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Hello, I am AnGer_dono, known IRL as Andreas from Germany, 25. Found GiantBomb through last year's NWR Telethon and thought I'd drop by. I also uploaded a far too big picture for my avatar and cannot delete it.

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Hi there,

I'm Konstantinos, I'm 22 years old and I live in Hamburg, Germany. I've been following GiantBomb for maybe two years now. I really wanted to support this great form of game coverage, so I got a premium membership recently.

I study Business Management at the University of Hamburg and I'm working as a freelancer for the video game press. So if you live in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, you may have heard of the magazines I'm working for - ConsolAT & ConsolPLUS.

XBL: otixero
NNID: otixero
PSN: otixero
Twitter: @otixero

Send me a message if you want to play some games or just chat. I speak German, Greek, English, French (a bit rusty) and a little Japanese.

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I'm NotTheBees and I'm from Dublin, Ireland. I was a fairly active user here a couple of years ago.

I'm not a fanboy, I own a PS3 and a 360 ( lean towards the 360 though! ). Favourite games include Red Dead Redemption, the Portal series, The Walking Dead ( Telltale, not shitty survival instinct ), Football Manager, the Batman Arkham games and

the Mass Effect trilogy.

Interests include reading, writing, film, sport and music. Hope I can meet a lot of new people here on the site :)

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I'm me.

Wow, slacker. 2 years after the thread started. Tisk tisk.

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Hi, my name is Tom. My username is because my name starts with a "Y". I love video games, comic books, bubble gum (but only certain types of bubble gum) and rap music. I'm also probably one of the only people who are genuinely happy that EA has the Star Wars license. KOTOR? Battlefield? IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE OH MY GOD.

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I'm Haziq, but my user name is Haziqonfire. I'm 22 years old and from Toronto, Canada! Been a fan of Giant Bomb since Jeff and the gang were on GameSpot. I actively post on GameSpot still, as well as NeoGAF and now here too! Love the content these guys put out. Just wondering though about the posting history here, is there a way to click to the last read post in a thread? Would be helpful! Thanks!

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Hey I'm Meg. I'm 28 years old and from Sydney, Australia. Huge GB fan, it's the only site I read daily and the bombcasts are the highlight of my working week. I work in and around the industry and playing games is my most favourite thing to do when I get the time. I'll give just about anything a go and I'm mostly a 360 gamer.

I don't really have many friends who play games or know anything about them so I thought it might be nice to meet some people from this community with common interests. Also meet a few people who are willing to usher me into the world of multiplayer gaming.

Also, I know this is a lame post. I feel like I'm on a first date. Except not as drunk.

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Sup guys I'm Eddie from Seattle, WA. 31 year old male...i'll be mostly in the off topic areas. See yall around!

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Sup guys I'm Eddie and I'm a 31 year old male from Seattle. I'll mostly be talking the off topic discussions! See you guys around!

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I spend all my time playing games (mostly retro + TF2), watching anime/reading manga and prowling various forums.

Ain't got no job, ain't got no university education, but boy do I love video games.

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Not sure if I've made a post in here. But i guess it cant hurt :P

Name is Tobias, from Sweden and im soon to be 25 years old. 5 more weeks :O woooooooo

I recently became a Premium member here, and it feels great. And this forum has some really cool members. Id like to know them better.
I am a really nice guy, speak very good english, haha. Fun to play Xbox with.

This is the site where im gonna go first for news, QUICK LOOKS! previews, reviews, blogs and the whole crew of GB :)

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Hey everybody!

My name's Mat, I'm a 24 year old Welshman living and working in Denmark as a Graphic Designer. Apart from design, I'm a pretty dedicated gamer (mostly playing JRPGs, which by necessity makes me a Retro Gamer), and I own all the current gen consoles, as well as a lot of old Nintendo / Sega. I like writing about games, which is something I'd like to do more of, and also am one half of a Podcast called Tom + Mat Attack, which you can hear in iTunes.

Outside of all this, I like running, music and film. And will hopefully be starting to code C# when I make the leap from Mac to PC again (oh Steam, I've missed you!)

I've not posted on a forum for a long time, but think it's about time I get on one again, and after listening to Giant Bombcast, thought this might be the place!

I'd also like to get in touch with Danish gamers and just chat in general to you all, so if we do hit it off, feel free to message me for my Gamertag and all that stuff.

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Hello my fellow duders

I've been a fan of the site since late 2009, but never really contributed to the forums in any significant way. Hopefully I can correct that and maybe even write a blog or review in the future.

Hope to discussionize with y'all soon! ^_^

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Hello my fellow duders/dudettes

I've been a fan of the site since late 2009, but never really contributed to the forums in any significant way. Hopefully I can correct that and maybe even write a blog or review in the future.

Hope to discussionize with y'all soon! ^_^

Awesome that you're joining on the forum train!

The quickest of questions...did you get that account name back in 2009 or was there just not a single person who thought to use Giant_Bomb before you? Merely my idle curiosity at work, but shit threw me for a loop.

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@49th said:

hi my username is 49th... i hope to hav a nice time on this wesbite cos i like games and i can watch videos here and talk about it sometimes (if i want to!!!!!)

i like ps3 but im looking forward 2 the new ones... just 4 fun here are predictions... i think it will be called ps4 and xbox one and wii me or wii you lol xD

Wow! I can't believe I used to post like this. Also, blew my mind that I got most of my prediction correct, I don't even remember that.

This is probably not a real quote, or is it?

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@jukezypoo: haha oddly enough no one took it before today. GiantBomb was already taken, but I didn't try Giant Bomb because I assumed it'd be taken too

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Hey folks,

My name is Tristan, I'm 30 and I'm from Perth, Australia. I've been a subscriber for a couple of years, but finally decided to post on the forums.

My earliest gaming memory was Flightmare and Zany Golf on my Amstrad XT. Games have been one of my favourite pastimes ever since.

These days, I jump around between PC, handhelds and consoles fairly evenly. PM me if you are keen for some multiplayer.

Now, how can I play some Flightmare? ...

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I'm Talal. Been a premium member for a few months now. I knew about the site but didn't pay much attention till Sessler came on to the Bombcast and now I am wondering why I didn't join this community sooner. Anyhoo I am a 24 year old Pakistani, currently in Law school in the UK. I went to Canada for college( The stereotypes are true: THe country is cold but the people are warm, especially the women. They're like a factory of producing attractive, smart, really nice people) But yeah, open to all kinds of games, would prefer stuff with good narratives even if the gameplay is flawed. Stopped playing once I got to college but Mass Effect brought me back. These days, I tend to play one new game and then en something from my backlog. At the moment I am playing Tomb Raider, Luigis Mansion 2, Liberation Maiden and will start Animal Crossing soon. Thinking about starting a blog soon.


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Hi, my name is ChoboBot, 23 years old from London UK. I have been a fan of the Giantbomb guys since the old Gamespot days. I have a real passion for the gaming industry and games in general where I like to spend time conversing with other gamers on message boards.

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Hello I'm Brenda R Steinberg, from California.and i'm 30 Y/o

Thanks to the Admin:

Brenda Steinberg Bakersfield

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@mtfikhan said:

I went to Canada for college( The stereotypes are true: THe country is cold but the people are warm, especially the women. They're like a factory of producing attractive, smart, really nice people)

This made me smile, well said. We try.

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What's up everyone!

Name's Michael, a 19 year old Texan who loves everything and a lotta things! Not very much can bring down my good mood! I'm a very avid gamer on Xbox 360 GT:Sandman20210 if you wanna play a game of send a message my way! I mostly play COD but I have a wide range of other games, i'm sure we'll find something!

I'm a musician, I play all your basic concert instruments but my main instruments have to be drums and piano. Been playing drums since I was 5 and piano from freshman year in high school. I prefer rock music over any other genre but I'll listen to basically anything. 95% of the time I'll like the song.

I'm a very open guy who's an above average listener and going to be a psychiatrist one day! I love listening and helping others with their problems and such. I'm real glad to be a member here on GB. Great website, awesome reviews I can trust and a plethora of other things!

That's all for now, see you on the forums!!

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@mtfikhan said:

I went to Canada for college( The stereotypes are true: THe country is cold but the people are warm, especially the women. They're like a factory of producing attractive, smart, really nice people)

This made me smile, well said. We try.

Their geese keep invading my beaches! (Northern Ohioan who lives near Lake Erie) The Border Patrol doesn't like it when I tell them there are illegal Canadians and when they ask where are they? All I do is point to a flock of Canadian Geese grazing by the beach.

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@alj: Welcome!

This is a little late.. But this video is for whoever else new here.

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My name is Miro and I come from little hole called Slovakia. I'm into independent games/music and also I'm studying Computer Network Engineering.

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Hi my name is Sara. I enjoy long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, eating food...Oh, sorry. Wrong website.

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Hey fellow duders and duderettes! I completely forgot this thread existed, but now seems as good a time as any to jump in and introduce myself.

My name is Rohan, although on just about everything go by the name Jojojimmeny (in case you're unfortunate enough to have seen me somewhere else already =P). I'm a 28 year old duder from Australia, and have been a big fan of the site since I first heard about it in 2010, although I've only recently decided to start taking part in the forums and comment threads.

I suppose I could add that I'm into games (big surprise!), a lot of different kinds in fact, as well as a lot of science fiction type TV shows. I'm also a big fan of comic related stuffs, although I haven't actually read a proper comic book in many years.

I don't know what else to say other than this website has a great community and incredibly entertaining staff, and I hope that one day I have something to contribute to it (other than my obvious or sarcastic comments).

Keep being awesome! :D

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Hey there! My name's Pancho. Glad to be a part of the GB community!


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Hi guys!

I've been lurking on the site for quite a while, decided it would be a good time to jump on. I hope I get accepted by this cool community, @sexytoad there is another bitch in town!

Suppose I should say something about myself other than just calling out a fellow Toad lover, lets see.

I spend a large amount of my life playing video games, I have since I was very little, the first game I remember playing is Super Mario Bros 2 (Toad is the best fuck the haters) and I have been playing ever since. I own a range of different consoles and spend an equal amount of time playing new and retro games, currently my gaming calendar is clear, all I'm really doing right now is playing The Last of Us Multiplayer as well as daily Animal Crossing.

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I'm just Sku, and I'm from America, specifically New England. I like fighting games, drawing shit, and old Sega shit, so ask me which Fighters History character is my favorite or something!

I decided to join GB and go premium after stickin' around long enough for it to be worth it--and it totally is--so that's why I'm here I guess! I might as well get familiar with the forums if I'm going to commit to this, I mean.

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hi im goostor and im fairy new on giantbomb.....

and im a video game, weed addict

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Hey there, I'm Notlad, And while I'm sure many of you already figured this out just from that, But my real name is Dalton. I'm just an awkward dude from Texas who finally decided to take part in the fun instead o watching from the side. I've lurked on this site for a good few years now I do believe. I didn't really have much to say so I didn't sign up..But uh, With recent events I needed to say goodbye..But I figured why just make one post and leave it at that? So I'm here to be most likely a terrible poster that most people will just scroll past without a second thought.

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Hey folks, I'm Tanner. I enjoy playing games. Um... what else is there?

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My name is Aaron, I was a member here once before, forgot all my info, so I thought I would start fresh.

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I am Merc from minecraft forums and official chat, I am also lost. What is this place?

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Hey there, I'm Alex. Totally new.

I'm a 20 year old dude from Eastern Europe. I'm into games (Duh) and music making. I recently joined GiantBomb having been ignorant regarding this place for a long time. You seem like a welcoming bunch. Sup'?

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@lunyalex: What's up, Luny?

Hey, all... I'm Gabe, and I'm Canadian, I've studied in Analytic Chemistry for 3 years, but I want to start over in a whole new domain.

I'm new here, never even lurked, though I did use your awfully convenient wiki. Decided to create an account and see how things (read, the community) were around here... The gaming community I'm part of, while at one time great, is now a former shell of itself in terms of activity, though the regulars are great... an alternative forum for the slow days could always be a nice thing.

I've been told plenty of good things about Giantbomb, and I hope it'll deliver.


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Hello, i got banned from Neogaf and now i will call this my home til i get banned

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I'm not new but...could i get a welcome from Rorie?

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@reaperspuppy: Hi, I signed up because I wanted to add a concept on First Person Mods but I can't seem to find a button.

Also if you know of any First Person perspective mods for videogames, please PM me.

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I'm a crab. I like to scuttle. I play the Rock and Roll Guitar and draw the heavy metal pictures.
Some of me favorite games are:

Red Dead Redemption


The Wind Waker