie is actually about.

That said, I've loved Nolan's films, so I have high hopes.

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@cale: I'd say based on Nolan's other films it's a reasonably safe bet that it will blend the two together in some way (so space stuff interspersed with earth stuff).

Although that would essentially make it "The Fountain" for people who like actual narrative structure in their films.

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I like the cut of Nolan's jib, and I could go for some sedate, contemplative, non-actiony sci-fi.

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Fucking stoked for this. I love all Nolan's movies (well Dark Knight Rises is probably filed under "like") and the stuff he's done that isn't action focused has been his best work in my opinion.

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It would take a lot to keep me away from this movie.

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Looks good obviously; first 30-45 minutes is in the trailer and I'm sure there will be lots of exposition for that part; then the true Nolan begins.

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@secondpersonshooter: Dude, that audio design revolving around that song mixed with the movie was amazing. I thought it was really great. If you didn't think so, at least you might respect the creativity of mixing all those elements. You barely ever see that. In fact, I've never seen it myself before.

Ontopic: Not going to watch. The premise sounds great and it's Christopher Nolan. Already decided to see it, so not going to watch the trailer.

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Finally, a trailer that doesn't spoil the entire fucking movie!

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@babychoochoo: Yeah, really refreshing. They're even keeping secret who the majority of the actors in the movie is playing because it would reveal important plot poonts (I'm guessing the film will have time travel and/or alternate Dimensions based on the premise in the trailer, so that's probably what it would reveal...but who knows?).

Also, say what you will about Nolan (I love most of his work), but at least he's using his goodwill from the Batman movies to make insanely ambitious movies like this one.

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Christopher Nolan could direct paint drying and I'd still watch it. I can't wait for this film, let the McConaissance continue!