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Hello, I'm Finn Felton,

A Kopi Luwak dealer in Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, and Dubai. I also want to improve my accent in English, any suggestion?

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Jukka from Finland, turning 30 years next summer. I work as a part-time foreman at a general store, sing for a local thrash metal upstart, and I've been a crazy gamer for 25 years, just crazier and more relentless as time goes by; I've written reviews of both retro and new games for the last four years. I'm especially into RPG's, classic platformers, and action/adventures, while not that into racing games, sports games and first-person shooters.

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Hi! I'm Filipe and i'm from Portugal.

I liek videogames (o'rly), football, comic books, movies and i work in videogame retail.

I'm married and have two cats called Deadpool and J'onn J'onnz.


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Hello everyone! I'm machomanny and I'm into various dorky things. I've been gaming since I can remember. I'm also into Star Trek, Star Wars (eh) old school wrestling, drawing, and watching giant bomb vids. I liked Gamespot when I was in college but then the whole Jeff thing happened and haven't been there since. I didn't really get into GB until Ryan's passing. Saw a thread at neogaf and watched some videos on YouTube. It was very very entertaining and I'm now a subscriber! Hope to be a bit more active than neogaf, but I'll be around. Take care everyone

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Hello, my name is Marc, I've been a long time lurker and I finally got around to making an account, don't know why it took so long to be honest, Giant Bomb is by far my favorite site. I guess I just felt like finally meeting some people from this community, hopefully make new friends.

Anyways, I have been gaming most of my life, primarily on PC. I try to play some of the newer games too, but I mostly stick to a few favorites I play on a regular/semi-regular basis, such as Team Fortress 2 (MvM), Left 4 Dead 2, Borderlands 2, and Star Trek Online, just to name a few. As you might be able to tell I prefer co-operative games, I like the more laid back nature co-op generally offers, I don't take games too seriously and like to just have fun, goofing around.

That's about it for now, send me a message if anyone is still interested in those titles, Cheers! :)

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'Sup, NERDS. I'm Cho and I am a human shaped pile of garbage.

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Hey, my name's Tony, I've been listening Bombcast for a couple years now, and recently realized that I had no reason not to buy a subscription. I love the site and the show, and I would rather throw my "fuck-around money" towards Jeff, Vinny, Brad, Drew, Patrick, and anyone else involved with the site, than a cable TV subscription or some other bullshit service that wouldn't entertain me half as much as Giant Bomb.

The first step towards making games as relevant a medium as film, or television, or whatever, is treating them as such, however irreverently. We not only need to hold them to a high standard, but at the same time we need to explicitly point out failures to meet that standard. Giant Bomb currently does that better than anyone else. That's why I'm comfortable with giving them my money, and why I plan on continuing to give them my money.

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Hey, I'm Aron, and I've been on here long enough that I should have bought a subscription a long time ago. So, I did. Feels good.

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New member here from Sweden, played games all my 30 year long life and now I found this forum that looks really nice

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Hello. I have posted a lot on GameSpot and I thought I would check out this site. I like video games, martial arts, and chatting with people. Also, I enjoy films and television shows. I intend to do a lot of stuff in my life.

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Hey dudes! My name's 49th, I like games and have played them before. I play on devices such as personal computer and video games console. My other interests include motion video and sound. I've been hearing the podcast for a while and I like it. I also decided to check out the website using a internet browser. Now I am here and looking forward to joining the community! My favourite game genres include gun, jumping, and wizards.


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My name is TERMINATOR_FAN :) I'm 25/Male/Indiana

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New member here from Texas but living in Maryland currently. Been a follower of the site for about a year and a half and just decided I guess I better start posting here. Big video games and sports fan.

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Hey guys my username on here is SirWilliamIII but you can call me William. I am a gamer like all of you as well as a senior in college. On top of gaming I enjoy politics, sports, traveling and have a wide variety in taste when it comes to music. Add me if you would like I am starting to do blogs on here about my gaming experiences if not happy gaming.

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mosdope...I'm from Tennessee.
I do a ton of writing and I'm currently in the process of creating my own fragrances.
I'm also a fan of several different tv shows.

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Hey all :)

Name is Benzedrine, or Benzy, or Sy, whichever you prefer. I have been watching the duders since their early Gamespot days and never stop watching since. I am pretty much a lurker when it comes to the forums and comment chains on videos. But thought I would say hi. I love to game and I stream on twitch too. I would post a link however I am not sure of the rules of this thread so will keep it off this post for now. Anyway, nice to be a part of this awesome community and cya around.

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hello, my name is Jelena, am 20 years old and a artist. besides enjoying video games and drawing, i like to explore new places and enjoy watching the old good classic disney movies like beauty and the beast, alice in wonderland, etc. i like animals, and have a big interest in reptiles :) i own a snow corn snake right now, and i own a small dog and cat. my snake's name is Aya, my dog's name is Missy but i call her porkchops haha, and my cat's name is Sash.

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Hello everybody! ThatZero(Loremiser) here!

I'm a new Video producer, making gaming content videos on Youtube, as well as a Graphic Designer, makin' nerdy shirts and posters because it's fun to do.

Ok, the part where I sell myself out like that is over, sorry, force of a habit :P

Seriously though, Hi everybody!
I'm a 19 year old Graphic Designer living on the East Coast. I've been watching Giant Bomb for almost 5 years now, and have no plan on stopping any time soon. Sadly, I never really got into the forum up until recently, but I hope to slowly get to meet a bunch of you and have a bunch of really dumb, but hilariously fun discussions about lots of stuff!

Also, I have a dog, and he is currently sitting on me and it kinda sucks just because he is sitting on me...

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I'm pretty sure I've posted in this thread around 50 pages back. Couldn't find my post by rapidly searching the pages for my username, so I guess I'll post again then.

Hello, my name is Joel, and I've been watching this stuff for nearly 5 years at this point. Like an surprisingly large amount of the Giant Bomb user base I'm from Sweden. I'm 28 years old and have been into gaming for about as long as I can remember, though I think the first time I realized it was something I was really interested in, beyond just a fun way to waste time, was when I first played the original Wing Commander in 1990, being the first game I played with an actual, well realized story, with characters I cared about and with multiple endings based on how well I did throughout the game. Apart from playing games I've done some minor graphics works for a couple of indie titles, most of which never actually saw release. I've had to wind down on that stuff a bit as my job takes up most of my days now. I guess I'm also kinda an amateur musician, but my creative peak was probably in 2006, with my output declining quite a bit over the years since.

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hello! i'm relatively new to GiantBomb community, but hi everyone! I'm mayooms and i live in the Bay Area! Sometimes when I visit the city, i secretly wish i could bump into one of the GiantBomb cast and fangirl out. :<

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@mayooms said:

hello! i'm relatively new to GiantBomb community, but hi everyone! I'm mayooms and i live in the Bay Area! Sometimes when I visit the city, i secretly wish i could bump into one of the GiantBomb cast and fangirl out. :<

Just wait outside the doors until Drew comes out, he will be too nice to say no to anything - thats your ticket in..

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A new member from Sweden, i've been lurking around the site for a while and listened to the bombcast och bombin' the am so i thought it was time to support my favourite website, keep up the great work guys!

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Hello, forums. I'm Brandon from Orlando.

I've been lurking for a while. Occasionally, I've been tempted to actually post something, but I would quickly realize that I never took the time to introduce myself. So, I'm hopefully fixing that now.

As for background on myself, I've actually been in game development for a while, mostly on the programming side of things. Following some crazy student projects, I went first into the educational space and then later into the realm of mobile. I don't imagine any of those projects wound up in the database here, but adventures have been had.

I think it was while I was on the educational adventures that someone pointed me towards the Bombcast. A couple years after that, when I was in mobile-land, I decided to jump on the premium train. A few months later, I was extremely socially awkward around some of the staff of this website at GDC. Almost than a year after that, I finally decided to post a message on this forum.

Who knows where things go from here . . .

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Uh, hey, I'm Coady. I'm not really new here but I guess I'm fairly new to actually actively posting on these forums. :P

- I love all RPG's except for strategy ones (mostly because I'm terrible at them)

Aaand, that's it that's my life

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Hello everyone.

Been lurking the GB website for months and decided to start posting.

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First post.

I'm an older gamer, own a PS4, WiiU & a PC.

Is there anyway to change the forum font in settings? It's too bold and really tough to read even-though I have 20/20 vision.

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I'm 22 and live in NYC currently, but am originally from the soccer mom wasteland of suburban Connecticut. I've been playing games since I was 7 or so, when the Pokemon craze first hit. I primarily like simulation, strategy, and RPG games, but I'm pretty flexible.

Gaming aside, I love reading and consume everything non-fiction I can get my hands on, particularly regarding current events, developmental and abnormal psychology, and nutrition. Never would have imagined it in a million years a couple years ago, but I'm also really into running and weightlifting. Gotta stay trim with the video gaming :'D I'm graduating from college this semester and will be doing market research in the media industry (albeit for television and radio, not video games. I wish!).

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I'm SteamRickroller. I'm Irish. I've got a brand new combine harvester, so if you want the key to it then that's totally OK.


That's all.

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Nick, 25. Serbian living in QLD Australia, its fucking hot lol.

I live for Heavy/Extreme Metal and like my 80's and 90's tunes from Kate Bush, Depeche Mode and so on.

I make Dark Ambient/ Drone Ambient/ Experimental Atmospheric Tunes.

Like comics, old school Horror flicks, anything that's not trendy and mainstream pretty much


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Joseph, Scottish student, 17. To keep things short I love video games, reading and cooking. I'm also about to embark on university life later this year.

I wrote a more in-depth introduction as my first blog post.

My First Blog

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Hey guys Soccerpolska here,

Been a consumer of Giantbomb for a few years, finally decided to join the forums community. I'm one of those Millennials that the crew is so fond of. Currently I am a University Student studying Genetics and History.

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I'm Dustin. I just turned 30. I live in Texas and teach middle school English. I mainly play PC games but have a Wii U as well. I look forward to getting to know some of you.

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Hello duders and giantbomb community!!

I dont even know where to begin. I guess for starters Im lead_dispencer. I have been following this site since about 2009 but really paid attention to it in 2010 on. I had an old account but never posted anything because I forgot my password and stuff and many years of procrastination later... Im here with a new account thanks to Rorie and his mad IT skills. There so many things to say regarding this site and the community. Whether I was doing well or feeling down, GB was always a site to go to and it feels like a part of me. Of course we're all here for video games so let me tell you about that... I first fell in love with video games at a young age playing on my friends SNES. That spread to gameboys, psone, and N64. As I got older I grew into pc gaming a bit with classics like Sims and Rome total war. I am a Sony supporter. The term fanboy has become so negative over the past few years that I rather not associate myself with that word. I appreciate everything xbox does to keep the video game industry competitive but I do like to tease because I know neither console is perfect. Today, I am a more serious pc gamer (built my first rig 2 summers ago) and am trying to find time to enjoy my ps4. I graduate from college this May so hopefully time will allow me to enjoy the next gen stuff and all its untapped potential. My favorite games are Red Dead Redemption and GTA San Andreas along with some sports games from ps2 generation. I am a nerd and an athlete. I like to exercise and go outdoors and camp when i can. I love wrestling from the 90s to early 200s and find the modern day stuff offensive to my eyeballs,except for Undertaker. That dude is still my all time favorite. I love sports, mainly football baseball and basketball so I still find joy in sports sims even though all of them are lacking competition.

So there ya go. Thats my somewhat long intro. Youll see me around the forums more from now on, I promise!

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Hello, i'm NerdyMojo aka MojoMan (PSN handle:LeetMojo88). I consider myself a hardcore gamer, which I consider someone who plays games intently and as a lifestyle, not as an arrogant player or someone tied to one game in particular. I play a lot of RPGs and Open World/Free Roam games, along with MMO's, with The Elder Scrolls Series and World of Warcraft being my favorite franchises. I plan on branching out into the RTS genre a bit, and possibly will try to not be so god-awful at First Person Shooters. I love anime and manga also,with the Akira manga and anime, along with the Darker than Black anime, being my favorite. I also am big into Electronic music, mainly the Techno,House,Trance,and Dubstep genres. Basically, I am a huge nerd lol, and am proud of it.

I hope to be able to contribute to the forums and have fun doing it. Thanks for reading.

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waddup..i play games and love music...nothing too special here

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Hey all, I'm Kara, AKA Kaypix, and am a part of a small team of people who make up Badland Studio. I do all the talking because honestly, none of the guys would talk unless their lives depended on it. So I handle our community forum, which is like a huge dysfunctional family, that's awesome almost all the time but annoying as hell occasionally. I like nonsensical stupidly simple video games, but am helping develop a crazy complex space simulator (no, not my genre of choice, but I'm learning!) and get to make tons of YouTube vids of the gameplay as it develops. I listen to everything except angry screaming metal or rap, watch more TV than I should, ride a motorcycle less often than I'd like, and have a desk littered with Happy Bunnies, Om Nom, stuffed animals and devil rubber duckies. The plan is for me to get better at hanging out in forums (other than my own) via extreme exposure to them, and then market our game to the world (muhaha etc.)

Oh, and I play on an ASUS PC, ASUS laptop, PS3, Xbox360 or Wii depending on my mood. I play games like Minecraft, WoW (the original couple titles, not the last 2-3), Guild Wars 2, Cube World (hey Wollay, update please!) Dungeon Defenders, Spore, Age of Empires I & II, and The Sims 3...FairyTale Fights, Fable I or II, jeez the list goes on...

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whatsup? I'm nathan, I like melee action games, FPS, RPGs and I'm looking to post here pretty frequently

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hello everyone.. I'm ruby catriona .. i'm a newbie.. i hope i am welcome here

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Hey guys! I'm Will, formally William but too prince of England-ish, and I <3 Vidja Gamez...ya heard?! I'm currently unemployed and am working toward a career in indie game/app development. I haven't really figured out how to exploit and efficiently adapt the work ethic required, that is working your ass off, to make something you love a reality but will continuously work toward figuring it out. Love Giant Bomb streams on Twitch and decided to check out the community, you all! Hello and nice to meet you!

#2596 Posted by Eli (464 posts) -

I'm Eli and obviously I made my account very early since I was able to use my first name as my screenname.

#2597 Posted by SexualBubblegumX (551 posts) -

Oh hai! I'm a shady stoner dickbag, anyone wanna blare metal and smoke some weed?

#2600 Posted by DrunkDinosaur (2 posts) -


My name is Emily. 29, Seattle, work for a casual games company in QA. I grew up on PC and console games but have mostly stuck to consoles. I'm also a big fan of tabletop games, and the occasional mobile game.

Outside of games, I like campy horror movies, being active (liftin', hikin', rock climbin', bike ridin'), camping, karaoke, and starting a variety of crafts and abandoning them halfway through. I'm currently trying to learn German and the ukulele.

This is starting to sound suspiciously like a dating profile, so I'll just stop right there.

Nice to meet all of you.