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Hi, I'm new, made an account a few hours ago. Working on a list of my 32 favourite gaming characters. Don't know what I'll do on the site, maybe nothing :P Oranje boven!

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Hi, I'm James G. I'm a 23 year old math major and a longtime gamer. I have what they call "Asperger Syndrome" and must take heavy medication to make myself functional (I can't even play video games with out stimulants). I love Mathematics and hope to someday become a successful research Mathematician. One of my favorite hobby is gaming. My favorite game is FF7. The fondest memories I have is playing games (especially FF7 and MGS)with my best friend Spencer. He's pretty much my only friend, but we're like brothers. Tragically, he died suddenly a couple of weeks ago. I wish it was me, instead. I love him and I am grieving. Videogames don't seem fun anymore. They Just make me sad.

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Yo. I'm Corey. I've listened to the GB podcasts for about a year or so. I just wanted to write a quick post to find some like minded night owl gamers. I have PS3, 360, Wii U and 3DS. I'm married with 3 kids (7, 4 and 6 months). I play all types of games and would love to find some peeps who enjoy cursing, drinking and gaming? Anyways...

PSN: cotain

360 gamertag: cotain

Wii U code: no fucking clue. I should look into finding it, I guess.

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Hello my name is Cid but i go by Tw1tch (due to my friends jokes that I am a zombie game junkie lol). With the new year ive decided to pursue my dream of being a video game blogger and reviewer and, since ive been relying on GiantBomb for the past 2 years for my reviews, decided to start here. Look for informative but personal reviews from me in the future, as well as a conversation on any video game under the sun.

I primarily play xbox 360 and the occasional PC RPG but I also play games on PSP,PSVita,original Xbox,PS2,and 3DS. Im also looking to buy a high-end PC but thats probably later down the line. Its early (at least for me lol) so it isnt shown now but I have a certain Hunter S. Thompson-gonzo journalist vibe to articles and things of that nature. Give me a while to get used to the way things go on here and im sure we'll share some good vibes.

btw my xbox GT is:HippiexNerdx420 and my Psn is:LeetMojo88

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I'm Zebracal but you can call me Zeb

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Howdy. I go by Acavedo. Don't ask me how to pronounce it, because I actually have no idea myself. If you need random trivia that isn't related to video games, I'm your guy.


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Hi I'm Rokkaku, been here a while but thought I'd introduce myself properly. Kudos to you if you know where me username is from already, if not, it's from Jet Set Radio Future, one of my favourite games of all time, and single-handedly justified my purchase of an Xbox.

You won't find many people who like Metal Gear Solid 1-4, GTA: Vice City, or Heavy Rain more than me.

See you around.

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Hiya Everyone!

My name is Zak. I knew about GIantBomb for a while, but never joined the website until now.

Well what is there to say about me. I currently work at a middle school teaching behavioral discipline students. I went to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, receiving a B.S. in Physics, minoring in both Astronomy and Music. I ran track and field from high school through college, and currently run professionally.

I love all types of video games. I've been a gamer for over 20 years, since I was 2. My favorite genres are RPG's and Survival Horror.

I'm a goofball at heart :P

Anything else you want to know, feel free to ask!

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I'm Dajimmyrustla

I play LoL and a ton of other crap.

I use vulgarity like one would you a paintbrush on a canvas it is my art form.

I yoyo and play harmonica.

I fucking love comics.

Rustle them jimmes.

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Hi, I'm kierpanda!

I'm a gamer, a cooking blog writer, and an f1 fan. :]

I'm 22 years old and currently working in the gaming industry as a community manager.

Nice to meet you all.

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Hey guys I'm NoMoreMutants, I'm 21 years old and living in Dublin. My friend got me into Giant Bomb last year and I've been meaning to sign up for a while! I'm a business and economics student and do stand up comedy in my free time. I'm really into games, cartoons, comic books and wrestling. Glad to be here!

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Did I not do this?

I'm Sinusoidal, AKA Underwaterbob, AKA Lurch, a studied musician/physicist (the two most un-employable degrees it's possible to get) teaching English for a living and enjoying it in Korea.

I recently made a game. Download it here (for the next two weeks at least) http://wikisend.com/download/402388/PRESSSPACE_1.1.zip 64bit windows only, needs a video card not ten years old, though five or six is fine.

Long time lurker, relative newish poster.

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My name's TheFreepie,

Bro that's no lie.

If you like playing games,

Well so do I!

I don't socialize,

got a lot on my mind,

So I'll load it all here

from time to time.

If the forums are good then maybe I'll stick,

Only thing bigger than my ego is my


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Hello, everybody. Lurker since 2009, finally decided to get involved in this community. Favorite game series include Yakuza series, Fallout, and Fire Emblem. I'm an avid PC gamer and am regularly on Steam. Add me [DasFool] if you'd like.

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Hey I'm new here, nice to meet you all.

I'm looking to discuss games (orly?) :P. Always looking for new friends, you can add me on Steam: colder_shot OR Exilarius . PSN: Colder_Shot

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Hello all, my name is WasabiCurry (real name Ralph). I am a laid-back kind of guy who likes to search out new computer parts on a daily basis and is greatly interested in new technology. I am a pre-med student starting this semester and am no way smart. Xp I love to discuss video games and play them as well (who would have thought amirite?!?).

Add me on Steam WasabiCurry. Pretty much I am strictly to PC, but I do respect console folk who want to game on their hardware. We are all gamers that is what matters more.

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Hello everyone,

I'm Melinda, I live in Paris, I'm 24, I'mstudying psychology in college.

I like drawing, geeking and partying. I also like meeting new people.

Pleased to meet you !

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Hey PrimalHorse. Long time lurker, giantbomb quicklooks have been my hangover wet-nurse through most of uni and until the present day. for that I thank you.

Finally decided to step from the shadows like a Rasmus fan.

I like violent power fantasies and schadenfreude. I don't like the Rasmus.

I'm scared.

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I'm Maribold Sniggins the Third. I actual have/habor a deep hatred for all things video games.

But I also have a deeper hate of myself, so Gaming is self flagellation for me. It is a problem and I have considered getting help, but as we all know them psycho head doctors are in league with Lizard Elite (AKA. ILLUMANTI).

Live long, live well, live forever(via vampirism/deal with satan)

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Hello! I'm Phoenix! My real name is Joe and I am from England, I play Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS and PC. Who else thinks 2013 is going to be an excellent gaming year? ^^

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Whats going on, all.

Tyler from Maryland in the States. Just picked up a yearly membership. I've been on the fence on pulling the trigger but finally did in a drunken stupor one night... your welcome Giant Bomb! ;)

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Yo. I'm an ok guy I think.

I like writting prose and poetry and I want to have a book complete and on it's way to being published by sometime in March.



(thats a joke, I don't really hate any kind of game, I just have my preferences)

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Hey ! I'm Isma, from France. Hence the frequent typos. Aside from that, I don't play that much but enjoy talking about video games. I don't have a favorite genre but lastly I've been playing Hotline Miami for quite long sessions (3 to 5 hours in a row), love the gameplay and the music.

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Hi, I'm Erik, I'm 23 years old and Sweden's where I live. I like video games. I also like to make video games. And compose music for them. Movies are good, too.

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Hi Every one My name is Lorich brain. I am an accountant. To grow my knowledge accounts I am here and want to polish my skills. hope this is great.

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@Cirryopel said:

Hi Every one My name is Lorich brain. I am an accountant. To grow my knowledge accounts I am here and want to polish my skills. hope this is great.

I have never seen the use of a smiley on this forum. With your first post you have shocked me. I tip my hat to you.

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Thought I'd introduce myself as well.

I'm Jimmy, 21 from the Netherlands. Mainly playing WoW and some other RPG's at the moment.

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I'm Mallard. I'm old as fuck, hate video games, and could beat up all of you at once.

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Oi, I'm Phil and I'm from Philly. l work for Phillips and excel at electronics, but my real passion is philosophy though. So one day I hope to have enough money to just read and ponder and maybe get into some philanthropy work as well.

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Spraynard here. I started listening to the Bombcast about 6 months ago and this is the first time I've posted on the forums. I'm usually on gamefaqs but I don't see that as a community. I mostly worked as a policeman in those forums, breaking up fights and getting down to business.

I like games. I like music. I like spaghetti. I like movies. I like you.

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Hello I'm Sara

I like to play on PC

I also enjoy music and i'm learning to play the clarinet

I like to draw too :)

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Hi everyone. My name is Sophia. :)

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hi everyone!!! i love mitch alboms books!!!! ;)

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Hello. My name's Aaron. I'm an amateur writer and I live in the Southern United States. I have every current-gen console,but my favorite gaming platform is the PC.

My favorite games are Persona 3,Mass Effect 2,Fallout: New Vegas,and Dark Souls.

I also really like anime,my favorite animes are Neon Genesis Evangelion and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya.

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Should have subscribed eons ago, but finally did as the podcast is a download I look forward to every week. Kevin and I live in Illinois. I head up the pro scouting department for the Houston Astros, so Bombcast is on mostly while flying or driving and with the job, it's way less console gaming, way more mobile gaming. Before this I was a baseball writer and podcaster and we once had Brad on our show.

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Hello! I'm James!

This is my second account on the site (SparkEngineer is my other one). I don't use that ID anymore so I figured I'd start fresh~.

GiantBomb produces my all time favorite gaming content. I love the diverse personalities and the hilarity the crew get into.

I'm a Computer Engineer, my favorite game genres are Strategy, Rhythmic, RPG and Adventure. I do enjoy the odd Action/FPS game though.

Currently playing Total War: Shogun 2 and Amplitude thanks to Vinny's Encyclopedia Bombastica entry.

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Hello, My name is Chris, but I more commonly go by CaptMagic online.

I love games, video games and tabletop games, I'm an equal opportunity game player I guess you could say. I also love cars, and I one day hope to have my own repair shop, but that goal is right now on the very back burner.

I like playing Minecraft, I have it for both the PC and the Xbox. I think I could be classified as a casual gamer, i don't play a lot of FPS's, I like more puzzle games and things, I mean, I do play games like Rage and I play some CoD, but I'm not super into the franchise to call myself a CoD fan boy.

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@kingclip said:

Should have subscribed eons ago, but finally did as the podcast is a download I look forward to every week. Kevin and I live in Illinois. I head up the pro scouting department for the Houston Astros, so Bombcast is on mostly while flying or driving and with the job, it's way less console gaming, way more mobile gaming. Before this I was a baseball writer and podcaster and we once had Brad on our show.

Welcome. And Brad huh, really? Could we get some more details on that?

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Hello all,

My name is SARA.I am newbie here.I have just come across here .I am working on hairstyles 2013 .

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Hello there everyone, I'm Agraba (let's keep it at that).

Living in Sweden and been a gamer most of my life by starting out on the commodore 64 with the cassette station.

Used to be a dance teacher but now I dance on my spare time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db_NbRM37o4

Now I am unemployed and doing some gaming coverage over on youtube which I always wanted to do but never had time.

If anyone is curious about that: https://www.youtube.com/user/Agraba81

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My kitty name is Karamel. I can Play EVERY game.

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Hey everyone. I'm Will.

I play a whole lot of anything on Playstation.

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Hey guys, Drewb here. I remember signing up a few years ago when a forum member posted a really awesome Black Ops emblem and I just had to ask him/her about it. That's my origin story in a nutshell.

I also make gaming commentaries, my stuff can be found here, https://www.youtube.com/user/MrDrewb420 ! It would be awesome to interact with some of you guys, maybe do some collaborative work.. If any of that sounds interesting to you, hit me up!

Peace and love and such.

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Been awhile since I've been here and wanted to go check this place out again. Seems pretty chill.

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Hello, my name is Bonnie, and I'm striving to become a concept artist. :)

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Hi I'm Michael Jordan and this is the windy city

so much chaos

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Hello, I love basketball and my idol is Derrick Rose.

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Hello my name is Adrian, long time lurker, especially in the achievements sections.